Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Succulents have skyrocketed in popularity due to their fun shapes, low maintenance, and pleasing aesthetics. Indeed, you must know many, but perhaps you have never seen the succulent dolphin, also known as the chain of dolphins. If you’ve been looking for a new houseplant, you need to know about caring for the dolphin succulent. Take note!

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Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Dolphin succulent leaves are elegantly shaped and lined up along slender stems that make them look like dolphins about to pounce.

Where do I get a dolphin succulent?

Social media has made this charming South African native extremely popular. But the dolphin succulent is not yet a conventional plant, so you probably won’t find it in retail stores.

Some nurseries or online suppliers specializing in succulents will be the best sources to get it. Because it takes a long time to produce popular new plants, what you will be able to buy will be small and expensive compared to other plants of the same size. It is often sold in two-inch pots with plants a few inches tall.

Is it easy to grow?

The dolphin succulent has a reputation for being delicate, but it’s a fun plant that will enhance your collection. Don’t worry if your dolphin succulent doesn’t look too much like the picture above, as the older leaves on top are the ones that look like dolphins, while the newer ones at ground level won’t have that shape yet.

How to take care of it?

This little plant needs a lot of bright light but not direct sunlight; put it in a south-facing window. You can leave it in the pot you bought or combine it with another plant in a larger pot. Use a bagged cactus mix if you are going to transplant it. Fertilize with a medium-strength liquid fertilizer according to package directions after being in your home for a few months.

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Water well until the water runs out of the drainage holes. Since the dolphin succulent is prone to rot if you overwater it, check when it’s time to water again by inserting a wooden stick into the soil. If the mud clings to the post when you pull it out, it still doesn’t need water. Do not tolerate frost.

Do you love succulents and like to collect any variety? We have good news for you since we have discovered some dolphin-shaped succulents on the internet, which have driven the networks crazy! It may interest you: 5 tricks to take care of your succulents and keep them beautiful.

This plant has the scientific name  Senecio peregrinus, and we can consider it one of the most beautiful varieties, thanks to the fact that its leaves look like little dolphins jumping.

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

But don’t think it’s a work of nature; it’s a hybrid of a candle plant and a string of pearls vine. This adorable dolphin-shaped succulent feature leaves with lovely dolphin fins.

The shape of this plant is maintained even when it grows; that is, when it sprouts, you see little dolphins, but when it thrives, it continues to present, no matter how big it gets! Also, it should be noted that this is not its only attraction since it also produces white and pink flowers.

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Because it is a hybrid plant, it can be challenging to find them; if you need them as much as we do, we suggest you enter. 

For sheer flamboyant charm, few plants can beat Senecio peregrinus . The common name is dolphin plant and it is a very apt description of this adorable succulent. What are dolphin plants? These succulents develop leaves that literally look like little jumping dolphins. Growing dolphin plants as home selections adds a touch of ocean vibe, combined with ease of care and unique leaf shapes. Learn how to grow a dolphin succulent and wow your guests with one of the cutest plant varieties available.

What are dolphin plants?

A quick search of dolphin plant information reveals it to be a cross between a hot dog cactus and a string of pearls . Dolphin plants are hybrids that add extra charm to a marine-themed pot. Its unusual leaf shape has the typical succulent plumpness with little maintenance and few growing problems. The main thing to remember is that the plant is a succulent and requires drained soil to thrive. One of the worst offenses is soil that is too wet, but don’t be fooled: Dolphin plants like regular moisture.

Succulents often hybridize to create new and surprising forms. Dolphin plants are a cross and have some of the traits of both parents. They are not commonly sold, but specimens are available from many collectors. The small dolphin leaves branch from green stems that can reach several inches tall up to 15 cm.

For dolphin fans, growing dolphin plants may be the closest thing to having a pod of these aquatic mammals in your home. The plants are a hit in Japan, where growers marvel at their unusual shape and sweet jumping cetaceans. While the plant may be difficult to find in your standard nursery, many specialty growers have it available online. It pays to find one and make it your own endearing houseplant.

How to Grow a Dolphin Succulent

Dolphin plant information indicates that the plant is a hybrid with fun leaves and a low, slightly branched form. Older stems tend to bow and droop a bit as they support the plump little leaves that are adapted to store moisture. If you’re lucky, they may even produce small starry pink flowers.

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Like all succulents , these plants are tolerant of dry spells, but will need to be kept moist enough to prevent dolphin leaves from wrinkling. Choose a potting medium that drains well, and use a container that is slightly larger than the plant. Dolphin plants thrive in somewhat crowded conditions. They mix charmingly with other smaller succulents, perhaps with accents like seashells or sand dollars.

Dolphin Plant Care

Dolphin plants may be just another novelty plant, but they are also selective in some of their care. Its cultivation requirements are similar to its parent plants. Give them bright but indirect light.

Optimum average temperatures are 72 degrees Fahrenheit 22 C. during the growing season. The plant will go dormant in winter and requires slightly cooler temperatures, around 50-55 F. 10-13 C..

Let the soil dry out between waterings. On average, plants should be watered once a week during the growing season, but only once a month during the dormant period.

Plant Care and Growing String of Dolphins Mountain Crest 2022

Dolphin plant care is fairly easy and the succulent has few pest or disease problems. mites can be a concern, as can mealybugs in certain climates. Diseases are usually limited to fungal problems, which can be prevented with proper watering, well-drained soil, and a container that releases excess moisture.

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