Can Cats See in the Dark? Cat Night Vision Facts 2022

Can Cats See in the Dark? Cat Night Vision Facts 2022

However, they can see very well in low light — a skill that gave domestic cats’ ancestors an advantage over their prey. As American Veterinarian explains, cats’ large corneas and pupils, about 50% larger than humans’, allow more light into their eyes. This extra light helps them to see in the Dark.

It is necessary to banish many false myths about cats.

Now that you have your kitten, you may remember many things you’ve heard about cats. But many myths and stories about them are false. This list will help you separate fiction from reality.

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Cats always land on their feet.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Cats are very agile and instinctively tend to land on their feet. However, every year a large number of cats are injured or even die as a result of falls. To avoid this, you should cover windows and balconies with a protective mesh. And above all, you don’t want to test this theory with your kitty!

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Milk is the best for cats.

This myth is also widespread. But the truth is that if you feed your kitten well with ‘complete’ food, all he needs to drink is water. Even though he likes milk, it’s not good for him. Most cats have a hard time digesting the lactose in cow’s milk. In many cases, it causes diarrhea.

Buttering Cats’ Paws Helps Them Find Their Way Home If They Get Lost

If you want all your furniture covered in greasy paw prints, butter your kitty’s paws. However, if what you are worried about is that he gets lost when he goes out of the house, but the microchip on him. In this way, if he ever gets lost and they take him to a veterinary clinic or a shelter, they will be able to check his information and notify you so that you can take him home safe and sound.

Can Cats See in the Dark? Cat Night Vision Facts 2022

Cats see in the dark.

Your kitten will not be able to see if there is no light. The myth probably arose because cats can see in a very low light. It is possible because your pupils can dilate to see the most with the least available light.

Pregnant women should not go near cats.

Some cats can carry a Toxoplasmosis disease, which can occasionally be passed to pregnant women through cat feces (in litter trays or gardens) and cause serious harm to the fetus. But this does not mean that pregnant women cannot approach cats, but simply that they must take certain precautions. If you are expecting a baby, it is better that you are not the one who takes care of changing the litter for the kitten; it will be better than someone else in your family does it. If you have no choice but to do so, always wear rubber gloves and wash your hands afterward.

Have you ever wondered what a feline’s vision is like? The sight of cats has many things in common with a human. However, the eyes of this animal hide many secrets that you will surely want to know if you have a cat as a pet or if you are simply interested in knowing more about this species, here! We reveal them!

Surely you have noticed that cats see quite well in the Dark and seem to detect movements very well. They have spectacular eyesight, the functions of which are largely attributed to their hunting skills. If you want to know how cats see, keep reading this OneHOWTO article because we tell you this and many more curiosities.

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  1. What cat eyes like?
  2. how do cats see
  3. Curiosities of cats

What cat eyes like?

Cats’ eyes can take on different shapes and colors, many of which are striking and mysterious. However, its structure and functions are similar to those of humans, except for some peculiarities, such as the great reflective capacity of its retina. Here we tell you more about what cats’ eyes are like :

  • Darkvision – Although cats can see in the Dark, the reality is that they need at least some light to see in dim light. However, their night vision is better than many animals and humans.
  • Eyes adapted for hunting: Cats’ eyes are huge compared to their skull size. This structure is repeated in all nocturnal animals, and its reason is attributed to hunting. Cats have evolved and adapted their bodies to hunt for more hours a day, so their eyes have increased in size over the years to give space to the structures they need.
  • High sensitivity to light: The cornea and lens are large compared to the back of the feline’s eyes. In turn, the lens is separated from the front of the eye. Thanks to this constitution, the cat has an enormous capacity to capture light, and when it decreases, the size of the pupil increases to capture more of it.
  • Why Their Eyes Glow: Another structure that is part of the feline eye is the Tapetum lucidum, a bluish-colored layer found in many vertebrate animals. Located behind the retina, this layer is a membrane made up of reflective cells that allow more light to penetrate the eye. It also increases the sensitivity of the rods and the light-sensitive cells. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat’s eyes sparkle in photos, here’s why!
  • They do not need to blink as often: cats have a third eyelid, a nictitating membrane whose function is to protect the eyeball. Thanks to this web, these cats do not have to blink to keep their eyes lubricated, which is advantageous when hunting because they do not miss one!

Do you want to know all the secrets of night vision? In our article How Nocturnal Animals Can See in the Dark, we tell you about it.

how do cats see

Many people believe that cats cannot distinguish colors, while others claim that they have the same ability to see colors as we do. The reality is that they can distinguish colors, especially green and blue, but not with the sharpness that humans do.

On the other hand, cats have a greater field of vision than humans. According to a study by Nickolay Lamm from the University of Pennsylvania, cats have a field of vision of 200º, while that of people is 180º. It means that they will be able to see more things simultaneously. As for his peripheral vision, of 30º, it is also better than that of humans, of 20º. Unfortunately, having such large eyes, they have difficulty seeing far away and focusing.

What colors do cats see?

To develop all the visual abilities they needed as predators, cats’ eyes had to give up other abilities during evolution. For that reason, they cannot distinguish colors well, nor can they see very well from afar.

Cats have green and blue color-sensitive cones but cannot see red, brown, and orange shades. Have you ever wondered how cats see people? Well, they see them with lackluster colors, with a predominance of yellowish and pale blue tones. In the Dark, cats lose the ability to see colors, so their vision turns a dark sepia tone, almost black and white.

If it is daytime, you will be perceived as a bit blurry. However, during the night, they will see you with very good sharpness and well-defined contours, as you can see in this photograph by Lamm. You will not lose sight of him!

Image: Nickolay Lamm

Curiosities of cats

As you have already seen, the eyes of cats hide great secrets because more curiosities of these will surely surprise you.

Are white cats deaf?

Some think that all white cats are deaf, but it is a mistaken belief. There is a gene called W, which determines albinism in cats. When this gene is dominant, a complete depigmentation of the animal’s coat is produced, masking its original color.

If a cat, by genetics, has acquired this gene, it will be white. At the same time, it could also be deaf since deafness is linked to said gene. It is considered that if the albino cat’s two eyes are blue, there will be a higher possibility that it is deaf. If, on the other hand, he has heterochromia (one eye of each color), the risk of being born deaf will decrease.

All cats are born with blue eyes.

A curious and interesting fact regarding the eyes of cats is that absolutely all of them are born with blue eyes. Baby cats’ eyes will remain closed until their seventh day of life, at which point they will open, even though they cannot yet see. Your vision will only develop after a few weeks, and the color of your eyes will define over 12 weeks. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to visit our article When newborn cats open their eyes.

The eyes reveal the mood of the cats.

Keep in mind that the eyes are part of cats’ body language, and, to understand them, it is necessary to look at them. For example, when the cat has its eyes half-closed and blinks, this usually communicates calmly. If, on the other hand, his eyes are wide open and he is staring at something without blinking, this may be a warning sign or that there is something he considers a threat.

They are sensitive to rapid movements.

Finally, cats perceive fast-moving objects perfectly, but slow movements are perceived as if the object is not moving. It is due to their hunting instinct! Therefore, they are passionate about playing with lasers and other fast-moving toys, which help stimulate their vision and exercise their instincts at home.

Cats’ eyes can also get sick. If you notice something strange in your pet’s eyes, don’t hesitate to take him to the vet immediately.

If you want to read more articles similar to How Cats See, we recommend you visit our Pets category.

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