How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

Veronica Mongolia is representative of a large family of bananas. It is grown as an ornamental garden flower, attracting flower growers with its unpretentiousness. In its natural habitat, the wild longleaf speedwell is found in wetlands and bushes. In the steppes, choose the banks of streams and canals.

Planting and propagation of Veronica longifolia

When planting a flower, you need to remember that it is not demanding on the composition of the soil. But it should be light, with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction. The primary condition for the successful cultivation of Veronica is a lot of light – there should not be strong dimming on the site.

Veronica longifolia – unpretentious care garden flower

When propagating Veronica longifolia, three methods are used:

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

  • Reproduction by seeds. They are sown in autumn without deepening. You need to spread them on the soil’s surface and cover the planting container with polyethene. Then it goes into the fridge for 21 days. It then rearranges into heat. Seedling loops appear after two weeks.
  • Division of the mother bush. From the rhizome of an adult plant, it is necessary to separate the shoots and plant them in a permanent place.
  • Cuttings. Considered the most efficient. At the beginning of summer, young shoots with two internodes should be cut off and placed in water to root. After about ten days, they will take root and can be transferred to a permanent place.

All flower propagation methods work, and the choice depends on the grower’s preference.

care of Veronica

long blade

The flower does not tolerate a decrease in temperature. On its foliage, signs of the development of powdery mildew immediately appear.

When growing Veronica longifolia, you must remember the following:

  • if the summer is too hot, the plantations need abundant and regular watering;
  • the plant feels good when grown in light partial shade;
  • after the shoots wither, the nodes must be cut off; this will help rejuvenate the flower due to active growth.

Veronica will flourish and thrive under almost any maintenance and care conditions. But choosing a landing site, you also need to remember that the flower has a strong aroma. And for bees, it will become beautiful.

Designers love the plant not only for its simplicity but also for its attractive appearance. In the photo of Veronica longifolia, the decorative effect of the inflorescence is visible. That is why it is often used in site design. 

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

The flower fits perfectly into flower beds, rockeries, and alpine slides and can be used to reinforce slopes. Veronica goes well with roses and phlox, and white chamomile favourably emphasizes the bright blue shade of inflorescences.

Lovely and delicate flowers speedwells can decorate any flowerbed or rabatka and ennoble the kitchen garden. The multiple shades of its petals range from sky blue to deep blue. Veronica is a plant that does not require much effort and time to grow. Almost all garden forms are natural species, resistant to cold, and have reasonable survival rates. So why not try them out on your site?

Veronica Rod: Description

This genus is the most numerous (about 500 species) among the banana family. Among them are the annual and less common perennial semi-shrubs, common in all parts of the world but mainly in the temperate and cold regions of Eurasia. Representatives of the genus are widely distributed in our country.

Any speedwell is a plant (photo attached) with characteristic generic features. The former are small flowers with two stamens collected in paniculate, spike-shaped or umbellate inflorescences (sessile or on a long peduncle). 

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

The second is thick, shortened or branched rhizomes or many thin roots. There are excellent honey plants and medicinal and decorative plants among the numerous representatives. It is the latter that we will pay more attention to.

It should be noted that Veronica is a plant, although it does not have outstanding external characteristics. But beautiful in its simplicity. They can rise above the flowerbed collected on a thin spike or almost spread out with a soft “pillow”, braiding everything around them. We invite you to learn about the main types of Veronica introduced into the culture.

veronica Armenian

A short plant (7-10 cm) bright green forms a dense lawn. Stems ascending or procumbent, woody at the base. The leaves 08-1.2 cm long, pinnately dissected at the bottom into thin, twisted lobes, are also decorative. Corolla or with a lilac shade with a rich aroma. A pink variety has been bred.

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

 Armenian Veronica is a natural plant that is very resistant to drought. Therefore it is popular with flower growers for decorating lawns, alpine hills and terraces. Flowering begins in mid-summer. The species is susceptible to the soil. Only stony substrates with an alkaline environment are acceptable, and not many river grains of sand or fertilized clay.

Austrian Veronica

Small, star-shaped leaves are collected in a brush with tall, erect stems 30-70 cm. Flowering is long, and it begins from May-June. It is resistant to drought, decorative, and widely used to decorate rock gardens, and rockeries, in groups and on individual plantations. The natural habitat is steppes and forest steppes, mountain meadows and rocky hills. The soil prefers well-drained and sandy.

big Veronica

A widely distributed species in the natural environment: the entire European part of Russia, the Caucasus, Western Siberia, the Mediterranean, and Central Asia. It grows in scattered forest plantations, meadows and fields. This Veronica is a plant (pictured above) with an impressive garden history. It has been introduced into the culture since 1596.

 The species is characterized by the formation of dense bushes, from which flower stalks emerge on a long stem (up to 30 cm) with flower stars of a blue shade of varying degrees of saturation—a natural plant characterized by high winter hardiness (does not require shelter) and drought resistance.

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

 It grows well in any garden soil and prefers sunny, moisture-loving places. Use it in group and single plantings, and it is suitable for cutting into bouquets. Several varieties have been bred, differing in the size of the bush colour and colour of the leaves. In particular, True Blue is a tall veronica (blue). 

The plant (photo attached) has inflorescences up to 10 cm long, and the flowering period is one month, from the end of May. The unusual variety of Miffy Blue grows into a spectacular bush with variegated decorative leaves and large pale blue inflorescences.

veronica gentian

In its natural environment, it grows in the southern and central regions of the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus and Crimea. Inflorescence on a tall shoot (30-70 cm), loose, with many flowers.

How To Grow creeping speedwell seeds Repens Ground Cover 2022

 Corolla’s colour is pale blue, often white with light blue streaks. The flowers are large, reaching a diameter of 1 cm, flowering begins in June and lasts a month, but the bush retains its decorative effect until frost. Gentian Speedwell is a plant introduced into horticultural cultivation in 1784, during which time many varieties have been bred.

 Variegata with leaves edged with a white stripe, Tissington White with almost white flowers, etc. Veronica is unpretentious, moisture-loving, drought-resistant, and shade-tolerant but prefers well-lit places and shelter for the winter. It is not required.

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