Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023

Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023

The wisdom of the mothers already warned, without having much knowledge of botany, that in nature, there is an incredible diversity of toxic plants whose fruits, stems, leaves, or roots can be poisonous to humans, to the point of causing death.

Now that the good weather is approaching, life in gardens, parks, and terraces have intensified. There are, however, some plants that we should avoid at all costs.

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beautiful and deadly

The oleander ( Nerium oleander ) is also known as the garden laurel, but the Basques have a more specific name: Eriotz-or, that is, leaf of death.

In the garden bind weed

Several plants often beautify gardens, but they can be highly toxic, and caution should be exercised with children and pets.

Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023

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For example, contact with ivy ( Hedera helix ) can cause dermatitis and raise blisters, although its berries are worse, as their ingestion causes nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The large leaves of the philodendron ( Philodendron ) are usually beautiful in large parks, but they are very toxic if someone puts a piece in their mouth. The leaves, the roots, and the stem contain calcium oxalate, which in small amounts causes burning in the lips and mouth, but in more significant amounts, it can lead to convulsions, loss of consciousness, and even death. bind weed

The hydrangea ( Hydrangea ) is famous for its beautiful blue, purple, or red flowers. But behind this beauty is a cyanogenic glycoside called hydrazine, whose effects are similar to cyanide. A small dose can cause vomiting and severe stomach pain, but more significant amounts can lead to cardiac arrest or death.

Angel’s trumpet ( Brugmansia ) is famous in America, but its beautiful shape also attracts those who choose to plant it in European gardens. Various tropane alkaloids such as scopolamine are extracted from here, which in small doses is used as a hallucinogen (it is drunk as tea). Still, more oversized intakes produce paralysis, hallucinations, self-mutilation, and even death.

Lilies ( Lilium ) are not toxic to humans, but they are to cats, which, if they eat the flowers, may have chronic kidney failure or die shortly after.

Oleander ( Nerium oleander )

It is also known as the garden laurel, but the Basques have a more specific name: Eriotz-orthe leaf of death. Its beautiful white or pink flowers are misleading: they are highly poisonous, as are their leaves, stems, branches, and seeds. In other words, the whole plant is a danger.

Its toxicity is such that even the honey created from its nectar can kill a person. If someone were to try it, they would feel severe stomach pains, leading to diarrhea and vomiting, dizziness, seizures, tachycardia, and even cardiac arrest.

manzanita of death bind weed

Fortunately, widespread knowledge baptizes some plants with names that warn of their danger. The manzanillo ( Hippomane Mancinelli ) grows in the warm lands of America, and if you are unlucky enough to brush the trunk and touch the sap, your skin can be scalded. Or if it rains and someone decides to shelter under its leaves, the juice diluted with water can cause skin infections.

Setting it on fire is also not a good idea: the smoke can cause blindness. But the real danger, like Adam’s forbidden fruit, is his little green apple, as pretty as it is toxic, which causes severe vomiting and can cause death from dehydration.

Hemlock ( Conium maculatum )

Arrogant and proud of not recognizing the Greek gods, Socrates drank a cup of hemlock and died moments later. The dangerous component is cicutoxin, which is concentrated in the roots and acts on the nervous system. Amnesia will remain as a long-term sequela if someone can survive the violent convulsions, vomiting, and severe muscle cramps.

Castor bean ( Ricinus communis )

From this vegetable, castor syrup is made, a purgative that is created with the seeds of this plant with reddish and pointed fruits. But some toxins remain from that extract, which is ricin, one of the most potent natural poisons that can be found. This substance blocks cell metabolism, which cannot create proteins, and kills cells.

The consequences can last a week, in an unpleasant picture of vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures, until death. With four seeds, a person can be killed. Well knew Agatha Christie, who used to offer her mysterious murderers a dose of this poison to commit her crimes.

American licorice ( Abrus precatorius ) bind weed

Its oval and deep red seeds were used as handmade jewelry or rosary beads. But if by accident, the cover is broken and its interior is tested, you will enter a picture of nausea, vomiting, and blockage of the digestive system; and in three or four days, death can come. The seeds contain the toxin abrin, which prevents protein synthesis. Just 3 grams of this component is deadly. And a seed contains much more.

Common monkshood ( Aconitum napellus )

In Catalonia, it is known as Tora Blava due to the purple color of its leaves; but it is also presented as mat allows (wolfsbane) because these animals died by eating their roots. Barbarian tribes already used its potent poison to poison their arrows, and in the Middle Ages, it was presented as a more merciful form of execution.

It is found between 1,500 and 2,000 meters high in the Pyrenees, and putting your hand to your mouth after touching it can already have unpleasant effects. And if someone recklessly tries it, he has to cause himself to vomit because there is no antidote. Otherwise, after severe digestive complications, death can come in a couple of hours. One gram of aconitine, its toxin, is enough to kill an adult.

Belladonna ( Atropa belladonna )

This plant, widespread throughout the Mediterranean basin, is easy to find in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees. Its toxins, called atropine and scopolamine, are found in its stems, leaves, and roots. But its berries are its most dangerous element because their purple color can be confused by some unwary, and it is enough to eat 10 to 20 fruits to cause death.

Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023

The Shoemaker ( Coriaria myrtifolia ) bind weed

It is also another plant found in the Pyrenean mountains, and like belladonna, its fruits can be confused with blackberries. Cases of severe poisoning and one death have been reported in Terrassa due to ingesting this fruit.

Its name alludes to the fact that it is used in the shoe and tannery industries and the Campo area in Aragón; it is remembered that goats and sheep get ‘drunk’ when they eat its leaves – and it can kill them if they eat several.

The Matacabra ( Daphne mezereum )

Its name already anticipates it, and its primary victims are bovids that eat its fruits. The Pyrenees are found between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Although traditional medicine often uses it as a purgative, it should be noted that eating 10 or 15 berries can be fatal.

There are plants known to be poisonous in general and are recognized by the need to be handled with caution. But the reality is that if you are a fan of plants, indeed, you have one or another plant that could be a significant risk for humans and pets.

Plants often do wonders for interior spaces, not only when decorating but also to purifying and refreshing the environment and bringing areas to life. Many of these will require you to take a few special precautions. We will tell you which are the most popular.


First on the list is the hydrangea, as both the flowers and the leaves can be toxic. The good news is that poisoning can only be caused by ingestion, which makes it dangerous to pets and small children.

 This plant contains cyanogenic glycosides and saponins, components that can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and, in general, symptoms similar to cyanide ingestion. Its roots are known to have medicinal properties, but its use is not recommended due to the dangers involved.

delicious monster bind weed

This plant has recently increased in popularity because its impressive leaves fill any space with life. But the delicious monstera can be deadly for pets since just by chewing any part of this plant, your dog or cat can have a burning mouth, acute pain, excessive salivation, and edema or swelling of the tongue and pharynx with difficulty. To breathe. This plant is a risk for your pets since the symptoms can be aggravated if it is ingested.

Likewise, with striking leaves, extreme care must be taken with this beautiful plant since pain and throat irritation can also be extremely risky for children. In this case, the symptoms include possible seizures, loss of consciousness, and, in extreme cases, death.

peace lily

Also known as the ** cradle of Moses ** and the peace lily, it is a plant that can cause many problems. It produces burning and swelling of the lips, mouth, and tongue, difficulty speaking or swallowing, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. This toxic plant also represents a risk in animals, specifically in dogs, because this plant causes digestive problems and irritations in the mucous membranes.

 It is recognized as an ideal plant for apartments and rooms with little sunlight and is considered an excellent air purifier and cooler; you just have to be careful when having one in your home.

Aloe vera

This plant’s healing and medicinal properties for humans are well known, and it is considered a medicinal plant. Still, this plant can be counterproductive when ingested in dogs and cats as it will cause severe intoxication.

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Sansevieria bind weed

Although it has many benefits for humans by helping to purify the air, sansevieria is unsuitable for pets since ingesting it can cause nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation, and diarrhea, which may require veterinary attention. The level of toxicity is low in people, producing short-term symptoms such as pain in the mouth, salivation, and nausea, but this does not mean that the guard should be lowered.


Known as the easiest hanging plant to maintain and reproduce, the pothos or pothos is one of the best plants for removing impurities from the air. It does not mean that this hanging plant is recommended for consumption. 

Effects of pothos in humans include skin irritation, lips, tongue, and throat swelling, vomiting, and diarrhea. But in dogs and cats, it produces salivation, choking, swelling of the mouth and tongue, difficulty breathing, and stomach upset, which can be lethal.


Ivy is one of the most used vines to decorate the facades of houses. However, it is very toxic to dogs and cats, especially its fruits. Direct contact with ivy can cause dermatitis with irritation and rashes due to the hairs that cover the plant and the liquid inside. If ingested, it is even worse as it causes gastrointestinal disorders, fever, slow heart rate, or muscle spasms.

Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023


If you have a pet, it is better to opt for another type of indoor plant because although this colorful plant can look great in your space, when ingested, it can cause problems in the digestive system and even in the nervous system as dehydration.

poinsettia bind weed

Known as poinsettia, this Christmas plant is one of the most dangerous for dogs, so make sure your pet doesn’t chew on any of its leaves as they could cause digestive problems. Each part of this flower is toxic when ingested or introduced through the mucosa since its active elements contain alkaloids, phenols, and resins. Contact dermatitis can occur when you come into contact with the excellent night or if you ingest diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.

All these plants are a great option to decorate your home; remember to take special care if you have pets or children in the house; you can place them in areas that cannot be reached or keep them away.

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Controlling Bindweed: How To Get Rid Of Bindweed 2023