Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a great pet for families that lead a quiet life. Although the dog is calm, dedicated, and polite, the owner must be patient during training because this dog tends to be independent and stubborn.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, at a glance

The Pyrenean Mountain was bred to live alone and protect sheep in mountain valleys; that is the reason for its independence.

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Males : 45 – 50 kg

Females : 38 – 45kg

Height at withers:

Males : 60 – 70 cm

Females : 55 – 60 cm


Droopy ears (naturally)

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Energy level: relaxed

Life expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Drooling tendency: high

Tendency to snore: low

Tendency to bark: high

Tendency to dig: low

Need for attention/Socialization: moderate

Bred for:

sheep keeper


Length: medium

Characteristics: double layer, smooth, dense

Colors: white with gray markings, badger, reddish browns; white with brown markings

General Grooming Need: Moderate

Recognition Club:

Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE): Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs – Molossoid – Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

United Kennel Club (UKC): Guardian Dog

Frequency: common

It is a very large, muscular dog with double-coated hair. The outer coat is long, rough, smooth, or slightly wavy; the inner layer is refined, soft, and thick. Coat colors are solid white with patches of pale yellow, brown, or gray. The nose is black, and the eyes are dark brown. The ears are triangular and fall. The tail is long and reaches to the hocks.

Males measure on average between 60 and 70 cm and weigh 45 kg. The height of the females ranges between 55 and 60 cm, and they weigh from 38 kg.

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

The Great Pyrenees is a strong and muscular dog breed, which is at the same time affectionate and loyal to its family. Throughout history, they have been known as livestock guard dogs, carrying them in their blood to protect them. This makes not only them wonderful watchdogs but also a dog that will fight for their family.

When Great Pyrenees are pups, they are very active. This is normally the case with all puppy breeds, but this breed is more active than most. As puppies, they tend to wander or run away. Keep these puppies under lock and key, or you’ll have puppies wandering everywhere. The same thing happens with adults. You will need to keep adult dogs on a leash or in a well-fenced area, or they will stray too.

The Great Pyrenees is a bit stubborn, so this is something to remember. You will have to spend a little extra time during your training sessions. One thing to remember during their puppy years is to get them around people, so they learn to be social with people and other pets in the home. If this is not done, they will surely protest against new people or pets arriving in the house.

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

This breed is great with other animals and loves to play with children. They are wonderful family dogs. Try to breed this breed with a puppy with children around. In this way, you will be sure that there will be no problems with them around your children or other children in the house.

This breed is a wonderful family dog ​​to have around and a dog you can believe your family will love as much as the dog loves them. With their wonderful and caring attitude, they will make everyone fall in love with them in no time.


The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is very beautiful. Don’t let its size fool you. Just because it looks like a big dog doesn’t mean anything. This dog may look like a brown bear, but they are lighter in color than the bear. This breed has a black nose. 

His eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown. His eyes of him are thoughtful with an intelligent look. His ears from him are triangle shaped. Its tail is feathered and long. His tail curls towards the tip of the tail. This breed has a single dewclaw on the front legs, but with the hind legs, they have double dewclaws. His body shape is square. They have a muscular body, which is very strong.

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

Its outer coat is long and blunt. Its coat can be straight or slightly wavy. His undercoat, on the other hand, is soft and very thick. The Great Pyrenees have a water-repellent coat that helps keep their skin healthy and dry. With such thick and heavy fur, it is also weather resistant. This means that this breed can survive any climate and can make a great outdoor pet. Coat color can be solid white, white with tan markings, wolf-gray, or pale yellow.

The height of the male is between 27 and 32 inches, and the weight is around 100 pounds. In the case of females, their height is between 25 and 29 inches. The weight of the females is around 85 pounds. Some dogs, however, can reach an average length of 40 inches, whether male or female.


This dog is a loyal and loving member of the family. He does not get along with strangers, either humans or other animals, unless he is taught early in life to accept strangers of all kinds. This breed gets along best with children when they are raised with the children of a puppy. This dog can be gentle and loves to show affection to his family from him. He can be a good watchdog. His loud bark will let everyone around him know that someone or something is in his garden or home from him.

This dog is known for barking a lot and can drool and drool quite a bit. This breed will do well with other dogs but does better with non-canine animals. It has been said that this breed of dog loves cats.

Apartment living is not recommended for this breed. They need room to run. A large yard is best for Great Pyrenees because they love running and playing.


For the Great Pyrenees breed, you will need to do regular brushing. When shedding, take extra care and grooming of your undercoat. Fortunately for this breed, its outer coat does not mat or knot, making it easier to care for. They only need a bath when you know they need one. 

Otherwise, they are pretty clean dogs. This breed sheds its weight about once a year.

Be sure to take this breed out for exercise. The more you exercise, the better fit you will be. This helps keep them fit. In short, this is a very easy breed to care for.


The Great Pyrenees are descendants of the Hungarian Kuvasz and the Maremmano-Abrovian. Relatives of Saint Bernard and Newfoundland have a history of being a watchdog in France for sheep and castles. There were remains in Europe that resembled the Great Pyrenees as early as 1800 BC. Still, many scientists believe it was much earlier in Asia or Siberia for the origin of the Great Pyrenees.

Over the years, they have been found in many different environments. In 1407, they were guards at Lourdes Castle. Then, in 1662, they were guardsmen for the new settlement of Newfoundland. In 1675, they were the royal dog of King Louis XIV. Queen Victoria of Britain had a beautiful Great Pyrenees in 1850. They started to see different coats due to breeding with the Newfoundlands. The fur would turn black and curly.

The breed gained great popularity as a watchdog for French nobles, and soon everyone wanted one of their own. They were made to protect their herds against wolves and bears. The Great Pyrenees used spiked collars that helped protect themselves from wolves and bears trying to attack the throat of the dog attacking them to protect their flock.

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information, Facts and Traits 2022

They finally reached America by way of General Lafayette, who gave a pair to his friend JS Skinner, a well-known author. In 1931, Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. Crane imported several to launch the breed in North America after all disappeared into the mountains. This caused the breed to gain popularity by developing a successful dog. The American Kennel Club got involved and recognized it in 1933, and they were eventually licensed to be in shows.

They have been used in sled and avalanche rescues in the high mountain regions to which they were previously accustomed. Now, they are used for sledding dogs for fun and carrying big packs for camping. They are a very devoted family member and will defend you and your property.


  1. Appearance: white giant
  2. Character: dog with own initiative
  3. What must be taken into account for the care and the environment?
  4. little sporty dog
  5. Robust dog with a tendency to joint problems
  6. What must be taken into account when buying a Pyrenean Mountain Dog?
  7. Keeper of sheep and castles

Appearance: white giant

With its stocky stature, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has an imposing appearance. The thick hair makes it look even more voluminous and comprises two layers. It is white and of medium length, and gray, pale yellow, and orange spots are allowed.

The nose is always black, and the skull, according to the standard, must be as wide as it is long. Females have a withers height of 65-75 cm and males 70-80 cm. These dogs weigh between 45 and 65 kg.

The thick coat of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The double coat, made up of a dense, fine undercoat and a rough, waterproof outer layer, is very long. It can be both smooth and wavy. The thick coat, which protected the dog from the extreme climatic conditions of the mountains, gives it a majestic appearance.

This image is enhanced by the long hair around the neck, which is concentrated here as a mane. The hair is also somewhat longer on the tail and legs than on the rest of the body.

The small, triangular, drooping ears are set close to the large, wide, V-shaped head. They stand a little higher when the dog is in action. The bushy tail is lowered at rest and hunched over the back in a state of tension or alertness.

A second dewclaw on the hind legs is typical of this dog.

Character: dog with own initiative

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog gathers the typical characteristics of sheepdogs. However, it has a sensitive character and is suitable as a dog for families

sensitive and protective

This French Sheepdog knows what he wants and has self-employment and protection in his genes. In addition, he has a lot of initiative of his own and is very territorial.

Protect your territory and your loved ones. On the other hand, this breed is very affectionate with children, making it ideal for families. It is common for this dog to develop a special attachment to a specific person.

Despite its imposing appearance and somewhat wild character, the Great Pyrenees is very sensitive. He is reserved or reticent towards strangers and does not usually admit unknown dogs into his territory.

Only for dog experts

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog needs consistent training with clear messages but without harshness. However, he will never show absolute obedience.

Of course, with patience, you can teach him good basic obedience. You have to find the balance: this Sheepdog barks regularly, but never for no reason. It is the nature of it. However, you decide for how long

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