Difference Between Irish Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clover 2022

Difference Between Irish Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clover 2022

According to tradition, such leaflets bring good luck to their seekers. Clovers can have more than five leaflets. The most significant number of flyers ever found in clover is 56. It has been estimated that there are approximately 5000 (5076, more precisely) three-leaf clovers for each four-leaf clover, 24 400 three-leaf clovers for each clover of five leaflets, and 312,500 clovers of three leaflets for each clover of six booklets. 

It is debated whether genetic or environmental reasons cause the generation of the fourth leaflet. Its rarity suggests a possible recessive gene that occurs with low frequency. Alternatively, the four-leaf clovers could be caused by somatic mutation or a developmental error of environmental causes. 

They could also be caused by the interaction of several genes secreted in the individual plant. It is possible that all four explanations could be applied to individual cases.

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Five leaf clover

Certain companies currently produce five-leaf clovers by various means. Richard Mabey alleges, at Flora Britannica, that there are farms in the United States that specialize in growing four-leaf clovers, producing up to 10,000 a day (packed in plastic as lucky charms ), feeding them a secret genetically targeted ingredient.

 Plants to animate aberration Mabey also notes that children learn that a five-leaf clover is even luckier than a four-leaf clover. 

For Wayne Parro’s team, from the University of Georgia, in the USA, it is the presence of two versions of the same gene that determines the number of leaves of the white clover, Trifolium repens. One, the dominant, inhibits the formation of the fourth leaf, and the other trigger its growth.

To develop four leaflets, the clover has to inherit two versions of the recessive gene. Hence, finding a specimen of this type is something so rare.

The three types of a 4 leaf clover

Four-leaf clovers are a genetic mutation within the clover species. While it is not known why some clovers grow with four stems, it happens rarely. There are three types of clovers, both three-leaf and four-leaf. These types are made up of annual clovers (Medicago), sweet clovers (Melilotus), and perennial clovers (Trifolium). Clovers come in various sizes, depending on their species, and it is essential to distinguish regular clovers from weed clovers.

Annual clovers (Medicago)

Annual clovers (Medicago) have three cultivars – “black doctor” (Medicago lupulina), “burclover” (Medicago polymorphic) and “clover clover” (Trifolium dubium). The black medic and burclover are very similar in stature. Its stems branch from the base and form a single taproot into oval-shaped leaves.

Sweet clover (Melilotus)

Sweet clover (Melilotus) have two cultivars – “white sweet clover” (Melilotus alba) and “yellow sweet clover” (Melilotus officinalis). They will grow approximately two to five feet (0.6 to 1.5 m) tall and have three large oval leaves, with the occasional fourth frill. The flowers in sweet clovers are yellow or white and contain one seed per pod.

Perennial clovers (Trifolium)

Perennial clovers (Trifolium) have two cultivars – “white clover” (Trifolium repens) and “strawberry clover” (Trifolium Fragiferum). Evergreen clovers are known as weeds because they are small in stature. Perennial clovers are the minor weeds of clovers, measuring 1/4 to 1/2 inch (6 to 12 mm). 

White clovers have thicker leaves, while strawberry clovers have longer leaves, so the two are very distinctive. Other distinctions include the colour of the bloom. White shamrocks bloom white flowers, and strawberry shamrocks bloom pink flowers.

Difference Between Irish Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clover 2022


Clovers increase in the grass and can make your lawn look unflattering. Maintaining your property, however, can be done with ease. It begins by hand, pulling most of the clovers from the ground. For the remaining clovers, sprinkle glyphosate on them. 

Glyphosate is a herbicide used to kill weeds, and it can be found in most stores. If clovers start to grow in your garden or around shrubs, put 4 inches (10 cm) of compost in the soil. While beneficial for most plants, Mulch will prevent clovers from breaking through the ground. It prevents any new clover growth.

Surely if you’ve ever found a four-leaf clover, you’ve thought, “I’ll have good luck!” And this plant, being so extraordinary, has always been associated with magical properties capable of attracting good energies and removing bad from our environment.

 Keep in mind that it is a scarce species and, therefore, when someone finds it, they think it is fate and consider it a good luck charm. 

But where does this belief come from? In oneHOWTO, we are going to analyze the origin of this conception and, in addition, we will discover the Meaning of the four-leaf clover because, in addition to giving us good luck, it can also help us in other planes of life. Do you want to know more? So keep reading!


  1. The four-leaf clover in different cultures
  2. What does the four-leaf clover mean
  3. How to get lucky with a four-leaf clover

The four-leeaf clover in different cultures

Among the most popular charms for good luck, the four-leaf clover stands out as one of the oldest. We have to go back to ancient civilizations to find the origin of their association with magic and good luck.

 cultures such as the Mayans, the Celts or the Egyptians already had this amulet in mind as a bearer of good fortune, and, also, it is attributed to the Christian tradition and, specifically, to Saint Patrick.

The four-leaf clover in Ireland has a strong trigger. The reason is that the legend tells that Saint Patrick one day they were looking for a normal and common clover (the one with three leaves) to explain to the Celts the concept of “Trinity”, but, instead, he found one with four leaves.

It is known that, also, the Druids who lived in the British Isles around 200 BC believed that this was a sacred symbol since, with this clover, they were able to see demons and, therefore, protect themselves from them. Within Christianity, this type of clover also has its connection with Eve, who took this plant with her when she was expelled from Paradise.

In this other oneHOWTO article, we tell you how to make good luck charms.

What does the four-leaf clover mean?

Now we are going to focus on the Meaning of the four-leaf clover. The most popular use that you probably already knew is the one that is related to good luck. Still, surely you did not understand that each of its leaves has a different meaning, according to the multiple legends associated with this plant.

Within all the versions of this amulet, we highlight the one that believes that each leaf is related to a specific aspect of life, such as health, money, love and prosperity. In this sense, the four-leaf clover does not offer us a generalized fortune but instead focuses on these four areas of our day to day life.

In any case, some civilizations moved away from this more esoteric conception and related the clover with aspects of our world For example, the four leaves represented the cardinal points, the seasons of the year, the elements of nature, or the moon’s phases.

This plant was categorized as an amulet because there are very few; in fact, it is a genetic mutation. Finding a four-leaf clover is almost impossible and, for this reason, magical properties were attributed to it. It is believed that for every 4-leaf clover we see, there is 10,000 3-leaf clover! But do not believe that four is the maximum number of leaves this plant can have because clovers with six, eight and even 18 leaves have been found.

How to get lucky with a four-leaf clover

Now, if you come across a four-leaf clover, what can you do to bring it good luck? Tradition indicates that it is best to put it inside your shoe so that contact with your body can convey good luck to you. There is also the custom of putting it inside the pages of a book that you have at home and, thus, attracting good energies to your home; With this method, it is possible to preserve this plant better.

In any case, as it is so difficult to find one that is natural, amulets have now been created with jewellery (pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.) which are given the same properties as the original plant. For this reason, it is common to see people with jewellery that have this symbol or even with tattoos.

If you want to read more articles similar to Meaning of the four-leaf clover, we recommend that you enter our Culture and Society category.


Uncommon and with a certain air of mysticism, the four-leaf clover is a species of fern that usually grows in humid environments, even flooded. Visually this variation has an additional leaflet. Its scientific name, Trifolium, means “three leaves” and comes from the Latin words tri (three) and folium (leaf).

There are at least 300 species of this particular plant, part of the Faboideas family. It is generally found in temperate populations in the northern hemisphere.

Various theories are used to explain the appearance of an extra leaf in the four-leaf clover. However, it is unknown whether the causes are genetic or environmental. It may be due to an infrequent recessive gene, a somatic mutation, environmental interference with plant development, or an interaction between genes.

Clovers don’t grow much taller than two feet

They are small but with many compounds such as caffeic, oxalic, glutamine, and salicylic acid. They also contain essential amino acids such as arginine, lysine, valine, methionine, and others and vitamins, fibre, and minerals.


Currently, the four-leaf clover is used in different activities, the modern aquarium being one of the most prominent. This technique involves raising fish and other aquatic elements in aquariums under controlled conditions. In the last century, it has evolved considerably.

On the other hand, some American companies or farms are engaged in developing the four- and five-leaf clover. It is estimated that they produce up to 10,000 copies a day, which is later packaged and marketed as “good luck charms.”

Difference Between Irish Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clover 2022
Difference Between Irish Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clover 2022

For their growth, they implement ingredients that genetically alter the plant, encouraging the appearance of additional leaflets. Many people believe that stumbling across a five-leaf clover is better for luck than a four-leaf clover.

Studies indicate that the growth of a four-leaf clover requires inheriting two versions of the recessive gene, which is why it is so difficult to locate it. It is believed that there are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover.


You must have heard once that finding a four-leaf clover means good luck. Over the years, this urban legend has grown in strength, becoming a profitable industry. According to beliefs, each leaf represents a component of happiness: Hope, love, luck and faith. 

A characteristic of the tradition mentions that if the four-leaf clover is found accidentally, it will bring more excellent luck to its bearer.

The legend dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. 

Many texts argue that Eva came across a four-leaf clover that she took with her to protect her from evil spirits upon being expelled from paradise. From there, it is associated with many other mythical stories.

Some believe, for example, that if a young woman finds a four-leaf clover, she will marry the first man she sees from that moment on. It has also been established that fairies use it to regain energy. True or not, what is evident is that many people use it in charms, drawings or prints as an amulet.


Following some recommendations can help you in your search for a four-leaf clover:

  • Although it is possible to buy a four-leaf clover online, many people prefer to get it naturally. Move through areas that accumulate a lot of foliage and trees. Good places to start are parks and forests.
  • You may have a four-leaf clover closer than you think. Look in your backyard, as this plant usually grows in gardens.
  • Pay attention to areas with a lot of shade. Note that clover grows best in poorly drained soils.
  • At sites surrounded by green flowers, there are often four-leaf clovers forming circles around a specific point. Many plants resemble clovers, so you need to be careful not to confuse them.


If you managed to find a four-leaf clover, you should:

  • Find others in the same area where you found it. Since these plants appear by a genetic mutation, they are usually close together because the seeds are propagated in the same place.
  • Don’t wait for all the leaves on a four-leaf clover to look the same size or uniform. Most likely, the fourth sheet is significantly smaller than the rest.
  • It is suggested that the search for the four-leaf clover be carried out when it has rained or in a humid environment.
  • Four-leaf clover thrives in areas crushed or altered by human hands or a natural event. Look closely at trails and forests.
  • The best time of year to look for a four-leaf clover is during the summer when they predominate.

How rare is a 4 leaf clover?

The gene responsible for four-leaf clovers is ‘recessive’, which means that the plant will only produce four leaves if it has the four-leaf gene on all four chromosomes, which is a rare occurrence. … A 2017 survey concluded that around 1 in 5,000 clovers is four-leaved, but they do tend to be found in clusters.

What does a 4 leaf clover symbolize?

Hundreds of years ago in Ireland, the four-leaf clover became a symbol of luck with the four leaves representing faith, hope, love, and success. … Four-leaf clovers were Celtic charms, presumed to offer magical protection and ward off bad luck.

Is it bad luck to give away a four-leaf clover?

Though they are not genuine luck-bringers, if you enjoy them, feel free to use them. They’re beautiful plants and a pleasure to have around! One way to be sure that you have a true four-leafed clover is to check if all of the leaves are the same size. If so, you’re out of luck.

What type of clover has 4 leaves?

white cloverThe elusive four leeaf clovers occurs in white clover (Trifolium repens). You know the one. That common weed popping up in yards everywhere and difficult to control once it’s taken hold. A white clover leaf should, generally, only have three leaflets – which is why the species name is trifolium; ‘tri’ means three.

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