17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico and Central America. A member of the Compositae family of dicotyledonous plants, its garden relatives thus include the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia. 

  • Order: Asterales
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Genus: Dahlia; Cav.
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Tribe: Coreopsideae

DAHLIA: SUMMER’S MOST WANTED FLOWER (WITH CARE GUIDE) Lush, eye-catching and full of colour. We tell you everything you need to know about dahlias, the most sought-after flowers of the summer.

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  • How are dahlias cared for?
  • How long do dahlias last?
  • How do you plant a dahlia bulb?
  • When are the bulbs taken out of dahlias?
  • How to transplant a dahlia?
  • How to care for dwarf dahlias?
  • How to get dahlia seeds?

Dahlias are colourful flowers that originate from Mexico. These plants are one of the most sought after in summer because it is just the time when their expected flower appears, so striking, and that it lasts until autumn. We can see them in pink, lavender, white and more. Please find out how to take care of them and get some spectacular dahlias.

The flowers of dahlias are pretty large, brightly coloured, and in a large number of shades. If the weather is scorching, the dahlia may give its flower after the summer when the temperature is warmer and more pleasant, already in autumn.


Dahlias require two essential things: lots of light and water. Even so, we give you more details about its care:


Dahlias require a lot of light, especially if we want the flowers to be showy. So that they can receive good morning, it is best to place them next to a window or at a point in the interior of the house that is quite bright. If there is a relatively strong light, it is better to opt for a semi-shady area, both inside and outside. It is also essential to find a place to protect them from the wind since too much wind can damage the dahlias, and of course, the flower.


Temperate climates do best for dahlias, although it is true that these flowering plants can withstand heat and cold well. They can withstand mild frosts down to -5º C.


These plants appreciate being in lands enriched with good organic matter. When preparing it, remove the soil or substrate before planting to be well loose and with as optimal drainage as possible. As for watering, dahlias are pretty resistant to heat, but if we water them frequently enough, the better.

It is important to always water on the ground and tries not to wet the leaves or flowers to avoid excess moisture. Especially during the summer, we must considerably increase the irrigation frequency, but without getting waterlogged.


Dahlias are not susceptible to pests. However, indeed, we can occasionally find some snails or slugs. We can resort to natural insecticides for this type of plant to avoid them.


Usually, the flower of dahlias lasts all summer and well into fall. Flowering begins eight weeks later after sowing. We can also start dahlias flowering indoors and then transplant them outdoors. If the flowers are cut, they will last only about five or seven days at most.UNSPLASH


  • Don’t plant dahlia tubers too early – they don’t do well in cold soils.
  • Plant your dahlias in an area with plenty of suns.
  • Sow in rich, well-drained soil.
  • The planting hole should be slightly larger than the root ball.
  • When planting, add a little compost or bone meal.
  • The hole should be 6-8 inches deep. Place the side of the tuber up and cover them with 2-3 inches of soil.
  • As the stems sprout, cover with soil until it reaches ground level.
  • Taller dahlia varieties will need stake support.


It is recommended to take them out in autumn. This way, there will be a better chance of getting them to bloom again in the spring. Usually, the best time to remove bulbs is during the first light frost of the season.


The best time is in spring. Follow these steps, and learn how to transplant a dahlia correctly:

  1. Divide the tubers.
  2. Plant in pots or the garden soil.
  3. Plant the tubers about 6 inches deep.
  4. Water sparingly once planted, and don’t do it again until the plant sprouts.


As the plant grows, the soil should add until only 2 centimetres remain between the edge of the pot and the substrate. The irrigation system should not be continuous, and it is enough that the plant is poured with water three times a week.


After the flower emerges, the seed head begins to develop. When scorched, we will find the black dahlia seeds that are already suitable to be sown.

17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

These are the care you should give your dahlias in the garden or in a pot

Few flowers combine as much beauty, delicacy and elegance as the dahlia (Dahlia spp). They are one of the main incentives to grow this plant that, on the other hand, is easy to keep beautiful and healthy. Discover all the care you have to provide to enjoy its beautiful flowering this summer.

8. From across the ocean – 17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

Although the dahlia is a common plant in this part of the world, the truth is that its origin is in Central America, specifically in Mexico. The dahlia travelled from there to Europe in the 16th century and, once on the Old Continent, captivated him with its beauty.

In addition to the exotic nature of its flowers, it was surprised by the great variety of specimens that exist: its botanical family includes more than 2,000 different ones.

9. A sunny location – 17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

The dahlia loves light. You need to place it in a very bright place in your garden, especially if the weather is cool since then it will perfectly support being in full sun.

In addition, you must protect it from strong winds and drafts if you grow it indoors. If necessary, you will have to guide it to avoid bending the stems since they are skinny.

10. How much do you have to water it?

To know how much water the dahlia needs, it is best to look at the substrate, which must always be humid without being flooded, since the tuber from which the plant’s roots arise could rot.

Irrigation should be abundant during the hottest season of the year. You will have to water it twice a week in spring and more frequently in summer.

11. Abloom that exudes glamour – 17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

Dahlia flowers are a great attraction. Large and fragrant, original and striking, very beautiful, they arise from long and thin stems, so much so that sometimes they have to be trained so that they do not bend.

On the other hand, flowers present a great variety in terms of their shape and colour, and they will become the absolute queens of your garden.

12. How to plant it in the garden

The best time of year to plant dahlias in spring.

– When you have chosen the most suitable location, dig a hole in the ground about 30 cm in diameter and a similar depth.

– Then, add organic compost (a little manure or worm castings, for example) and bury the tuber.

– If you plant several specimens of dahlias, it is essential that you leave enough separation between them so that the air can circulate without problems and thus not favour the appearance of fungi.

13. Growing potted dahlias

It is a perfect plant to plant in a pot and keep indoors or on the terrace. If you like the idea, find a container about 12 inches in diameter and a similar depth.

Add universal substrate and a little organic compost and place the dahlia tuber. Until the plant emerges, you should water exceedingly abundantly: a few times but with a generous supply of water.

14. A plus of energy – 17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

If you want your dahlias not to lack the nutrients they need to grow healthy and splendid, you will have to fertilize them from time to time.

To begin with, it is a good idea to enrich the soil at the end of winter with a contribution of organic matter.

When summer arrives, and to increase the production of flowers, you must fertilize them every fortnight with a fertilizer for flowering plants, which contains a good dose of potassium and has a low nitrogen concentration.

15. Be careful with mushrooms.

They are one of the dangers that stalk dahlias and can spoil them. Powdery mildew and mildew are the most common. You will detect them because the plants’ leaves are covered with a whitish powder.

One of the reasons for the appearance of fungi is that the plants are too close to each other in the garden. It means that the air does not circulate well between them, so there is a warm and humid environment perfect for fungi.

To combat them, you can use sulfur, applying it to the leaves and the substrate in the amount recommended by the manufacturer. If the problem persists, use a suitable fungicide.

17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022
17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

Daisy types – 17 How to Plant, Grow, Care for Dahlia Flower Types, Sizes 2022

  • Zinnia
  • Marigold
  • Oxeye daisy
  • African daisies
  • Common sunflower
  • American asters
  • Common daisy

Bulb Flowering Plants

  • Irises
  • Buttercup
  • Daffodil
  • Gladiolus
  • Anemone
  • Crocus
  • Snowdrop

16. Keep pests at bay

The tender leaves of dahlias are an exquisite delicacy for some insects that repeatedly threaten them, such as grasshoppers.

Snails and slugs can also attack themEliminate them manually by removing them from the plants.

Protect your dahlias from aphids, thrips and mites, fighting them with a specific insecticide.

17. Successful combinations

If you want your garden to be splendid and your flowering plants spectacular, you must know which plants can live together and which cannot.

Some species have different needs for water and nutrients and different abilities to absorb them from the ground, so they can “rob” others of the food they need to live. That is why it is essential to know how to create suitable combinations.

For example, along with dahlias, you can fearlessly sow roses and lilies.

Do dahlias come back year after year?

While dahlias are not frost hardy they are perennial and this means we can grow the same tubers year after year—if they are protected from freezing temperatures with winter storage.

What month do dahlias flower?

Dahlias will flower from midsummer through till the autumn and the first frosts providing a long flowering season. Dahlias are like a rich soil which is well drained and lots of sun.

Do dahlias like sun or shade?

Sun and Shade: Dahlias are sun-lovers and need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. The more sun they get, the better they’ll bloom, so it’s best to plant your dahlias in the sunniest location you can. Zone: Though dahlias are only winter hardy in zones 8-11, gardeners in zones 3-7 can grow dahlia as annuals.

Where do dahlias grow best?

Dahlias grow and flower best in a well-drained, sunny site. They like warm weather and will not tolerate frost. Plant dahlia tubers outdoors after your last frost date, when the soil has warmed. Most dahlias will begin flowering by midsummer.

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