Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

The pygmy date palm is a dwarf plant that reaches several feet in height after several years. However, give him some space. This slow-growing palm will spread about 4 feet wide.

Its long, arching leaves feature thin, delicate-looking leaflets. Unlike other date palms, this one has soft leaflets that give it an elegant, feathery appearance.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

There are sharp spines at the base of the leaflets, so it’s a good idea to wear garden gloves when trimming old leaves.


If the tips of the leaflets turn brown and crisp, the air is too dry. This Southeast Asian native needs a moist environment. Mist the plant frequently or use a room humidifier to increase moisture in the air around it.


Transplant a young plant in the spring every two years to give it the space to grow. When it gets old, top it over by replacing the top two inches of soil. The pygmy date palm has delicate roots and does not like to be disturbed. Use a heavy container to keep it from falling over because this spreading palm gets top-heavy.


Scale insects are brownish, oval insects that tend to hide on the underside of fronds along the midrib. As the scales feed on plants, they excrete honeydew, a sticky substance that often attracts soot. Isolate an affected plant and treat any infestation immediately.

Buying Tip: Another common name for this plant is Dwarf Date Palm. The species name generally sells this palm. Look for Phoenix roebelenii to ensure you get this plant.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022


Light: Bright indirect light. Intense morning light from an east-facing window will give your palm the light it needs. Give the plant a quarter turn each week to expose all sides to sunlight.

Water: This plant does not require much attention, but be careful not to overwater it. Poor drainage and soggy soil can lead to root rot. Keep the soil moist from spring to summer and just barely damp in fall and winter.

Humidity: This tropical native likes high humidity. When the relative humidity drops below 50%, place the pot on a pebble tray or use a cool-mist room humidifier.

Temperature: Average to warm 65-85°F/18-29°C throughout the year. It will tolerate a minimum of 55°F/13°C in winter.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix. I recommend adding perlite or sand to a standard potting mix.

Fertilizer: Feed once in spring and summer with a time-release fertilizer. Rose fertilizer works well because it provides the micronutrients that this palm needs. A shortage of magnesium will cause yellow spots on the leaflets.

Propagation: Cut the suckers that grow at the base of the plant. Be sure to include the roots and place them in separate containers. The plants can be grown from seed, but it will take years for the plant to grow into a tree.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Gardeners looking for a palm specimen to accent the garden or home will want to know how to grow the dwarf date palm. Dwarf palm tree cultivation is relatively straightforward given the right conditions, although dwarf palm trees sometimes need to be pruned to keep their growth manageable, especially in smaller settings.

Pygmy Date Palm Information

More significant than its name implies, the Phoenix roebelenii pygmy date palm is a member of the Arecaceae family, a massive group with more than 2,600 species found in tropical and subtropical climates. Pygmy palm cultivation is used in various interior landscapes and commercial plantings due to its elegant shape and 6-10 ft. 1.8-3 m. height.

Information on the pygmy date palm allows this particular genus to be known as a date palm due to its often sweet and sugary fruit pulp found in some species of Arecaceae. Its genus Fénix encompasses only a tiny portion of the Arecaceae, counted at approximately 17 species.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Pygmy date palms have small, yellow-hued flowers, which give way to tiny purplish dates that grow on a single, thin trunk with dark green fronds forming a crown. Tiny spines also grow on the leaf stalks.

How to Grow Pygmy Date Palms

This palm tree hails from Southeast Asia and therefore thrives in USDA zones 10-11, which mimic the conditions found in those areas of Asia.

In USDA zones 10-11, temperatures do not routinely fall below 30°F -1°C; however, the tree is known to survive in USDA zone 9b 20 to 30°F or -6 to -1°C. Without significant frost protection. 

That said, pygmy palms can do well as a container specimen on a deck or patio during the summer months in the Midwest, but they will need to overwinter indoors before the first frost.

Pygmy date palms grow along riverbanks in full sun or partial shade and therefore require significant irrigation and rich organic soil to flourish truly.

Caring for a Pygmy Date Palm

To care for a pygmy date palm, be sure to maintain a regular watering schedule and plant this tree in well-drained, sandy soil in an area of ​​the sun to full shade. When grown in soil with a pH above 7, the tree can develop magnesium or potassium deficiency with symptoms of chlorotic or spotted fronds.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Pygmy palms have moderate drought tolerance and are mainly disease and pest resistant; however, leaf spot and bud rot can affect this type of palm.

Pruning Pygmy Palms

Leaves up to 6 feet 1.8 long of the pygmy palm may occasionally need to be checked. Pruning pygmy palm trees is not a daunting task and requires the periodic removal of old or diseased foliage.

Other types of tree maintenance may include cleaning of spent leaves or removal of buds, as this palm’s propagation method is through seed dispersal.

Saflax – Pigmy Date Palm – Phoenix roebelenii – 25 seeds – Small palm for a tropical feel. Good to know: The pigmy Date Palm develops in its natural habitat often with several trunks, while it grows as a houseplant, probably with only one stem. 

Due to its slow growth rate and the maximum height of only two meters, the Pigmy Date Palm is ideal for growing a pretty bathtub plant that gives your living space a bit of tropical flair. When fully matured, the plant may produce flowers and fruit even when grown indoors. 

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

Despite its tropical origins, the Phoenix roebellenii is not all sensitive to cold weather and can even withstand light frosts. Natural Place: The Bottle Palm originally comes from northern Laos, Vietnam and southern China. Especially on the banks of the Mekong River, it is found quite often. 

Cultivation: The propagation of seeds indoors is possible throughout the year. You need to place the seeds for about 12 hours in warm water for priming to increase germinability. Next, press the seeds about 1 cm deep into the moist potting compost. 

Since the spokes are pretty long and easy to break, you should not plant more than three or four seeds in the same pot. The seed container can be placed somewhere dark and warm until germination – the soil must be kept moist. The tiny seeds will go off fairly quickly for a palm tree, usually within six to eight weeks.

 Place: Palms do not always grow in sunny areas in their natural habitat but often in the shade of enormous jungle trees. In the same way, it is ideal for the Phoenix roebellenii when it is kept in a semi-shady place during the summer. Indoors you may want to choose a bright spot without too much direct sunlight. 

Care: The Pigmy Date Palm needs a lot of water and also likes to be sprayed often as in the tropical habitat, it gets most of its water from the air – but try to avoid angles in the water. If the tips of the leaves turn brown, it does not always mean a lack of water, but it can also indicate insufficient nutrients.

Care pygmy date palm Growing Tree Tropical Indoor Plants Root 2022

 Therefore, you may want to give liquid palm tree fertilizer for at least two weeks between March and September. Every three years, preferably in spring, you can move the plant to a larger pot or tub – but watch out for its fine roots and choose a tall container for deep-reaching bases to fit in.

 During winter, your Pigmy Date Palm should be kept in a bright place with a temperature between 8o and 12o Celsius. It can also survive a short period of -5o Celsius. Water the plant less in the winter but mist regularly.

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