Newfoundland Dog Breed Facts, Traits world Information 2022

Newfoundland Dog Breed Facts, Traits world Information 2022

Newfoundland is a significant work dog. They can be black, brown, gray, or white. However, in the dominion of Newfoundland, before being part of the Confederation of Canada, only dogs of black and Landseer were considered appropriate members of the race. Wikipedia

Life of life: 8 – 10 years old

Canadian Kennel Club: Standard

Height: Man: 27 to 28 inches (69–71 cm), female: 25–26 inches (63–66 cm)

Weight: Man: 140–180 lbs (65–80 kg), female: 120–140 lbs (55–65 kg)

Temperament: soft, soft, causing

Beneath its air of an imposing dog, one might think that the Newfoundland hides a fiery temperament that would make it an ideal guard dog, And yet, it’s quite the opposite for this affectionate and calm dog, which deploys all its talents when in the water. 


  • 1. He is from Canada
  • 2. He’s a water dog
  • 3. He has webbed paws
  • 4. His coat is waterproof
  • 5. A gentle giant with impressive measurements
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He is from Canada

It is challenging to say otherwise, given the name of this dog! He would be the result of several crosses, but it doesn’t remain easy to establish his family tree with precision. However, we know that his DNA links him to the Golden Retriever and the Mastiff. We also know that dogs corresponding to his description were described by settlers as early as the 19th century.

He’s a water dog

If there is one element in which Newfoundland is at ease, it is water. Men have used it for a long time in fishing work, mainly to help haul up nets.

But the area where his swimming ability is best used is drowning rescue. This outstanding lifeguard is indeed recognized for his efficiency during these operations.

He has webbed paws

He is one of the best swimming dogs in the world, and he has some assets in his paws. These are indeed webbed, and their size allows them to swim fast and far in record time. If we add to this that he has a fundamental lifeguard instinct, it is not surprising that even today, Newfoundland is one of the breeds favored by lifeguards at sea.

His coat is waterproof

His hair is so thick that it hardly lets the drops of water through. What constitutes a new asset to swim quickly. Its dense fur thus protects it from the cold ambient air and icy water.

On the color side, there are three. Of course, there is black, brown – which can vary from light to dark – and black and white. This color is more easily observed in Canada.

Newfoundland Dog Breed Facts, Traits world Information 2022

A gentle giant with impressive measurements

Easygoing, calm, gentle, docile, protective The Newfoundland accumulates qualities under airs that can still impress. In adulthood, it can indeed weigh up to sixty kilos!

It is, therefore, an animal that needs space and lots of walks. And be careful: he doesn’t really like solitude and needs human presence to avoid getting bored.

The Newfoundland, a dog with solid aquatic skills

Recognized for the beauty of its immense black fur as well as for its loyalty and strength, the Newfoundland also demonstrates significant aquatic skills, which is why it is often chosen as a rescue dog. Under his big teddy appearance, he has a sweet and friendly character, a perfect trait to be a children’s pet.

Features of Newfoundland

Strength and nobility are the qualifiers often used to describe Newfoundland. Indeed, he has unusual morphology, drawn by a muscular, powerful, harmonious body. Females can weigh between 50 and 60 kg for an average size of 66 cm, while males are around 71 cm for a maximum weight of 70 kg. The dog has a broad and deep chest connected to a straight and wide back.

Its head is massive with a short snout, broad set, and small eyes, usually brown. Its ears are somewhat triangular and small. Newfoundland has a long, flat coat distinguished by its luster and high density. Its jacket is generally black, but it is not uncommon to meet white and black or even brown Newfoundlands. Another characteristic feature of this animal is its slightly webbed feet, which allow it to develop exceptional aquatic skills.

Newfoundland Breed History

Even today, there are many debates around the origins of Newfoundland, which remain somewhat vague. According to legend, he is a descendant of native dogs living in Canada, on the island of Newfoundland. It would also come from bear hunting dogs accompanying the Vikings around the year 1000 on their journeys.

Today, the improvement of the breed is carried out thanks to the arrival of European fishers. They call on the skills of the animal to save people who have fallen into the sea or to pull fishing nets. His origins allowed Newfoundland to benefit from his swimming skills. Thanks to its double coat, it can perfectly withstand icy water. Its imposing strength also allows it to stay in the water for hours.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Newfoundland

The main qualities attributed to Newfoundland are its kindness and gentleness. The adage “the dog is man’s best friend” finds its whole meaning in this animal. He is very friendly and affectionate towards his masters or even other animals with whom he can coexist perfectly. Sometimes considered shy, he is not aggressive but must, on the other hand, be trained with the greatest firmness from an early age to prevent his natural “caboched” from taking over.

Due to its imposing size, it will be more comfortable if it evolves in an outdoor environment like the garden. His swimming abilities will develop more if he lives near a lake or by the sea.

Diet and Major Health Issues in Newfoundland

To ensure optimal growth, the Newfoundland diet must be rich in nutrients. Concocting two meals daily based on croquettes with a bit of water on the side is advisable. As he has a very dense coat, brushing and detangling should be done weekly. He should always shower after swimming, especially at sea, to avoid itching from salt.

On the health side, the animal can live up to 12 years if it benefits from the best care. Among the main health problems that can concern him are hip dysplasia, aortic stenosis, elbow dysplasia, heat intolerance or hypertrophic heart disease

Price of a Newfoundland breed dog or puppy

  • Male Newfoundland price: €1,400
  • Price Newfoundland female: €1,400

Dog breed: The Newfoundland – Character, education, and health

Not going unnoticed anywhere, the Newfoundland is a dog that impresses, both in stature and temperament. Find out more about this multi-talented Canadian breed.

Newfoundland history

No one can accurately say what the origins of Newfoundland dogs are. Some theories give him as the ancestor of large black dogs brought to the island of Newfoundland by Vikings in the 1000s. Colonization then brought other dog breeds, such as Mastiffs, which served to fix the traits of this giant breed of working dog.

Newfoundland is a breed native to Canada. The breed was established to obtain a strong, sturdy, massive, and enduring dog that could be used as a draft and working dog on boats.

It is one of the first dog breeds recognized in Canada by the Canadian Kennel Club at its origins in 1888.

A Distinguished Member of Humane Society, Sir Edward Landseer

In the 1800s, Lord Byron popularized the Newfoundland with his epitaph to his dog Newfoundland Boatswain, describing it as follows:

Near this place are deposited the remains of Him

Who possessed Beauty without vanity

, strength without insolence

, courage without ferocity,

and all the virtues of man without his vices.

Boatswain, a dog

Born in Newfoundland in May 1803

Died in Newstead on November 18, 1808

Also, in 1831, a painting of a black and white Newfoundland by Sir Edward Landseer made this color very popular.

Newfoundland or Landseer?

The black and white Newfoundland took the name Landseer in Canada. Of note, the North American Landseer is a black and white Newfoundland, while the European Landseer is a separate breed from the Newfoundland.

Spotlight on Newfoundland: Temperament and Personality

One of the characteristics of Newfoundland is his good temperament; he must be a devoted companion and not be an aggressive dog.

Three myths are popular with this breed…

Myth 1: Newfoundland is naturally good and infinitely patient with children.

This myth was popularized by the tale Peter Pan, where Nana, the family dog, was the children’s nanny. As with any dog, there are individual differences in the level of natural tolerance to children. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a dog that is naturally good with children.

Some individuals will have exemplary patience, while others will have much less tolerance and patience. The education of the dog and the children remains essential in Newfoundland.

Myth 2: Newfoundland can rescue someone in distress in the water under any circumstances.

The rescue instinct of these dogs is often overestimated. In these modern times, and in general, Newfoundland is less and less reproduced to work in the water since it is generally sought after as a companion dog.

Myth 3: The goal is to have the biggest Newfoundland.

This myth is tenacious since people tend to qualify their dogs by weight. As with all dog breeds, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle have a major negative impact on health.

Although tolerant of cold, it is not the same as heat. The Newfoundland is a dog that does not tolerate heat very well. During very hot days, it is important to limit physical activities outside early in the morning, in the evening, or even to spend the dog indoors. For example, chewing activities such as filling Kong-type toys to freeze can help keep them busy despite the hot weather.

The origin of the breed, the Newfoundland, was a strong, massive working dog capable of pulling loads on land. But above all, he had to have exceptional stamina and physical capacity to be a working dog on boats and bring in fishing nets or even a man who had fallen overboard.

Few people realize how versatile Newfoundland is. He can be trained in several disciplines: obedience, water training, dock jumping, rally-o, cart pulling, freestyletrick dogscent detection, and even rat sports!

Physical characteristics of this giant breed of dog

  • Magnus, Nathalie Lalande’s dog.
  • Newfoundland is part of the group of working dogs.
  • He must be balanced, agile, and muscular without being heavy or excessive. An adult male should be about 28 inches tall at the shoulder, and a female 26 inches. The average weight for a male is around 130 to 150 lbs, and for a female, 100 to 120 lbs. Big builds are preferred, but never at the expense of looks, symmetry, strength, and structure.
  • The head should be massive, but its expression should be soft.
  • Its paws should be webbed between the fingers.
  • His coat has a double coat and is waterproof.
  • According to the Canadian standard, two colors are recognized: black, black, and white (Landseer).
  • Longevity is 10 to 12 years, but it is increasingly common to encounter 14-year-old Newfoundlands.
  • And yes, a Newfoundland drools!

Newfoundland Health

Newfoundland is afflicted with several diseases, hence the importance of choosing a dog breeder who carries out rigorous screening in his breeding stock.

As it is a giant breed, the bill incurred at the vet can easily be high. The main diseases that affect Newfoundland are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, and fatal heart disease, sub-aortic stenosis.

This breed is also prone to gastric torsion, otitis, and wet pyoderma or “hot spots” and is increasingly predisposed to atopic allergies. These allergies may require a hypoallergenic diet and medical treatment and can cause itching in dogs.

Also, he can easily become overweight if he is overfed and not spending enough. However, it is important to dose the physical activity well during the first year with your puppy, especially before six months. Do not abuse jumps, stairs, or rapid changes of direction; pay attention to the duration of the exercise and avoid too intense activities.

The Newfoundland is a perfect dog for the good human!

Photo shared courtesy of Chantal Nault.

The Newfoundland is a perfect dog for those not bothered by hair and saliva. It will eventually damage the wooden floors in the house.

The first year is expensive on food while it is actively growing. Your puppy is likely to weigh over 100 lbs at 12 months.

A lot of time should be devoted to his education. With a dog of this strength, control is required in all situations. You can’t afford to have your dog pull you on a leash on the ice or chase after a squirrel.

You’ll also need to care for his coat, which tangles easily if the dog isn’t brushed regularly.

It is a breed of dog that requires a good financial cushion in the event of health problems. The costs associated with these dogs may be higher than normal due to their large size.

Newfoundland Dog Breed Facts, Traits world Information 2022

Newfoundland is not demanding physical exercise. Regular walking, fetch play, and tug of war to stimulate Pitou will be sufficient. Swimming is an asset. The important thing is to keep him lean and active and provide mental stimulation activities. It is an easy dog ​​to train with the appropriate dog training methods.

I like to add that it is essential to have a spacious vehicle to contain the whole family and your Newfoundland in the event of an emergency.

To learn more about raising your puppy:

  • Survival guide to the first days with your puppy
  • Dog / Puppy Training: Myths & Mistakes in Potty Training
  • The four worst training methods to use with your dog!

Funny facts!

Infantrymen of “C” Company, Royal Rifles of Canada, and their mascot en route to Hong Kong. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 27, 1941)

There are several stories recounting the bravery and heroism of Newfoundland. Many of them showcase his instinct for water rescue.

Closer to our reality, Newfoundland is considered a Canadian war hero. Also known as Sergeant Gander, Gander served as a mascot and military dog ​​during World War II. He died in battle, saving several soldiers.

More lightly, some people specialize in spinning and knitting dog hair. The hair collected while brushing your Newfoundland can be used to make your mittens or stockings!


The Newfoundland is a fantastic breed for anyone looking for a versatile dog that is large in build and medium in energy but isn’t afraid of upkeep and drooling. He will then definitely be your best dog in the world!

Attention! Does your Newfoundland pull on a leash? We don’t let you be impressed by its large size and Take the bull by the horns quickly, so it doesn’t pick up bad habits. The Zen Leash Walk online course is for you!

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