How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

Although it is a task for which there is still time, it does not hurt to be informed of what options we have with the bulbs of the plants once they lose their flowers. Well, there are two alternatives. On the one hand, the so-called perennial bulbs (the most resistant to bad weather, such as mascaras or daffodils) can be left in the ground and will continue to produce flowers for a few more seasons.

However, most bulbs are not allowed to remain under the ground for more than one season since they will suffer (a lot) the consequences of the cold and inclement weather of winter. In this case, there are three steps to follow: extract, clean, and store them until the next planting time. Those that bloom in spring should be planted in the fall, while those that bloom in summer are planted in winter.

In both cases, the start of the process is always identical. You have to let the plant wither on your own. Something vital because while this happens, the bulb continues to grow and is charged with energy. Therefore, cutting the plant before it dries out completely will always be a huge mistake. What should we do once the plant has lost its flowers and has completely dried up?

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How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

How To Care For The Flowery ‘All Terrain’ Of Outdoor Plants: Everything You Need To Know About Geraniums If it is resistant to bulbs, we can leave them in the ground until the following season. This option has a specific name and is called “naturalizing” the bulbs.

 Once the flowers are dry, they are cut; and once the plant is dry, precisely the same is done at ground level. As we have already mentioned, in cold climates and with strong frosts during the winter, the ideal is to extract the bulbs and store them, but if we live in a place with a warm or temperate climate, we can continue this process.

 Some coldest hardy bulbs are Anemone, Crocus, Hyacinth, Tulip, Muscarí, Scilla, Iris, Galanthus, and Fritillaria. Be that as it may, the ideal is that once two or three years have passed, we return to renew the bulbs that have not been extracted from the earth because, over time, they lose strength.

When the next season arrives, the plant will sprout again, and almost undoubtedly, new plants will appear due to the multiplication of the bulb under the ground.

In the case of bulbs less resistant to inclement winters – such as Hemerocallis, Amaryllis, Nardo, Gladiolus, Canna indica, Cala, or Ranunculus – the ideal thing to do is to remove the bulbs from the ground. Insisting, again, that to start this process, the plant must have previously dried completely. When removing the bulbs from the environment, many of them are expected to have a smaller bulb attached. In this case, it can be separated from the original, producing, in turn, a new plant.

And how is the process of extracting and storing the bulbs carried out?

These are the recommended steps:

1. Dig up the bulb

With great delicacy, we will dig around the plant, leaving a distance of several centimeters from the stem so as not to damage the bulb or the roots. We can help ourselves with a shovel or fork.

2. Drying process – How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

Once all the bulbs have been unearthed, we must proceed to dry them before storing them so that they eliminate the excess moisture accumulated in the soil. If we are lucky enough to have good weather, we can leave them in the newspaper in the sun or indoors for one or two days. Before continuing with the next step, it is essential to check that the soil around it and the bulb have wholly dried.

3. Cleaning

Once dry, we can continue cleaning the bulbs of any remaining soil using an old toothbrush or a paintbrush. At this time, a pre-selection and review of the bulbs must also be carried out, separating all that we see rotten, hollow, very soft, or damaged. 

It will become the most effective way to prevent them from harming other “companions.” Also, if any of them have reproduced and have children, we must separate them, and in this way, we will get new plants next year.

4. Conservation – How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

Ivy, rosebush, bougainvillea, virgin vine… everything that a climbing plant can do for your balcony or terrace

Once all the bulbs are in good condition, they must be kept individually, wrapping each in the newspaper. The paper fulfills a threefold mission: it absorbs any remaining moisture, allows the bulbs to air, and protects them from others if one rot or spoils once stored.

5. Identification

When they are all individually wrapped, we will proceed to store the bulbs of the same plant in a cardboard or wooden box. We can add balls of newspaper to separate them by layers. 

Although at the time of storage, we are very clear about what plants we have, we have to think that it will be months before we plant them again, so it is recommended to identify them in some way: a label or sticker with their name and color, a photograph of the flowering plant…

6. Storage – How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

If there is no other remedy inside the house, this is not the most recommended place either. Why? Because with the heat of the heating, the bulbs could germinate. 

The ideal would be a dry and cool area where the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees and does not go below 0 degrees either: a garage, an unheated basement or storage room, or a covered part of a terrace sheltered inside a closet…

7. Stay tuned – How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

It is not a question of storing the bulbs and disregarding them throughout the winter. Regularly, it is advisable to open the boxes, check that there are no damp spots on them or the packaging, and discard those bulbs that may have spoiled since they were stored.

Bulbs are very appreciative plants that require very little care and bloom profusely in various shapes and colors. The first year, of course. Because if we have a balcony or terrace and have planted them in a pot, we can find ourselves with a failure next year. Especially with hyacinths and tulips. After they bloom, it is essential to know what to do with daffodil, hyacinth, and tulip bulbs.

How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

First, it is worth knowing that the bulbs must be left in the pot once the flowers have passed. The idea is to remove them when they are already withered, without waiting for them to bear fruit and thus lose energy. But the bulb must stay for several weeks. Why? Because its root has to accumulate food again to sprout next year. 

Bulbs are fascinating plants that store many nutrients in those massive bulging roots. If we take them out as soon as we remove the flowers, they will be dry. It would help if you let them continue photosynthesis with the leaves until they dry out. If we have a garden, we will have to fertilize the bulbs well so that they multiply. And leave them there on the ground if the winter temperature drops below 15 degrees. But in a pot… that’s another story.

How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

What to do with Hyacinths bulbs?

The hyacinth is the more delicate bulb of the two because if it is left in the pot, it is more likely that it will have almost no strength next year and will not bloom. It will put out all kinds of leaves, but the flower will be small or non-existent. Once the leaves have dried, the bulbs must be removed if they are planted in a pot.

 It is essential to leave the bulbs on newspaper for a couple of days, away from sunlight, so that the root and whole dry and thus avoid fungi. And it will be necessary to store them in a box, so they are in the dark. We will have to put that box in a dry and cool place.

This is where the tricky part comes in. The hyacinth bulb needs six weeks of cold in winter. With temperatures below 15 degrees. If we live in an area where the temperature drops during that time below 15 degrees, we can plant them in the fall without problems in the pot. If not, it is convenient to put them in the fridge for a couple of weeks before planting them (it would be at the end of September or the beginning of October).

What to do with tulip bulbs?

The tulip needs weeks of cold to bloom the following year

When we talk about what to do with daffodil, hyacinth, and tulip bulbs after flowering, we have to pay special attention to the tulip. It is the most complicated of the three because it is the one that needs the coldest weeks. 

The soil may be above the ideal temperature, depending on the pot’s location. In the case of the tulip, removing them from the ground is recommended. Let them dry for several days, then wrap them in newspaper. That paper will act as an absorbent so that mold does not grow. 

There are two possibilities now: those who put that packet of tulips in the fridge and others who leave them in a cool place. What cool and dry place do we have in our houses during the hot summer? That will be the place if we have a relaxed but dry cellar. 

How to grow Hyacinths Flowers Planting and Caring 2023

But it is not easy. For this reason, more and more gardeners are choosing to put them in a drawer in the fridge. Of course, the drawer can never have any fruit. The fruit emits ethylene gas, which would seriously affect the bulbs. There can only be tulips in that box until autumn arrives when they will be planted in the ground.

What to do with daffodil bulbs?

The daffodil can stay in the pot through the winter

This is the best news of all. There’s nothing to do. It is the most grateful bulb when you have a balcony or terrace. You have to cut the flower once it has withered and let the leaves continue doing photosynthesis. This nutrient recovery process usually lasts until almost summer. Then, it will be enough to fertilize the area and leave the bulb alone.

Care must be taken if the bulbs are left in the pot during the summer because we can unintentionally remove them when putting seasonal plants in the containers. For this reason, it does not hurt to mark with a small sign where we have planted the bulbs and, thus, remember them. 

An experienced gardener‘s trick is to let other summer-blooming bulbous plants grow in that pot. The best option is the morning glory. Daffodil and morning glory bulbs can live comfortably in the pool and take turns each year, so the container is always full of flowers.

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