23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

The floral arrangements are made with different compositions of floral art products, such as flowers, branches and plants. In flower arrangements, other products can also embellish these compositions, such as decoration stones, bows, vases made of specific materials, etc. All the products and objects used will depend a lot on the type of flower arrangement you want to make and the event, style or room where the flower arrangement is placed.

Here we will talk about some flower arrangements and some flowers in different formats.


  • Types of flower arrangements
  • Flowers for flower arrangements
  • How to make flower arrangements?
  • Make them yourself!
  • The highlight in flower arrangements
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Flower Arrangement Ideas
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1. Types of flower arrangements

There are an infinite variety of types of flower arrangements. We have selected some that we consider most relevant. These are Birthday Flower Arrangements, Simple Flower Arrangements, Modern Flower Arrangements, Minimalist Flower Arrangements, Innovative Flower Arrangements, Restaurant Flower Arrangements, Wedding Flower Arrangements, Christmas Flower Arrangements, and Elegant Flower Arrangements, among many others.

Next, we will talk to you about each of these types of flower arrangements.

2. Flower arrangements for birthdays

There is no one type of flower arrangement for birthday decorations. These flower arrangements depend on many factors, such as:

  • The age of the birthday boy: the same flower arrangements will not be used to decorate a birthday party for a child as for a teenager or adult.
  • The sex of the birthday boy: as with age, sex is decisive in selecting some flower arrangements or others for a birthday. Women opt for flowers and colours, and men usually prefer flower arrangements with other products and colours.
  • The style: the style of the party will also be vital in selecting some flower arrangements or others. There are many different styles of décor, and appointments should fit the style of the entire décor. Some of the techniques that set trends this year are the boho-chic, vintage, industrial, and farmhouse styles.

Here is an example of a flower arrangement that can fit for a birthday of middle-aged men and women, in a traditional style, made mainly with roses.

3. Simple flower arrangements

Simple flower arrangements usually use one type of flower or product, or two at most. They are arrangements that you can make yourself without being an expert in floral art. You have to buy the product and get to work.

The most popular simple flower arrangements are made with roses. They can be made monochromatic, or they can do by combining colours.

The following image shows you a simple floral arrangement made with different coloured roses, suitable for many other events and celebrations.

4. Flower arrangements for Halloween

Although you associate flowers with another holiday Halloween is an excellent time to use them! With the preserved flowers, you can make many typical floral compositions of these holidays, which are beautiful, but also with that touch of terror that characterizes that magical night so much.

We give you several options, such as creating a spooky little ghost made with white flowers. You can put black flowers as eyes to give it a more realistic touch.

It is not the only DIY you can do with our products. Have you thought of a giant pumpkin made with orange flowers?

23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

5. Innovative flower arrangements

The current trend tends to carry out innovative flower arrangements. They are striking flower arrangements, perfect for decorating fashion events, artistic events, etc. They are usually combined with objects, and their colours and shapes are unique and daring. The most innovative flower arrangements combine colours, adapt to the theme of the parties, and so on. Some of the creative flower arrangements that have been created with Verdissimo products are, for example, flower arrangements with the symbol of peace, a composition suitable for parties and hippie events, etc.

We show it to you in the following image! Don’t miss out on this superb innovative composition made with flowers in many colours.

6. Modern flower arrangements

Modern flower arrangements correspond, as the name suggests, to the contemporary style. They are arrangements that are currently used in different decoration styles but soberer. Usually, the colours used are neutral and even dark, such as greys, blues and even blacks.

Below you will see the image of a flower arrangement made with a black rose.

7. Minimalist flower arrangements

Minimalist flower arrangements enhance verticality and are made with a product or two at most. They do not abuse colour, like the elegant and modern. They bet on whites to include them in Nordic decoration styles, and so on.

8. Flower arrangements for communion

In the decoration of communions, flower arrangements ‘play’ a vital role. These arrangements, as happens on birthdays, may vary depending on the sex of the child. However, if you want communion flower arrangements that are valid for girls and boys, you can always opt for white flower arrangements, as white symbolizes innocence and purity. It is a perfect colour for this occasion!

9. Flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day

Flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day should include red flowers, the colour of love and passion. Usually, these flower arrangements are gifts that couples make to each other or centrepieces placed on the table where the lovers’ dinner will occur. The most common is that they are made up of red roses, although they can carry other products, and even the central element can be another type of flower.

10. Christmas flower arrangements

In Christmas flower arrangements, how could it be otherwise? Two colours predominate: red and green. These flower arrangements are usually used to decorate centrepieces on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They are simple flower arrangements, traditionally made with a type of flowers, flowers that are combined with branches or green plants, and even brown.

11. Wedding flower arrangements

At weddings, as in many events, flower arrangements are one of the parts of the decoration that captures almost all the attention. In this type of event and ceremony. Flower arrangements are required for the church, for the bride and groom’s car, the tables, the dance area, and so on. 

All arrangements must correlate with each other and belong to the same wedding decoration style.

There are many different types; they will vary depending on the style of decoration of the wedding.

12. Flower arrangements for restaurants

Every day more restaurants and trendy places bet on a decoration full of flowers and plants as the main decorative elements. But what restaurant flower arrangements are suitable for you? There is no concrete answer to this question. The flower arrangements for these businesses will largely depend on the type of restaurant you want to decorate, the furniture’s style, and so on.

13. Flowers for flower arrangements

In our catalogue of preserved flowers for floral arrangements, you can find some of the flowers that we mention below: roses, hydrangeas, carnations and chrysanthemums, among many others. Suppose you want to make flower arrangements with roses. In that case, flower arrangements with hydrangeas, with carnations or flower arrangements with chrysanthemums, pay close attention to the description of these types of flowers. We’ll tell you then!

14. Roses – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the garden, the most famous, the most demanded worldwide for their beauty. They are flowers widely used to make floral compositions, and as we have mentioned, they never go out of style, and you can find them in a multitude of colours at Verdissimo!

15. Gardenia – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

It is very similar to the rose, of significant volume and great beauty. It is perfect for creating traditional flower arrangements and even for creating bouquets due to its volume. They can be combined with other flowers, although they are already very captivating by themselves. They can be found in many different colours, making flower arrangements with gardenias adaptable to different decoration styles.

16. Nard – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

The tuberose is a more discreet flower often used to create floral compositions to decorate spaces with a minimalist, elegant style, etc. They are flowers that do not add volume, quite the opposite. Its main characteristic at an aesthetic level is that they provide verticality in floral compositions. Like the rest of the flowers that we have mentioned, the tuberose is also used to create bridal bouquets and other types of flower arrangements. Their thin leaves and pastel colours also turn tuberose into sweet, romantic flowers representing femininity.

23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022
23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

17. Hydrangeas – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

Hydrangeas are flowers capable of adding a lot of volume to flower compositions. They are widely used in floral art because they bring that touch of liveliness and texture to the documents. The colours are varied, in pastel tones, and you can ‘play with them a lot, creating incredible arrangements.

18. Carnations

Carnations are another of the flowers that do not go out of style. They are also famous for their beauty and, like hydrangeas, add volume and liveliness to compositions. They are flowers widely used in events and even for wedding decoration in pastel tones.

19. Orchid – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

Orchids are the perfect flowers to create more sophisticated floral compositions with a more modern and minimalist style. They are simple, small flowers but of great beauty, capable of adding a chic touch to any flower arrangement. Its pastel colours also make it a romantic flower, suitable for giving on anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

20. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are other flowers that attract attention for their beauty and the volume they bring to compositions. You can find them of different types in our flower catalogue: Anastasia, Focus and Sharp. Each of these types can be found in different colours, and with them, you can create flower arrangements of varying decoration styles: boho, vintage, etc.

21. How to make flower arrangements?

Do you want to learn how to make flower arrangements? With the right products and the necessary help, we are sure that making many flower arrangements that we have discussed will seem straightforward. On our website, you have many examples, some complex, others simple, some monochrome, others two-colour or multi-colour. You can find flower arrangements for all tastes!

23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022
23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

22. Make them yourself – 23 How to Flower Fresh Arrangements & Flowers 2022

Do you know the help we give you to make flower arrangements on our website: do it yourself !? If you still do not understand what we are talking about, find out in the following links below.

Do it yourself! It is a section of Verdissimo in which we offer all our readers step-by-step examples of floral compositions. In each model, you will find all the material you need, the products and step by step, from Verdissimo; we explain how to do it so that the flower arrangement is as beautiful as it is to us. Test it! It is easier than you think.

Next, we take you to know some of our most impressive and demanded DIY (Do It Yourself)—simple and practical DIY for the decoration of different rooms and different events.

23. The highlight in flower arrangements

It is not the first time Verdissimo has talked to you about flower arrangements. Help you know which fashionable flower arrangements are, how to make them, which are the most desired for weddings, events, anniversaries, decorating Christmas tables, etc. 

 We love it! That’s why we constantly talk to you on our blog about it. Some of the most prominent posts on flower arrangements recommend reading each of these posts! And we hope that you have resolved doubts regarding how flower arrangements are made, the flowers to make flower arrangements and what types of flower arrangements you can make with our products.

 Remember that these products are preserved, which means that they are 100% natural but that they remain over time without the need for water or light.

Reed moar

What is an arrangement of flowers called?

A bouquet is an arrangement of flowers.

What are the methods of flower arrangement?

The Best Flower Arranging Tips & Tools, Straight from a Professional Florist

  1. Always trim flowers at an angle. …
  2. Remove any foliage that will be below water level. …
  3. Use a clean vase. …
  4. Refresh the water daily. …
  5. Give your arrangement some flower food. …
  6. Use fresh, local, and seasonal flowers. …
  7. Incorporate unexpected elements.

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