How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots hanging baskets 2023

How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots hanging baskets 2023

When planting strawberries, it is essential to plan well when to do it to achieve good plant development and abundant flowering. But there are no universal dates that serve all situations. 

It is necessary to consider the climate of each region, if the cultivation is going to start with a plant or with seed, if they are going to be planted in pots or the ground, the availability of the plant, and the variety, among other things. All this determines that the dates to plant the strawberries are one or the other. We explain it below.

When to sow from seed strawberries in planters

The planting or transplanting is done from adult strawberry plants or, in any case, from the suckers that take root at the end of the stolons, and none of that is sowing. But since some people may want to start the crop by sowing the seeds, which is possible, we will see what dates must be done for it to be successful.

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How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots hanging baskets 2023

First, you have to see where the seeds come from. They may have been bought in an envelope (ideally), or they may have been extracted from the fruit, even strawberries from the supermarket (valid but not ideal)

If you use a packet of strawberry or strawberry seeds, the recommended sowing date will be on the container, typically from mid-spring to late summer. If the seeds have been removed from a fruit, they can be sown at that time or, better, after cold stratification to make them germinate more quickly.

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In any case, they must be planted in a seedbed, protected from excessive cold or heat, for example, keeping the cradle indoors.

Strawberry is a crop that grows well in a pot, but this does not mean it can be done anywhere far from it. This plant has some significant limitations that must be considered when growing it in a pot. Otherwise, the experience will be a failure. Let’s see what they are.

Consistently moist and fresh substrate

The pot’s substrate must always be moist since, having a limited volume, it loses water much faster than the soil.

Strawberries quickly show wilting symptoms when the substrate begins to dry out, suffering stress that affects the plant in various ways: dry leaves, reduced fruit, and lack of vigor.

Use ¾ of the soil in the pot and wet it very well until the lower part of the drainage begins to drip. Form groups about three centimeters high with enough space between each of them.

Place the strawberry seeds there; if you have roots, hydrate them an hour before, so the roots are well wet.

Put the roots in each set you make, ensuring the substrate perfectly covers them. strawberries in planters

Add another little substrate until the seeds or roots are well covered.

Sprinkle water over the plant so as not to damage the substrate. Clever!

How to care for strawberries in pots

It is one of those plants that are not usually missing in orchards or gardens. Beyond their simple beauty, growing strawberries and savoring them is the main reason why it is one of the essential fruits of the forest for plant lovers. Therefore, it is convenient to care for strawberries in pots.

 A way to enjoy them in any context, whether we have a garden or just a tiny balcony. Although we may believe otherwise, growing strawberries does not imply dedicating a large area of ​​land to them. The strawberry is a plant with a shallow root system so it will adapt perfectly to life in a pot. strawberries in planters

 In reality, and more than worrying about space, to successfully carry out its fruits, it is more important to take into account other details such as the amount of light, the type of substrate, and, above all, the irrigation pattern.

For all these reasons, let’s detail how to care for strawberries in pots. We can consider a crop both for the flavor of its fruits and if we are thinking about how to create a garden for children. It gives us a clue of the simplicity of their care, even keeping them in this type of container.

  • 1. Seed or seedling?
  • 2. Is any variety suitable for growing in pots?
  • 3. Can strawberries be planted at any time?
  • 4. Any pot will do?
  • 5. How to care for potted strawberries? Do you have to pay for them?
  • 1. Choose a good size pot and make good drainage
  • 2. Use a substrate rich in nutrients that retains moisture
  • 3. Place your strawberry pots in a space with good light
  • 4. Water regularly, essential in how to care for strawberries in pots


Before we start planting or knowing in detail how to care for strawberries in pots, there are some doubts that we must clear up. And no: they are not minor considerations. As simple as the strawberry is to grow, growing both the plant and its fruit successfully depends on meeting its few demands

Some that, in the case of growing in pots, are even more specific. Let’s see these recurring doubts before we get down to work with our strawberries.

Seed or seedling? strawberries in planters

It is an important detail that largely depends on where we grow our strawberries. Learn how to care for strawberries in pots, and encourage yourself to plant our Four Seasons strawberry seeds

If the place of cultivation of these pots is inside our house, it is advisable to rule out the option of planting them from seed. As a matter of temperature, even if we place them in a cool area, strawberry seeds do not usually prosper, so the best option is to opt for seedlings.

If we grow strawberries outdoors, we can opt for seeds and seedlings.

Is any variety suitable for growing in pots?

The different varieties of strawberries adapt without problems to growing in pots. However, re-blooming types are incredibly comfortable in these containers. And they have an extra: they will give two harvests a year due to their character.

Does this mean that single-crop strawberry varieties are poorly suited to pots? Not necessarily. They will grow larger planted and larger planted directly in the ground but will also do well in these containers. Find your strawberry seedlings in our Orchard Plants section

Can strawberries be planted at any time?

Strawberry planting must be done at a specific time: at the end of spring or, more precisely, when the night frosts have disappeared. We might think that if the destination of our plants is inside our house, this does not affect us. But it is not like that: in addition to the lack of night cold, strawberries need a good dose of light that we only have at this time of year. Therefore: no rush. Could you wait for the right time to plant them? strawberries in planters

Will any pot do?

Strawberry is a moisture-loving plant but does not tolerate waterlogging. One reason we should rule out caring for strawberries in plastic pots is.

Among the different types of pots, the ideal is to opt for clay pots. Thanks to their porosity, they will remove excess water while keeping the roots cool.

How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots hanging baskets 2023

How to care for potted strawberries in planters Do you have to pay them?

It’s fundamental! Any plant grown in soil can use the nutrients it finds through its roots. However, when growing pots, renewing them regularly is essential for adequately developing our plants, even more so in the case of strawberries, which are great consumers of nutrients.

Please get to know here the qualities of our Verdecora organic mulch.

How to do it? Applying mulch regularly so that our plant can feed on organic matter.


Clarifying these points, let’s see step-by-step how to care for strawberries in pots.

1. Choose a good size pot and make good drainage

Despite the shallow root depth, the strawberry needs a three to the four-liter pot to grow correctly. Above all, some dimensions respond to that intolerance to waterlogging that we were talking about. The more substrate there is, the better its roots will grow. How much do those liters translate into? 

In a pot between 40 and 50 centimeters in diameter and at least 20 high. Also, if you plant several plants in the same pot, leave at least a separation of between 25 and 30 centimeters. Only then can they grow properly. As important as this is to offer our plant good drainage, creating a base with a light aggregate.

Use a substrate rich in nutrients that retains moisture.

Fundamental in how to take care of strawberries! To grow and bear fruit, the strawberry needs soil rich in nutrients. For this reason and among the different types of plant substrates, the ideal is to opt for a substrate for an orchard.

How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots hanging baskets 2023

Use our Verdecora brand substrate for orchards to stimulate the growth of your strawberries and enhance their fruits. But it is not the only requirement to successfully carry out our strawberries in pots. In addition, it is convenient that the cultivation soil can conserve a specific humidity. We can achieve something by including a dose of perlite in the composition of the substrate.

Place your strawberry pots in a space with good light.

To flower and bear fruit, the strawberry needs between six and nine hours of sun daily. The ideal location will be next to a window if we grow them indoors. And yes: they can receive direct sun, even in hot months.

In addition, it is essential to rotate our plant from time to time so that all its parts receive the same amount of light. strawberries in planters

Water is regularly essential in how to care for strawberries in pots.

As with nutrients, the strawberry planted in the soil can use its moisture to hydrate. However, when grown in a pot, it requires regular and moderate watering every time we see that the substrate has begun to dry out. Please don’t trust the surface layer: knowing it’s time to water happens by checking how much moisture there is under the surface.

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