9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

Iris is a genus of 260–300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Some authors state that the name refers to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species.

  • Lifespan: 5 to 20 years nature-and-garden.com
  • Genus: Iris; L., 1753
  • Family: Iridaceae
  • Order: Asparagales
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Tribe: Irideae

Many flowers make our lives happy with their beautiful colours and, in many cases, their pleasant aromas; however, when talking about the iris flower, we have to recognize that this beautiful species is full of an incredible palette of colours to having an important symbolism.

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1 What is the iris flower?

The iris flower with the scientific name Germanic Iris is native to Europe and comes from the Iridaceae family, although it is also recognized as a lily. It should be noted that the name of this species of flower personifies the goddess of the rainbow, which is responsible for carrying the messages of the gods to the man on earth.

The word “iris” comes from the Greek “Euro”, which means beautiful colours, a terminology that does justice to the attractive appearance of this flower. It has a very particular shape, as well as a spectacular aroma that can captivate anyone without any doubt.

In most cases, this plant is used as an ornament, although many people also use its roots to extract a liquid that serves as a natural laxative. These can be found in different colours, such as yellow, red, white, and mottled.

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

The iris flower has a wide variety of species, which can be found in different sizes and colours, and although they are not the same, they all share beauty. Many people tend to confuse them with some types of orchids, but when you look closely, it can be noticed that there are some differences between the two species.

In any of its colours, the iris flower attracts attention very quickly and is classified as one of the most beautiful flowers. They are long-lasting plants; their flowers have three external and three inner petals; they are large and give off an exquisite aroma.

The flowers of Iris in all its varieties have a wide variety of meanings in every culture; however, they are shared around the world: purity, nobility, generosity, perfection, and honour.

2 Iris Flower Characteristics

  • There is a lot of variety in the size of the Iris; for example, They can be found from 10 centimetres, which are the Iris of rocks up to 1.20 meters, which is usually the Iris of the gardens.
  • Its leaves are light green and develop raised in the shape of a ribbon; they can measure up to 40 centimetres.
  • The flowers are enormous; they develop in groups of up to six specimens, where the colour will always be according to the species to which it belongs.
  • Its stems are erect; some have ramifications while others are simple, solid and hollow.

3 How to grow an iris flower?

You can find a variety slightly more significant than 200 species of the iris flower, so if you desire to grow one or more of these plants, you have to offer them some care they require to thrive.

In the first place, what should be done is to find out, depending on the area and the type of soil, which of the species of these plants can be grown in that place and after being clear about this procedure to transport it to the garden and plant it in it.

However, you have to keep in mind some essential details for planting them, such as the weather, since this flower should generally be sown in late summer, in hot temperatures, which will help it grow healthy. And very strong, so when low temperatures or winter arrive, the flower is not so weak.

When you proceed to sow the iris flower, you must place one part of the bulb under the ground, while the other should expos; this is important since if the bulb is entirely underground, this will prevent the plant from developing its flowers well, they have a solid need to receive sunlight.

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

It is for this reason that the most sensible thing to do will be to sow it about six centimetres from the surface of the earth; in addition, you must leave a considerable space between the iris plants, that is, approximately 30 centimetres more or less, in this way they will be given space to their roots so that they spread quietly, without tripping over each other and that in this way their flowers can develop healthily,

The soil to sow this flower must have good drainage; that is, it must remain moist; however, it must not be flooded so that the plant does not rot. Well, if they are placed in a pot, it is advisable to place a large ceramic plate under it to keep humidity.

However, they must still be watered constantly but without overdoing it; that is why it is recommended that they be watered every five days, with the intention that humidity is always maintained, especially during flowering times. It must be borne in mind that depending on the plant’s growth; they will be watered less frequently, while in the wet season, it will not be necessary to do so.

Iris plants can live approximately 5 to 0 years; of course, the time of their long or short life will always depend directly on their care and maintenance; it is also necessary within these care to place a bit of organic fertilizer suitable for bulbous plants after they flower.

4 Iris flower care

Having an iris flower plant requires some specific care, with the intention that it remains healthy and in good condition, although there are not many, and they are straightforward. But it is also essential to always remember the importance of these cares for the plant:

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022
9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022
  • Cut the flowers that are withered, but only the flower should be removed, while its leafiness is left on the plant until it has a yellowish colour because this is good for the subsequent flowering.
  • We must be aware of removing weeds in the plant’s roots to keep it clean.
  • This plant should not be overwater since it does not need much water to develop.
  • Like other types of flowers, the iris flower can get sick, so you have to be alert if it comes to present any symptoms of disease, intending to treat it as soon as possible.
  • These plants are robust, especially when they manage to grow a lot; for this reason, they tend to tolerate winter very well and can produce healthy even in cold climates; however, they adapt much better to hot weather.
  • It is usually easy to find in gardens anywhere in the world, so it can be said that it is a common and highly valued flower, thanks to the variety of colours and aroma they have, making them part of many flower arrangements.

Iris Flower: Characteristics, Cultivation, Care and more

  • In its diversity of colours and textures, you can find some velvety or satin, which is usually very large and perfectly occupies the space of any garden, flowerpot and arrangement, especially when they are arranged together.
  • These plants are typically found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America.
  • This flower usually gives many meanings depending on where it is located, for example; An Iris flower in white symbolizes hope.
  •  Whereas those in blue are a sign of good news, and if it is one of a common iris, then it is related to factors that exalt the spirit, the only thing that their meanings are that they always symbolize good aspects of life.

5 Types of Iris Flower

It is a family that includes many species and specimens, some more beautiful than the others, that is why we tell you which are the best-known species of the iris flower.

6 Iris Pallida

It is also called the lily flower of Florence; it is a spectacular and wonderful flower that emanates a rich aroma, with its colours such as purple and white. It needs direct sunlight. However, it can grow very well with indirect light and tolerate frigid climates to thrive in various environments.

However, it should be noted that this plant deserves well-drained soils, which retain the moisture they need for their development, always avoiding excess water. These reproduce through pollination, which is why they can be called hermaphrodites.

This particular plant usually reaches a meter and even a little more, while the width usually reaches 1.5 meters. 

They are also said to have medicinal and healing properties, with which gastrointestinal conditions are treated, such as vomiting, gastritis, and respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis.

9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022
9 How to Plant, Grow, Care, Iris Flower Iris: Sow, Divide Multiply 2022

7 Japanese Iris

It is a plant that grows wild in the Japanese and other soils of the Asian continent; they are Japanese bluish-purple flowers and are known for having an incredible beauty, which tends to be very attractive visually, which is why they are in great demand to decorate gardens and home gardens; they can be sown directly in the ground or pots.

8 Siberian Iris

The Siberian Iris is also called Siberian lily; this plant is a little smaller than the rest of its species, where the highest height it can reach is 60 centimetres. The colour of these flowers is purplish-blue and light yellow, each plant has between 1 and 3 flowers, it must be planted in sandy soils, they require little watering and plenty of sunlight.

9 Germanic Iris

Known for being a robust plant, which adapts easily to all types of soil and spreads quickly, there is an excellent variety of these flowers in different colours, such as red, yellow, white, blue or purple.

This plant is usually grown primarily on sandy soils, as long as they have good drainage; to avoid excess water, they also require direct sunlight for good development and growth. They tend to be up to a meter high, their leaves are sabre-shaped, and each plant usually has 3 to 10 leaves that grow up to 40 centimetres.

Its flowers are lovely, with a pleasant aroma and are usually an excellent ornament for the garden. They can be sown in the ground directly and in well-conditioned pots.

What does the iris flower symbolism?

They can represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration. Specific flower colors attach further meanings to the pretty blooms. Purple iris brings a message of wisdom and compliments, while a bouquet of blue iris blossoms speak of hope and faith.

Is iris a poisonous flower?

There are more than 200 species of iris and related plants. The entire plant is toxic. … Iris toxicity is generally mild in humans, but in pets and cattle, it can cause serious illness and death. Symptoms of iris poisoning in pets vary in severity depending on amount of exposure and which part of the plant was ingested.

Where do irises grow best?

Choosing and Preparing a Planting Site

  • Irises will bloom best in full sun. …
  • Bearded irises must not be shaded out by other plants; many do best in a special bed on their own.
  • They prefer fertile, neutral to slightly acidic soil.

Do irises like sun or shade?

Sun or Shade: Iris flower best in full sun, though most can also be grown in dappled shade. Zone: Iris reticulata and Dutch iris are hardy in zones 5-9. Bearded iris, Siberian iris and Japanese iris are winter hardy in zones 3-9. Louisiana iris are hardy in zones 6-9.

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