How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

The sunflower is a plant that supports almost everything; it endures the drought, although it needs some water and the land of varied acidity from time to time. Not only can it survive a wide variety of environmental conditions, but it also produces an abundance of seeds that benefit birds, other pollinators, and even humans! In addition, sunflowers have large and beautiful flowers that will beautify your garden. 

If you’re looking to plant sunflowers, the dwarf variety of the Common Sunflower (Helianthus annuus), “Lemon Queen,” is a good choice for container planting.

Sunflowers grow best when in full sun and bloom during the summer or early fall. They prefer long, hot summers when they bear seed-filled flowers and beautiful petals. They also do well in low light or short summers. “Lemon Queen” sunflowers can grow up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, which for sunflower is to be “petite.”

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Instructions – Sun flowers

  • Sow the seeds a minimum distance of 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) and ½ inch (1.3 cm) deep in containers. If you have a small container, don’t put more than a couple of seeds. Use good quality, moist soil to plant the seeds. It takes about 8-10 days to sprout.
  • When the sprouts are a couple of inches long, transplant them into containers at least 12 inches (30.5 cm) deep. Make sure the sprouts are well separated. In other words, no more than one plant for each 8-inch (20 cm) diameter container or three plants for each 15-inch (38 cm) diameter container. In large pots, you can place the sprouts 6 inches (15 cm) from each other.
  • Keep the soil moist and weed-free. To protect the shoots from animals, you can use nets.
  • Place the container in a sunny place.

Long-lasting flowers for planters – Sun flowers

There is nothing better to brighten up a balcony or terrace than beautiful planters that bloom for many months. Here is a small selection of flowering plants throughout the summer.

Full sun plants – Sun flowers


This solar plant is carefree and lights up window boxes from April to October. Gazania flowers only open when the sun is shining, but they offer a light show. Deep red, bright orange, brilliant yellow, the colors brighten up your balcony! The varieties with petals streaked with black offer a nice contrast. This plant needs a very light substrate and sparse watering. It is not greedy in fertilizer; a contribution of crushed horn in spring and autumn will be more than enough. Non-hardy perennial, it must winter in the cooler regions.

Pelargonium ivy – Sun flowers

Great classics in planters, and for a good reason, the large family of pelargonium ivy ( ivy geraniums ) is divided into many cultivars with single or double flowers. The color palette is vast since it ranges from white to almost black garnet red. Easy to grow, they only need regular watering and fertilizers to flower from May to October. If you take them away to areas where frost is rife, you will keep them from year to year.

Osteospermum – Sun flowers

Splendid osteospermum has also known under the name of Dimorphotheca, is easy to grow plants that tolerate a few watering failures. They grow very well in full sun on a very draining substrate. The daisy-shaped flowers bloom as soon as a ray of sunlight touches them over a very long period ( from April to October ). White, pink, yellow, purple, there is something for everyone!

Surfinias and other petunias – Sun flowers

The genus Petunia comprises around forty species and a multitude of cultivars, including surfing. The latter is very popular for its drooping shape, ideal for planters. New varieties are marketed every year as this plant is so successful. In addition to the classic colors (white, red, pink, mauve), you will find deep blue flowers speckled with white reminiscent of a starry sky (‘Night Sky’) or black streaked with yellow (‘Amore Fiesta’) for those who appreciate originality. Petunias and their cultivars need very regular watering and fertilizer, so they will keep you enjoying their incredible bloom from May to October .remove faded flowers and prune tired stems during summer to restart flowering.

Begonia semperflorens – Sun flowers

Begonia semperflorens is one of the few begonias to endure the full sun. Its stocky habit makes it an ideal plant in compositions. The white flowers, red or pink, adorn your flower from April to October. This begonia with leaves and succulent stems resists watering a few times. However, it will be more floriferous if they are regular and the fertilizers are consistent. However, it is grown as an annual it can overwinter in a frost-free room in winter. After a drastic pruning, it will start again with a vengeance the following spring.

Begonia semperflorens ‘Red Pearl’, in a pot – (Yercaud-Selangor /

Verbena – Sun flowers

Unmissable, the verbena of the gardens is present on all the stalls of the garden centers. Its round bouquets are available in multiple colors, plain or variegated. Very floriferous, if you care to cut the faded flowers as you go, this plant will delight you from May to October or even longer in the Mediterranean area. Its stocky port allows it to be associated with more vertical plants in the compositions.

Purslane – Sun flowers

The purslane with large flowers ( Portulaca grandiflora ) is a succulent ideal for balconies facing south and warmer regions. A very drained substratum is necessary to cultivate it. Water supplies should be moderate. The double flowers appear wrinkled; they vary from white to yellow, passing through pink, orange, and red. You can enjoy them from May to October, especially as they are rested abundantly.

Plants for semi-shaded to shaded planters – Sun flowers

Begonia pendula – Sun flowers

Elegant, very floriferous, the pendula begonia or hanging begonia is a ‘must have’ on a shady balcony. The double flowers fall harmoniously on the walls of your planters in colorful cascades from mid-June to the first frost. Here again, the palette is very extensive, and you can indulge yourself either by mixing the varieties or by limiting yourself to one color.

A substrate made up of peat, and good soil is ideal for this plant.

Regular watering and fertilizers will help support its rich flowering.

It is a tuberous begonia: in winter, the tuber will be kept under cover and then put back into cultivation in a warm place in March to obtain earlier flowering.

How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

Bacopa – Sun flowers

The multitude of bacopa’s small white, purple or pink flowers will accompany you from May to OctoberHanging, this beautiful plant thrives in planters that can accompany other flowering plants requiring the same care. Good potting soil with compost will be ideal for cultivating it. Regular watering and fertilizer applications will prolong flowering again and again. 

New Guinea Impatiens – Sun flowers

Iridescent glitter flowers all summer long and even into early fall that’s the promise of New Guinea impatiens. Charming and easy to grow as long as they are abundantly watered and fattened, they cut very easily in water to adorn even more planters and please the neighbors. Pure white, fuchsia pink, orange, or red, the choice is yours! Keep them away from frost to enjoy them the following year in winter. It will then be necessary to prune the stems.

Lobelia – Sun flowers

The very aerial flowering of lobelia makes it an ideal plant in compositions. Deep blue, white, or mauve, the lobelia has a stocky and somewhat drooping habit perfect for planters. It grows in good soil in which you will have added slow-release fertilizer balls. Do not neglect to water, as the substrate will need to stay cool throughout the cultivation. This annual reseeds abundantly; take advantage of it!

Fuchsia – Sun flowers

Unmissable, the multitudes of varieties of fuchsia with flowers in single, double, or double pastel paper lanterns offer an extensive palette of often contrasting colors on the same flowers. You can hope to admire your flower boxes from May to OctoberKeep the soil cool and add ‘special flower plant’ fertilizer to support flowering every two weeks. Hybrid fuchsias are rarely hardy; prune them before wintering them in a frost-free room before bringing them out the following spring.

Euphorbia hypericifolia – Sun flowers

Recently arrived on the shelves, this easy-to-grow plant will delight you with its disheveled bracts surrounding small white flowers from April to October! Its stocky habit and aerial flowering make it ideal to associate with impatiens or even fuchsias. The watering must be moderate and inputs of fertilizers sparingly.

What are the flowers that grow back from year to year? Sun flowers

Five perennials that bloom each year again

  • Achillea (Achillea x millefolium). It comes in all warm shades, from bright yellow to copper to many shades of pink and red. 
  • Heart of Mary (Dicentra spectabilis). 
  • Mignardise carnation (Dianthus plumarius).
  • Shrub Lavatera (Lavatera thuringiaca).

So, which flowers hold the best?

Chrysanthemum. A robust and easy-to-maintain perennial plant, it withstands the vagaries of the weather and adapts to all soils. A wide range of colors displays its flowers which persist until the beginning of winter. They take many forms: pompoms, “Japanese,” simple, curved.

What is the name of a plant that has lived for several years?

The plant perennials live long; they bloom every year for most. Their flowering and their production of seeds do not lead to their death since they are perennial.

Do thoughts grow back from year to year?

As for the annual varieties, you will be able to pull them up at the end of flowering, while perennial ones will be able to bloom the following year again.

Page content – Sun flowers

  • What plants to put in the cemetery in summer?
  • Which plants are heat resistant?
  • How do plants survive the winter?
  • What is a bulb plant?
  • What are annual plants?
  • How do I know if my thoughts are vivid?
  • How to properly maintain thoughts?
  • How to deal with thoughts?
  • What plant to put in the cemetery at this time?
  • What flower for the cemetery?
  • What flower to put in the cemetery in winter?
  • Which plant can stand full sun?
  • Which flower does not fear the heat?
  • Which plant for a southern exposure?
  • How do animals and plants overwinter?
  • How do plants spend winter in SVT?
  • How do annual plants overwinter?
  • What are bulb plants?
  • What are bulb flowers?
  • What is the role of the bulb in the plant?

What plants to put in the cemetery in summer? Sun flowers

We offer you the dipladénia, which endures heat and direct sunlight. The dipladénia in the cemetery is a must-have classic in summer! For a change and to benefit from more fragrant scents, we recommend various varieties of lavender or gauras.

How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022
How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

Which plants are heat resistant?

Twenty-seven plants that do not fear heat or drought at all!

  • Agave. Native to Mexico, the plant likes arid environments, heat, and sun. 
  • The Anthemis.
  • The Crassula. 
  • The Dasylirion. 
  • The Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis. 
  • L’Echeveria. 
  • Euryops. 
  • The Gazania.

How do plants survive the winter?

The plant annual (e.g., beans) subsist in winter in the form of seeds. The whole plant (leaves, stems, roots) disappears at the start of winter. Only the released seeds are resistant to cold. In the following spring, they can germinate and give new seeds.

What is a bulb plant?

bulb is a vertical underground stem resulting from tuberization of leaves (scales) or leaf sheaths and used as a food storage organ by a dormant plant. … The correct name for this type of plant is geophyte.

What are annual plants?

The annuals

  • Amaranth. Amaranth belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. 
  • Dill. Dill is part of the Apiaceae family and is native to southern Europe. 
  • Peanut. Arachis belongs to the Fabaceae or Leguminous family. 
  • Mugwort. 
  • Oats. 
  • Basil. 
  • The beauty of the night. 
  • Borage.

How do I know if my thoughts are vivid?

Perennials are grown biennially; pansies flower for a long time in spring and are readily reseed naturally. The thoughts have five petals, lower, and colors ranging from yellow to purple. Violets have two petals up and three down.

How to properly maintain thoughts?

The thoughts are easy to maintain and require very little care. Water during the summer period but without excess. In winter, protect the roots from the cold with mulching at the foot. Regularly remove faded flowers.

How to deal with thoughts?

If necessary, regularly water the flower beds and pots to support flowering and apply a special flower fertilizer to the pots and flower boxes to keep them flowering. Take the time to remove the faded flowers from the pansies to avoid the formation of seeds that needlessly deplete the plant.

What plant to put in the cemetery at this time?

Beyond the chrysanthemum, you can install heather, cyclamen (preferably in the shade), gaura, Santolina, lavender, nepeta, perovskite, shrub sage, daisy, iris.

What flower for the cemetery?

Very graphic succulent plants, houseleeks add character to the graves. In association with carnations and hydrangeas, they will add to the joy to put the balm to the heart of those who visit the deceased, the cemetery in the summer.

What flower to put in the cemetery in winter?

TOP 5 plants to flower a grave in winter

  • Pansies: a strong symbolic value to flower a grave in winter
  • Hellebores are also called Christmas roses.
  • Hyacinths if the winter is not too harsh. 
  • Flowering a grave in winter: the chrysanthemum and its warm colors.

Which plant can stand full sun?

Other plants perennial sunlight that will make wonders on your balcony: asters, lilies, and lily of a day, the sweet blue agapanthus, with the sun not too burning, heliotrope to violet flowers strongly scented, the sedum (including Sedum spectabile with pink flowers) and all 

Which flower does not fear the heat?

World-renowned, the oleander has a reputation that precedes it. It is a plant greedy for sun and heat. The more the oleander takes advantage of the sun’s UV rays and heat, the more it will flower. That is why it is a plant that does not fear heat or loneliness.

Which plant for a southern exposure?

Flowering plants

  • Agatha (Felicia amelloides) is also called Cape Aster or a blue daisy.
  • The erigeron (Erigeron)
  • Gazania (Gazania)
  • Petunias (Petunia)
  • Pelargoniums (Pelargonium)
  • Garden verbena (Verbena x hybrida
  • The eyelets of India (Tagetes patula)
  • Heliotrope (Heliotropium)
How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022
How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

How do animals and plants overwinter?

1) Perennial plantsthey are resistant to winter! A) Plants that lose their leaves. The Robinia and the Oak, like the Cherry and the Maple, are deciduous trees: they lose them in winter. On the other hand, we can observe buds on the branches.

How do plants spend winter in SVT?

How plants move – they winter? In a temperate climatic zone, temperature variations affect plants’ occupation of the environment. At the start of winter, some plants die. They are called annuals because their roots, stems, and leaves disappear every year.

How do annual plants overwinter?

The annuals (e.g., poppies) exist in the winter than in the form of seeds. The leaves, stems, roots disappear at the beginning of winter. Only the released seeds are resistant to cold. In the following spring, they can germinate and give new seeds.

What are bulb plants?

The plants with bulbs sun flowers

  • Garlic. © Duncan Toms CC BY-NC 2.0 / Flickr. …
  • Wild garlic. Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) from the Alliaceae family is a bulbous perennial of cool, shady undergrowth, with white flowers, 20 to 50 cm high, native to Europe and Asia.
  • Anemone. 
  • Camassia. 
  • Chive. 
  • Shallot. 
  • Gladiolus. 
  • Iris.

What are bulb sun flowers?

Crocus, hyacinth, narcissus, tulip, and iris species are multiple and can be chosen according to their flowering period, size, method of cultivation, etc. It is very easy to grow. The bulb flowers cover both the garden and the balcony.

What is the role of the bulb in the plant?

A flower bulb is a true underground reserve organ and a flowering plant. The bulb contains all the ingredients the plant will need to grow and flower when the time comes. grow best in locations with direct sunlight (6 to 8 hours per day); they require long, hot summers to flower well. Choose a …

Do sun flowers grow back every year?

Are sunflowers annuals or perennials? While most varieties of this bright beauty are annual sunflowers, meaning they will not come back the following growing season, they may self-germinate from dropped seeds if you leave the heads on the plants throughout the winter.

Are sun flowers cold hardy?

Sunflower seedlings often escape damage from light frost, but sunflowers are warm-natured plants with no tolerance of freezing temperatures.

What are sun flowers called?

Helianthus annuus
Species:H. annuus
Binomial name
How to Plant and Maintain Sun flowers in Containers 2022

What are sun flowers good for?

Why grow sunflowers? There are many benefits to growing these beautiful blooms including their cut flowers and free edible seeds. They also attract pest-patrolling birds and bees to improve your harvest, and even help detox contaminated soil.

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