Pomsky Dog Breed Price, Character, Health, Education Information 2022

Pomsky Dog Breed Price, Character, Health, Education Information 2022

The Pomsky is an ideal companion. His joie de vivre, energy, and assertive personality make him one of the most popular dogs.

This breed of the dog resulting from crossing the Siberian Husky and the Spitz Dwarf presents an attractive physique that seduces more and more masters. It is indeed difficult to resist with such a face.

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Official name





Not officially recognized






Half long


Two-tone. Black, white, grey, fawn, brown, fleur-de-lis


Loyal – Playful – Intelligent – Stubborn


Stubborn – Training that takes time

Life expectancy

15 years old

Health Weaknesses

Too little hindsight on the race


1800 – 4000€

Monthly cost

30€ per month

Insurance costs

20-30€ per month

Pomsky health

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Strengths and weaknesses of the Pomsky

The Pomsky is a small dog that stays small overall.

A worthy descendant of the Husky, his miniature version is just as robust as him. Indeed, despite its small size and fragile appearance, the Pomsky can withstand bad weather without any problem.

However, could you not make him sleep outside either?

Life expectancy

Like all hybrid dogs, life expectancy is generally quite long. It could here go up to 15 years.

Compulsory vaccines and deworming

There is no mandatory vaccine for this breed. However, we can advise having your dog vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough, which will be necessary to have canine encounters essential to the dog’s wellbeing.

The rabies vaccine will only be compulsory if you go abroad.

We recommend regularly deworming until the dog is one year old. And then twice a year.

Medical predispositions

Since the breed is still very recent, we have a little perspective on this breed’s frequent diseases and possible pathologies.

Indeed, when new races are created, it takes time to discover the possible problems that the crossing generates.

Pomsky: recommended nutrition

Rather rustic, like its parents, the Pomsky can benefit from a traditional diet, based exclusively on raw meat ( BARF ) but also home-cooked meals, based here on meat (raw or lightly cooked), fish, vegetables, starches, etc.

But beware, for this kind of diet, it is strongly advised to have the menus validated by a veterinarian.

However, these types of meals require organization and availability. Thus, it is also possible to choose to give kibble to your Pomsky, but be careful, never buy them in supermarkets!

Instead, prefer specialized stores and ensure that the composition is adapted to your doggie’s age, activity and health.

If you want to provide a healthy, fresh and tailor-made diet to your Pomsky, I recommend the meals specifically prepared by DogChef, which can be delivered to your home. They are of excellent quality! More information by clicking here.

How much does a Pomsky cost?

Price of a Pomsky

If you want to adopt a Pomsky, I advise you to start saving now because who says “fashionable dog” says “very expensive dog”. Indeed, it is necessary to count between 1800 and 4000€.

Cost of maintenance and feeding

On the other hand, the maintenance cost will not be very important because although it looks more like the Husky, the Pomsky keeps approximately the size of the dwarf Spitz.

A range between 20 and 30€, including quality food and all the classic (bi)annual care (vaccines, anti-parasitic products, dewormers, etc.), is to be expected.

Insurance for a Pomsky

Prices can vary greatly from one mutual to another for this type of dog. The best way to get an idea is to use this free dog insurance comparator.

Who is this breed of a dog made for?

Here are some thoughts on whether the Pomsky breed is made for you.

What living conditions is a Pomsky made for?

This little dog can easily adapt to city life. If you live in an apartment, however, you should not neglect daily walks at the risk of finding much nonsense at home.

But this dog can also evolve in the countryside, in a house with a garden where he will be very happy to be able to come and go as he pleases. Be careful; having a garden does not justify reducing or eliminating walks!

Sportsmanship and activity level of the Pomsky

Suppose we combine the hyperactivity of the Spitz and the very important expenditure needs of the Husky. In that case, the Pomsky needs a lot of exercises to be fully fulfilled, despite its small size.

If you only offer him walks in the neighbourhood once or twice a week, he will quickly become frustrated and could then become very difficult to manage at home.

Educational simplicity

The Pomsky will not necessarily be easy to educate since he has a fairly strong character and certain independence.

In addition, he is quickly distracted; it is necessary to find important sources of motivation to maintain his concentration.

Compatibility with children

Despite appearances, the Pomsky is not a stuffed animal, so children should be taught what canine codes are, how to respect a dog and above all that, they know how to leave him alone when he is resting.

Even if he is very playful, this small dog with a strong character can quickly lose patience and not accept the brutality, noises and agitation that children, especially the little ones, can cause.

Pomsky Dog Breed Price, Character, Health, Education Information 2022

Living with other animals

The predation instinct of this miniature dog remains almost intact, like one of its parents, the Husky. Small pets are not necessarily welcome, such as cats, for example.

However, cohabitation can sometimes be possible if good socialization is done as soon as the puppy arrives home.

Keep your Pomsky

Small in size and rather sociable with its congeners, you can easily find someone to watch your dog.

However, I recommend having it looked after by a trusted person or a boarding house; and not a “kennel” pension.

Accessories adapted to the Pomsky.


A basket adapted to his size and a crate (indoor doghouse) to make him feel more secure.


A flat collar or anti-pulling harness, 1m leash for the city and 5m lanyard for trips to the countryside.


Prefer resistant occupation toys such as Kongs or wooden toys that dogs love. I have stopped buying plush or plastic toys because the toy budget quickly becomes substantial for the most destructive dogs.

How to educate a Pomsky?

Strengths and weaknesses of the Pomsky

The main strength of the Pomsky is, unfortunately, also its weakness. Indeed, this dog is particularly intelligent, but this characteristic quickly turns into malice to succeed in throwing the educational attempts of its master.

How to start the education of a Pomsky?


If it’s a Puppy

As soon as he arrives, it would help if you established clear, consistent and fair rules of life so that the puppy understands that there are limits that should not be crossed for his safety and that of others.

The educational bases should also be started as soon as possible, using positive methods (walking on a leash without pulling, recalling and static positions).

If it is an adult

Adopting an adult dog is sometimes tricky because you have to deal with his past, which is sometimes quite vague. But nothing is impossible; you have to adapt to your dog so that he can integrate better into his new family.

By calling on an educator

Go to a Physics Educator

Suppose you are an inexperienced master, no big deal! Call on a professional dog trainer to guide you through the first steps. It allows you not to make mistakes and adapt to your dog as much as possible.

But be careful; you must find the right educator with the same values ​​as you. Do not hesitate to change if you are not comfortable with his methods.

Consult a dog trainer online

Many problems can be managed with distance education help. It is the role of the professionals of the Caniprof.com site to help you find a solution remotely.

Using training created by a professional dog trainer

The solution offering the best value for Money is the one that mixes the advice of an educator with the fact of educating your dog yourself. For this, there is the famous technique of “training your dog in 15 minutes a day”, which you can discover by clicking here.

Pomsky Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a Pomsky?

The price of a Pomsky varies between 1800 and 4000€

What is the official name of the Pomsky?

The official name of this dog breed is “Pomsky.”

What is its origin?

Its development is mainly in England and the United States and invaded the sphere of social networks.

Which FCI group is he part of?

The Pomsky is not officially recognized in France or by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale because the breed is still too recent.

What is the history of the Pomsky?

The Pomsky comes from the cross between two breeds: the Siberian Husky and the dwarf Spitz, or Loulou de Poméranie, hence its name. Three varieties exist and correspond to the dosage of the cross.

Thus, there is a Pomsky with 75% dwarf Spitz, another 50% and the last 25%, and vice versa with the percentage of Husky in the cross.

How much does a Pomsky weigh?

The Pomsky averages between 9 and 14 kg.

How tall is an adult Pomsky?

The height at the withers can vary between 25 and 38 cm, knowing that in the same litter, the puppies can be different.

It should be noted that the physical characteristics of this new race or this fad do not yet constitute an official standard. Thus, many variants are possible since the race is not yet fixed, being still too recent.

What is his hair type?

His hair is generally mid-length.

What is her colour?

This little dog is usually two-tone. You can find the different colours of the Husky: black, white, grey, fawn or brown.

What is the character of the Pomsky?

The race is not being fixed yet; neither is its character. But it’s a safe bet that crossing two rather primitive breeds produces a dog with a strong character.

Suppose we combine the characteristics of the two breeds. In that case, we can easily guess that this miniature Husky will be a loyal but somewhat independent dog, playful, intelligent, but not necessarily very docile.

How to educate a Pomsky?

The education of this Spitz dog looking like a Husky (or vice versa) will not be an easy task given the character of its parents. Indeed, it is advisable to start education very early, as soon as the puppy arrives at your home.

If you wait, he might pick up bad clothes and rebalancing all that might be difficult. It is better to learn than to “unlearn” to “relearn”.

Stubborn by nature, this little dog can easily become distracted, especially if educational methods do not suit him.

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Pomsky breeder that we recommend

As with any breed of dog, choosing the breeding in which you will choose your Pomsky is crucial. It is why I recommend these breedings for their seriousness, their love of the Pomsky breed and the quality of their litters.

Breeding Lovely Pomsky France

Telephone :

Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Sunday

Visits are by appointment only. So remember to call before you go.

The breeding is located in Gripport (54290) in Lorraine (30km from Nancy).

Gabriel and Laura M., the breeders of Lovely Pomsky France, are true enthusiasts who will provide you with the information and knowledge necessary to choose and raise a Pomsky in top form. They speak French, English and Spanish, making it a positive point for all fans from abroad. Their breeding is one of the few referenced by the International Pomsky Association in France, which is an excellent guarantee of seriousness.


The Pomsky is an ideal companion. He has a lively and energetic personality. Of a playful temperament, it will be necessary to insist on education to make him learn the basic orders and other tricks. Its size makes it a compact dog that will adapt to life in a house or apartment.

ailment level

  • Compatibility with children
  • Compatibility with other dogs
  • Behaviour with strangers
  • Tendency to gamble
  • hair loss
  • Ease of hair care
  • Tendency to drool
  • protective behaviour
  • Adapts to its environment
  • Ease of education
  • energy level
  • Tendency to bark

Final words and important recommendations

Loving and educating your dog also protects him against the vagaries of life. That’s why I highly recommend getting dog health insurance as soon as possible. It will save you astronomical veterinary costs in an accident or illness.


Welcome to the website of the Official Pomsky France Club – OPF, Club du Pomsky en France.

Born from the union between 6 French breedings, sharing the same passion and perspectives concerning the future of the Pomsky, this association will aim to present, promote, compete, rigorously select, supervise and protect the Pomsky to access recognition of it as a race.

For this, we hope that breeders, beginners and confirmed, can move forward in the same direction in France, with in particular the use of the same scientific tools while referring to the standard of the OPF (established on the model of that of the Americans, founders of the Pomsky): as a result, all kinds of excesses, as well as hazardous experiences, will cease, resulting from poor selection, poor choices (something unfortunately frequent in any process of breed creation, in particular, because of lack of framework and guidelines)

Individuals can be guided in the choice of their future adoption within the member farms of the OPF in France: 

we send you all the information you need to know to acquire your Pomsky puppy in the best conditions, thanks to trusted breeders who work with complete transparency. They can share their passion for Pomsky with other members to freely discuss their favourite dog.

Any breeding with its livestock registered within the OPF will be quality (excellence, traceability, rigorous selection, DNA test in support, DNA test of your puppy, unharmed, of genetic defects, breeders corresponding to the standard).

The breeders will have signed the charter of the OPF and will undertake to carry out rigorous, serious and quality work to advance the Pomsky.

Each dog will be registered within our club individually and meticulously after delivery of the documents constituting his identity.

Pomsky enthusiasts of all kinds are welcome. They will be able to exchange freely, obtain information, and benefit from advice and help, all in complete confidence with the other members of the OPF and the various breeder members.

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