17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022

17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022

The olive, botanical name Olea europaea, meaning “European olive”, is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, found traditionally in the Mediterranean Basin. The species is cultivated in all the countries of the Mediterranean, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and South Africa.

  • Scientific name: Olea europaea
  • Family: Oleaceae
  • Order: Lamiales
  • Kingdom: Plantae
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1. What care does the olive tree need to grow healthy?

The olive tree is one of the most common trees in our country; it belongs to the Oleaceae family and has more than 250 varieties. Its fruit is edible and very popular; it is the olive or olive, the fruit from which the oil is extracted.

2. Where to plant the olive tree?

The type of soil does not usually influence its development since, thanks to its resistance, it can be cultivated in dry and hard soils without dedicating special care to it. However, its planting must not be carried out in areas with temperatures below ten degrees below zero. Neither are areas with very high temperatures during flowering or dry winds, as the quality and quantity of the harvest will be affected.

3. How to plant it

When planting the trees, we must consider the separations between one and the other; in one hectare, approximately 72 trees fit, and in the case that they are rinsed, even 400. To obtain quality and abundant fruit, we will have to take care of olive trees with the steps specified below.

4. Care

To keep it in good condition and grow healthy and strong, it must be fertilized, fumigated, watered, and pruned periodically. Here we tell you more about the care of this tree:

5. Subscriber

It should be done in winter; products based on potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are recommended. Although the amount depends on several factors, half a kilo of nitrogen per tree is enough, which we will spread around the trunk. 

When the tree grows, we must also incorporate phosphorus and potassium and increase the amount of fertilizer to reach one kilo.

6. Fumigation

This tree is vulnerable to pests such as the olive fly, the repo, the borer, and the moth. To avoid its appearance, it is recommended to fumigate with copper monthly.

7. Irrigation

Oblivion can be cultivated through rainfed or irrigated cultivation. In this case, drip irrigation or irrigation at the foot of the tree will be used. The amount used is approximately 60 to 100 liters per square meter.

8. Pruning

The tree must be pruned periodically; the objective is to allow the entry of sun and air and provide it with a balanced shape.

17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022

9. Plow

With the plow, we will ensure the correct development of the olive tree and, therefore, its productivity. Tillage should be done three times a year:

  • Spring, to remove weeds
  • Autumn, when the land is settled after the rains
  • Winter, before the olive harvest

You have to be careful when doing it since the roots can be damaged; they must plow in different directions to aerate the land well.

10. How to care for a potted olive tree

If you are a fan of gardening and want to add new plants to your space, the olive tree is one of the best options. 

An olive tree is an ideal option for people who want to give their garden a different touch; It is beautiful and does not require much care, so do not hesitate to have it in your home. Thanks to its beauty, it has become the favorite of many to decorate their homes, and the best thing that this tree offers is that it can be planted in a pot,

Suppose you did not know this and are interested in giving a Mediterranean touch to your space with an olive tree, in the following oneHOWTO article. In that case, we bring you everything you need to know to care for a potted olive tree properly.

You may also be interested in How to grow strawberries in pots.

11. Index

  1. How to plant a potted olive tree
  2. Potted olive tree care
  3. Avoid the cold
  4. Choose a good pot
  5. Potted olive substrate
  6. Watering the potted olive tree
17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022
17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022

12. How to plant a potted olive tree

The olive tree is known for being a very large tree planted to obtain olives, which will be the raw material for olive oil in all its presentations. However, several species of this plant are bred for small spaces and do not produce fruits.

Normally, the olive tree is very adaptable and maintained in any climate. However, cold temperatures are not recommended since they dry it out, that is why growing them in pots or small containers is ideal.

The best option to start your planting is to fill the pot with soil or small stones since it needs fairly rocky soil to stay healthy. Similarly, you must have space so that you can drain excess water.

The best thing to do is cultivate the olive tree in spring or when it is a bit hot to avoid its dryness. Although they resist cold, it is not advisable to expose them excessively to this type of climate.

13. Potted olive tree care

Growing this plant in garden containers requires a lot of care to keep it in perfect condition. Although they are not as rigorous as the tree itself, they are strictly necessary for the olive tree to grow healthy. Among these care and maintenance of the potted olive tree, we can highlight the following:

  • Could you protect it from the cold?
  • Choose a clay pot.
  • Nourish the soil.
  • Moderate watering.

14. Avoid the cold

It is a really important issue that must be considered when caring for a potted olive tree since its potted species requires living in higher temperatures and is more susceptible to cold climates.

It is best to keep it in a window where the sun shines or in an area of ​​the garden that receives direct heat for at least 6 hours a day. Similarly, there are varieties of this plant that are even more sensitive to low temperatures; therefore, if you live in a very cold area, it is not advisable to opt for the olive plant.

Suppose it is wintertime and temperatures below 0 ° C. In that case, the best option is to keep it indoors, near the heating, where it receives moderately considerable heat or under artificial lights to maintain a balanced room temperature.

After the cold season, it can be taken outside normally or kept indoors.

15. Choose a good pot

Although it seems something of little importance, when it comes to caring for a potted olive tree, the material of the container can represent the success of our plantation.

It is best to opt for clay pots, preferably thick, to promote good drainage. Choosing plastic containers, specifically for these plants, is not the best option since they retain too much water.

17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022
17 How to Grow Care for Olive Trees Indoors 2022

16. Potted olive substrate

The olive tree requires soil with a rocky texture to live. Therefore, it is advisable to use exclusive potting soil and mix it with small stones to nourish said soil and help create a drier surface. In this way, the olive tree can efficiently grow.

Including stones and maintaining moderately dry soil will help drain excess water, an essential point for the olive plant to remain healthy.

17. Watering the potted olive tree

Because it is a plant that lives in heat and is excellent at resisting drought, it does not require a lot of water to maintain and develop properly. Therefore, it is not necessary to water it constantly.

Water them when the water level is low, usually 3-4 cm from the surface. It will help the olive tree not become saturated, drain more efficiently, and grow much faster.

Now that you know all these details about caring for a potted olive tree, we advise you to learn How to prune an olive tree with this other guide.

If you want to read more articles similar to How to care for a potted olive tree, we recommend that you enter our Gardening and plants category.

Where do olive trees grow best?

Image result for Olive Trees
Olives are Mediterranean plants so thrive in conditions closest to the hot, dry climate of their native habitat. Choose the sunniest and most sheltered spot available – a south-facing spot with a brick wall behind it will work well.

How fast do olive trees grow?

12 inches per year
Growing at less than 12 inches per year, the olive tree is found most abundantly in Mediterranean climates and in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 11.

How long does it take for an olive tree to bear fruit?

about three years
Most olive trees take about three years to come into maturity and begin to set noticeable amounts of fruit. To increase fruit set, it is recommended that you plant more than one cultivar close together. Olive trees like to be planted in well drained soil in a sunny area of the landscape

How big do olive trees grow?

While a fully grown olive tree can reach more than 6 metres in height, young olive trees will happily thrive in a pot. Just be sure to select a large container and fill it with nutrient-rich potting mix.

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