When to prune hydrangeas

When to prune hydrangeas

The ideal time for pruning would be around March (late winter or early spring). It can do all year round except in the summer. Don’t forget to cut off dead stems and branches tangled or crossed with each other. Experts recommend pruning about 50 cm from the ground.

Hydrangeas are all the rage on their own merits. They are beautiful; their aroma envelops (and everything smells of glory to us). If you want to pamper your plants and have even more flowery hydrangeas next year, find out when to prepare the scissors.

If you have hydrangeas, you will know that they are not too delicate, but neither are they nearly immortal like the popular sansevierias. This plant of the genus Hydrangea is mimosa and demands its care in time. In return, it offers an unmatched spectacle for the sight and smell.

One of those fundamental attentions is pruning. The hydrangea needs to be pruned, among other things, because otherwise, the own weight of the plant when it grows ends up almost cutting off its stems. It would be something like a cleaning pruning for the next season.

We remind you that we have already published another article with a complete care guide with everything you need to know to grow these ornamental plants.

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In case you didn’t read it, we will tell you that hydrangeas bloom from spring to late fall. The usual thing is that they do it so that they develop grouped at the end of the stems. The flowers are not very big, but when they grow together in a kind of ball, the color show is incredible.

The hydrangea prefers shade and semi-shade to live and not get direct sun. The light, yes, but not the full sun because it would burn its leaves and prevent blooming or dry the flowers quickly.

To proceed to prune the hydrangeas, we must know if we have all the material we need (which will not be much).

Material needed for pruning in soil and pots

Pruning It: the shears should be not only clean but disinfected. You can buy a specific product or soak them for ten minutes in a mixture of bleach and water. The way you cut is very important. Keep reading because we will give you more details on running it.

Make sure that the grip of the scissors with which you will cut the hydrangeas is comfortable and stable. If yours have long handles, it will be easier for you to access the base of the branches without having to twist too much, which is always an advantage.

It is what you need to get the job done, whether you are growing hydrangeas in the ground or pots. Everything we have in this article applies to both cases. In the latter case, you must pay special attention to clearing the central part of the plant so that air and light circulate very well.

Gloves: protect your hands from scratches and possible cuts.

Glasses: we are not exaggerating. The use of glasses is a very effective protection measure because it is very easy that a branch or leaf can hurt your eyes when handling hydrangeas during pruning.

Specific fertilizer for hydrangeas: there are specific fertilizers for hydrangeas that will be of great help and will make your plants bloom in all their splendor next year.

Once we are equipped, the other fundamental thing is to know when to power the hydrangeas.

General ideas on hydrangea pruning

In general terms, we will say that most hydrangeas are pruned at the end of winter, when, as far as possible, we know that there will be no frosts in the future because low temperatures could greatly compromise the health of the plant. Some even prefer to wait until the beginning of spring.

Keep in mind that you must rid the plant yes or yes of all the stems dying every year. And, very important: hydrangea flowers bloom on new shoots, not on the woody stem, so pay close attention to where we put the scissors.

Also, as a general rule, we must remember that the main objective of pruning will be to eliminate the oldest branches inside the plant. It is best to do it as close to the ground as possible and always with an inclined cut that prevents the appearance of fungi.

Think about how you would like to see your garden next summer; according to Verdecora experts, if we do aggressive pruning, we will have fewer larger flowers, but there will be many flowers if it is more conservative but smaller.

Did you know that the best branches to leave on your plant are just the ones from the previous year? That is, go ahead and cut the ones that are a bit old or sick and the very young ones if you see them weak because the ones with the smoothest woody stem and homogeneous brown color will be the ones that make your hydrangea shine.

Remember to use a special fertilizer that helps them be strong and healthy.

When to prune hydrangeas

Knowing how to answer when to prune hydrangeas is not always easy because pruning not only < depends on the climate where you live but also on the type of hydrangea you have. Let us first see how this last question conditions.

When to prune hydrangeas

Flower buds form on current year’s growth. Prune in early spring, just as leaves are beginning to show. Cut branches back by one-half to one-third, cutting just above a node. Next, remove any weak or spindly branches.

When to prune particular or arborescent hydrangeas

These hydrangeas bloom in the new wood of the current year and usually do so in the fall. The shape of its flower head is not the typical round one but is conical. Try to clear the center of the plant so that the light can access its interior well and remove the dry leaves regularly.

  • The ideal time for pruning would be around March (late winter or early spring). It can do all year round except in the summer. Don’t forget to cut off dead stems and branches tangled or crossed with each other. Experts recommend pruning about 50 cm from the ground.

When to prune hydrangeas macrophytes

These hydrangeas bloom on old wood (by “old,” we mean the previous year’s growth, producing new shoots each spring). The flowers come out in early summer and die in mid-summer. These include H. Macrophylla (your grandmother’s Mophead hydrangea), H. quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea), and H. Serrata (lip hydrangea).

  • The ideal time to prune this hydrangea would be in August, in the middle of summer, when its beautiful flowers begin to fall and just before it begins to produce new shoots.

As we say, the type of plant influences its pruning, and so does the climate, especially you have to worry about frost. We leave you some examples that we hope will help you get the garden, terrace, balcony, or flowerpot of your dreams.

When to prune hydrangeas in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria

We speak in general of the peninsula’s north, the Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon, and Catalonia. Although the climate is not homogeneous, we will get a general idea.

What you must do to plan when you are going to prune your plant is, fundamentally, try to make sure that after doing so, the temperature will not be below zero degrees. The frosts are the worst that can happen to your plant. After cutting it, a few days later, some shoots will come out that can burn from the cold.

In summary: prune particular or arborescent hydrangeas when it is not frost and the rest of the hydrangea types (those of old wood) in the middle of the summer.

When to prune hydrangeas in Madrid

In the peninsula’s center, the premise is the same: beware of frost. Although there are unpredictable things, like the big snowfall of 2021 (everything is being quite unpredictable lately), try to be cautious. In the previous case, the particular or arborescent hydrangeas should be pruned perhaps around March and the others in mid-summer.

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We apply the same rule for the rest of Spain, which should already be clear. However, nothing like going through a nursery, purchasing, and leaving doubts.

When to prune hydrangeas

We return one more day with an article designed for gardening and flowering plants lovers. Our protagonists of today will surely sound familiar to you, and if you have been following us throughout all this time, you will recognize them instantly: hydrangeas.

Yes, that’s how it is.

Wee will focus on this characteristic and decorative specie in these new days. Specifically, we will detail one of the most important maintenance processes if you want a healthy, green hydrangea with many flowers.

Today you will learn how to prune hydrangeas.

What is a hydrangea, and what are its most important characteristics?

The Hydrangea, scientifically known as Hydrangea, is a deciduous shrub that can reach one and a half meters in height. As you know, it is one of the most used species in decoration mainly due to its colorful flowers.

As explained in one of our previous articles, hydrangeas are shade plants. They do best in areas deprived of direct sunlight. Its leaves are large, green, and fall when the dry season arrives (autumn). The flowers begin to develop in spring. They first grow green and then turn pink, blue, etc.

The inflorescences meet in terminal corymbs. Hydrangeas are perfect for decorating gardens, balconies, and terraces. They can even decorate the interior of a room (as long as it is ventilated and fresh). They are delicate plants that need certain care to grow properly and in the best conditions. It is when you must jump into action and do your best if you want to achieve a beautiful and healthy variety.

How do you prune a hydrangea?
When to prune hydrangeas?

Pruning is one of the most important maintenance processes. It is one of those that have to do more regularly. In later sections, we will explain how to prune hydrangeas in detail. You will see that you will not have any problem with understanding it.

How do you prune a hydrangea? All you need to know

When it comes to pruning hydrangeas, you should have all five senses in it. It is one of the primary care to achieve a great flowering and a healthy plant, so knowing the steps and tools is vital. You may not know it, but the pruning of hydrangeas is not a mere process to give it shape and make it more beautiful.

It is more than that.

In the case of these plants, this action becomes vital. The branches should not be allowed to grow without limits as they will not support themselves and will break under their weight, irreparably damaging themselves.

No matter the variety, the pruning will be similar, and the tools to be used will not vary.

What will you need to prune hydrangeas?

Well, the tools you have to use to carry out the pruning of these shade plants are:

  • Pruning shears: they must be firm, sharp, disinfected, have a solid grip, and cut evenly. Those with long handles are perfect because, you can access the base of the branches without running any risk.
  • Gloves: gloves are also necessary if you do not want to suffer accidental cuts.
  • Glasses: the use of protective glasses is highly recommended. Prevent any leaves or branches from causing damage to your eyes, and it is better to wear glasses.
  • Special fertilizer for hydrangeas.

When to prune? Old wood or new wood?

The first step when pruning hydrangeas is to be clear about when. Depending on the variety of Hydrangea, the pruning time can vary. In general, it is best to wait for the winter frosts to pass (early spring).

Once you are clear when you will prune it, you have to identify if the wood is old or new. If you do not know what we are referring to by this, then we leave you a brief clarification:

  • Old wood – the flowers develop from the shoots of the previous year. These hydrangeas usually bloom in early summer, and their flowers die in mid-summer.
  • New wood: these are varieties that produce new shoots every spring. Once the bud has developed, they bloom from it, but unlike the previous ones, they do so later.

Depending on which Hydrangea is yours, you will need to prune one way or another.

How to prune old wood hydrangeas

The steps to follow in this type of pruning are:

  1. Identify the hydrangea variety.
  2. Prune the plant when its flowers begin to drop (usually in mid-summer) and just before it begins to produce new shoots (which will grow into flowers the following year).
  3. Remove old flowers that have already dried out. Use pruning shears and cut just below the heads and at the tips of the stems.
  4. Remove the oldest stems (they are the ones that produce the least amount of flowers), and this will promote new shoots. Cut them close to the ground.
  5. Reduce the size of the Hydrangea (just after flowering) by cutting the branches by 1/3 to the closest node.

How to prune new wood hydrangeas

And hydrangeas that bloom on new wood should be pruned as follows:

  1. You must determine if your Hydrangea blooms in new shootsas in the previous case.
  2. Prune the plant in late winter (before producing new shoots). You can cut 1/3 of all the stems to make the flowers bigger and showier.
  3. With the pruning shears, cut dead stems and branches crossed or tangled. With this, you will get the Hydrangea to be freer and to receive more air.
  4. Keep some old shoots intact to support the plant. The flowers, being so large, usually have a lot of weight, so if you prune too much, the branches will not support them.

And so far our article for today.

As you can see, pruning hydrangeas is not a very complex process, but it will require your full attention. You will get hydrangeas of great beauty with a little delicacy and planning on how and when to do it.

And as we always say, if you have any questions or problems, go to a specialized garden center or a nursery so they can help you with it.

How and When to prune hydrangeas?

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