Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Information Info, Advice, Opinions 2022

Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Information Info, Advice, Opinions 2022

A breed of dog with shaggy hair and an impressive appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is the largest of the sighthounds!

Historically bred for hunting, today, it is more of a pleasure dog that delights owners who have enough room to accommodate it.

Recognizable among a thousand with his hard hair and springy gait, he is a charming companion who is very attached to his master.

The official name Irish Wolfhound, Irish Greyhound or Irish Hound

Origin Ireland

Band Group 10 “Sighthounds”.

Section 2 “Rough-haired sighthounds”.

No working trial is necessary to confirm it at the LOF.

Cut Bitches: 71-81 cm at the withers.

Males: 79 cm minimum and 86 cm + at the withers.

Weight Females: min 40.5 kg

Males: min 54.5, can go up to 80 kg.

Hair Hard, rough to the touch, wire-like appearance.

Colours) Gray






Temper Affectionate




Quiet strength

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Education Attentive, easy to train.

Big size = need to work well from an early age because frustrating behaviours can be dangerous to deal with later.

Life expectancy 7 to 8 years old

Health Weaknesses Predispositions: Torsions of the stomach

Hip dysplasias


Acquisition cost 1400 to 1600 euro

Monthly cost 105 + euros / month

Insurance costs calculate

Irish Wolfhound Identity Card

Official name(s)

Irish Wolfhound, Irish Greyhound or Irish Hound

Which Group does he belong to (FCI)?

Group 10 “Sighthounds”, section 2 “Rough-haired sighthounds”.

No working test is necessary to confirm it at the LOF.

His origin

The Irish Wolfhound has its roots in antiquity, like all other greyhound breeds, which are among the oldest dogs in the world!

However, the breed as we know it originated in Ireland, as illustrated by its name, which means “Irish Wolfhound”.

His history

Historically, the Irish Wolfhound was used for hunting and Roman circus games and warfare.

Because of its speed and its large size, it was used to hunt wolves and big game, unlike other greyhounds, rather than intended to chase the hare.

During the extinction of wolves in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound also came close to extinction but was fortunately saved towards the end of the 19th century by a few enthusiasts. However, it is still not very widespread.

His physical characteristics


The minimums are 71 cm for females and 79 cm for males, with the desired average between 81 and 86 cm at the withers.


Minimum 40.5 kg in females and 54.5 kg in males. Some specimens can weigh up to 80 kg.

Hair Type

Very characteristic of the breed, the hair of the Irish Wolfhound is hard, rough to the touch and has a wire-like appearance.


The coat of this large greyhound can be grey, red, white, fawn, black or brindle.

Its behavioural characteristics


The Irish Wolfhound is very affectionate, gentle, caring, and patient. In short, he has all the qualities that make an excellent companion!

He is a quiet force, capable of remaining calm and even in all circumstances if he has been educated in such a way as to develop a balanced demeanour.


The Irish Wolfhound is an attentive dog, which can be very easy to educate if its master uses the right methods and adopts the right attitudes.

Due to its large size and power, its education should not be taken lightly to prevent it from developing dangerous behaviours.

Everything you need to know about the health of the Irish Wolfhound

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a hardy dog ​​that does not fall ill easily but is nevertheless predisposed to certain pathologies.

Because of its large size, it can also be subject to stomach torsion and hip dysplasia.

Life expectancy

About 7 to 8 years old.

Compulsory vaccines and Vermifuge

French legislation does not require you to have your Irish Wolfhound vaccinated because he is not one of the categorized dogs.

It is nonetheless important to have him vaccinated against certain serious or common dog diseases according to your veterinarian’s recommendations.

It must also be dewormed 2 to 3 times a year to be properly protected against worm infestations.

Medical predispositions

The Irish Wolfhound breed is not spared from certain diseases, including epilepsy, cardiomyopathy, hepatic shunt and progressive retinal atrophy.

Certain lines are also more predisposed than others to obesity which can quickly become a problem in this large dog.

Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Information Info, Advice, Opinions 2022

So how do I properly insure my Irish Wolfhound?

The Irish Wolfhound can have certain health problems, so I advise you to take out insurance to cover the veterinary costs he may need in an accident or illness.

Canine health insurance, which works like our mutual health insurance for humans, fulfils this function perfectly and will prevent you from finding yourself in trouble in the event of unforeseen expenses.

If you want insurance, use our free canine mutual insurance comparator by clicking here. You will find offers up to 60% cheaper than the market.

The recommended nutrition for this dog

The high-quality industrial kibbles found on the market are designed to meet all the nutritional needs of dogs.

However, be sure to choose a range aimed at large dogs and adapt the rations to your companion’s age and physical activity.

What budget for an Irish Wolfhound?

Price/acquisition cost

Cost of maintenance/feeding

Because of its large size, the Irish Wolfhound can devour up to €75 worth of kibble per month!

So plan a substantial budget to provide enough quantitative and qualitative food to keep your dog in good health.

Mutual health

With the Irish Wolfhound, it may be worth opting for a medium to extensive plan, which will cost you between €30 and €45 per month. If you want insurance, use our free canine mutual insurance comparator by clicking here. You will find offers up to 60% cheaper than the market.

Who is this breed of a dog made for?

If we stick to his character alone, this affectionate and loyal doggie could be suitable for all owners who give him enough attention.

However, we must consider its great need for space and freedom to fully develop before considering adopting one.

For what living conditions? (hunting, sedentary apartment, etc.)

The Irish Wolfhound is not an indoor dog; he needs to exercise freely and will not appreciate a sedentary life.

It should also be noted that it is a dog that deeply loves the company of humans and does not support loneliness.

Sportsmanship/activity level

Above all hunters and runners, this very large mastiff has a strong need to run and must be able to frolic for a long time without hindrance.

Educative simplicity

The Irish Wolfhound is not difficult to educate, but the master must demonstrate firmness, patience and great consistency.

Compatibility with children

Of an affectionate and patient nature, the Irish Wolfhound cohabits very well with children whom he is often delighted to protect.

However, it is necessary to ensure that children respect the basic safety rules in any relationship with an animal, whatever its breed.

Living with other animals

If you intend to make your Irish Wolfhound live with other animals, you will have to get him used to it from a very young age because he has a strong hunting instinct.

Nevertheless, when socialization has been carried out according to the rules of the art, cohabitation with other animals is possible.

Keep your Irish Wolfhound

Rather calm and even, the Irish Wolfhound can be entrusted to a trusted pet-sitter during your absences if he has been properly accustomed to it.

However, some specimens do not support separation from their master very well, to whom they are often very attached.

Accessories adapted to this breed of dog.

Due to its large size, the Irish Wolfhound may need to be raised in bowls to avoid swallowing too much air while eating, which can cause digestive upset.

You will also need to acquire a leash and harness to walk him for a long time, even if you will undoubtedly have to let him loose daily to run to his heart’s content.

How to educate an Irish Wolfhound?

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is patient, attentive and attentive to his master, Real assets when the time comes to lead his education!

His hunting instincts can complicate his training because he is easily distracted by potential prey and can even be a runaway.

How to start the education of an Irish Wolfhound (alone or with an educator)?


If it’s a Puppy

From an early age, the Irish Wolfhound needs to learn to recall and walk on a leash to avoid carrying his master when he has reached his adult size.

His education must take place calmly and without the slightest violence; otherwise, he risks losing confidence in his master and developing deviant behaviour.

If it is an adult

The Irish Wolfhound can take time to learn as an adult, but it is still possible to educate it with great patience and consistency.

For your training methods to be as effective as possible, it is important to learn about the experience of your new companion.

His education must take into account his possible past traumas, which can also explain certain behaviours that you struggle to decipher.

By calling on an educator

If you are not completely sure of yourself, you can entrust the education of your Irish Wolfhound to a professional dog trainer.

He can take full responsibility for the training of your companion or accompany you remotely using online consultation.

Go see a physical educator.

Generally, physical educators offer to place your doggie in puppy school or to participate in training courses within their facilities.

Although expensive, this solution can allow your dog to socialize during training sessions while learning.

Consult a dog trainer online

Online dog trainers follow you from a distance and generally do not offer to meet your animal or put it in contact with other puppies to socialize it.

More economical, this solution is mainly aimed at owners who have the time to take care of their dog’s education but do not wish to make any mistakes.

Using training created by a professional dog trainer

Training courses developed by professional canine educators allow owners to learn more about canine behaviour and existing training methods.

This solution can be more time-consuming than the others but has the advantage of educating the master and his dog!

Indeed, learning how to react well to his dog’s different attitudes and behaviours is not innate, and many masters often make mistakes, sometimes dramatic, for the balance of Médor.

The breeders we recommend

Whatever breed of dog you intend to adopt, I advise you not to turn to a pet store to get it.

These structures do not offer an environment suitable for the proper mental development of a puppy, and the animals offered for sale are very often likely to present behavioral problems.

Better to turn to a shelter or a reputable breeder who can offer you healthy and balanced puppies for adoption!

Final words and important recommendations

Loving and educating your dog also protects him against the vagaries of life. That’s why I highly recommend getting dog health insurance as soon as possible. It will save you astronomical veterinary costs in an accident or illness.

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