Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

With small clusters of grey-green leaves, sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail is one of the Mexican plants you must have at home.

Know all the care of the donkey tail, the Mexican plant that cannot be missing at home.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

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Known as sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail, this Mexican plant is widespread in decoration thanks to its clusters with a particular aesthetic.

In addition, as it belongs to the succulent family, this plant is straightforward to care for and adapts to any environment.

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Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

For this reason, we share everything you need to know about the sedum or donkey tail, the Mexican plant that you must have at home.

The donkey tail is characterized by its clusters that hang from long stems.

What is sedum morganianum or donkey tail?

Known as sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail, this Mexican plant is characterized by clusters of grey-green leaves that hang from long stems, giving it a unique appearance.

In addition, it is common for pink flowers to appear at the end of the stems in spring and summer, making it a trendy plant for decorating spaces.

Considered succulent, this plant is easy to care for.

How does the donkey tail reproduce?

To reproduce the sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail, the ideal is to carry out the process in spring since the mild temperatures benefit the leaf cuttings.

The first step is to take a cutting and then stick it into the slightly moist substrate. Then you have to wait a week before watering again lightly and wait for the plant to start growing.

It is expected that the donkey’s tail has flowers on its stems in spring and summer.

What care should be taken with the donkey tail?

The sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail is an easy plant to care for. Being part of a succulent family requires minimal care to survive and adapt to any environment. In general, this plant tolerates hot and dry climates well, even in low temperatures. However, it must have good drainage to prevent it from rotting due to excess water.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

As for watering, it must be abundant and infrequent, and the substrate must be completely dry before watering again. It is best to limit watering in winter and avoid wetting leaves, stems, and flowers.

Something important is that the donkey tail needs at least one hour of direct light a day to grow healthy and strong, and it is necessary to change the pot from time to time since it usually develops quickly.

The donkey tail is usually placed in hanging pots to appreciate its clusters.

How to decorate with donkey tail?

The most common way to decorate with sedum morganianum or donkey’s tail is to place this plant in pots or hanging baskets since its clusters look better this way.

Also, it is common to place pots of this plant on bookcases, shelves or shelves at an excellent height to appreciate the cascade of stems strung with leaves.

If you are a lover of succulent plants, we will give you a lot of information about the most beautiful succulents that show all their beauty when they are hung. You will receive a lot of information about donkey tail succulent plants.


Succulents are the best way to warm up a space with a bit of spirit and vivacity. These exotic green plants radiate good vibes all year long. Don’t worry if you think you’re too busy and forget to care for a houseplant.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

Succulents are gaining popularity because they are “easy to care for and hard to kill”.

A donkey’s Tail extends more and more through our lives. Every day. These types of succulents are loved for their extraordinary appearance.

The colita de Borrego plant looks like an octopus with stems that creep from its pot if grown with proper care.

Since they grow a large community, I researched donkey tail succulents, what kind of plants they are and how to take care of them.

I tried to answer all the questions if you want to grow a donkey tail that looks amazing.

Identification: Sedum Morganianum


Sedum morganianum is a species of popular flowering plant in the genus Sedum of the family.

Crassulaceae. Origin of perennial and perennial plants from the southern regions of Mexico and Honduras. These are desert plants found where the air is warm and dry.

According to what is said, the sedums are a large genus containing 600 species.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

Succulents in this genus differ significantly in size and shape, but they are all very hardy and tolerant plants.

Cultivators refer to them as “stone cropping” because just one stone might be easier to cultivate.

Burro’s Tail forms small, fat leaves arranged around long stems.

The smoky, bluish-green leaves store water inside so the plant can survive prolonged periods of drought.

Sedum Morganinum is perfectly succulent to grow in hanging pots with long stems. It looks even better when the pinkish-red flowers appear.

Common names

Due to the elongated body of Sedum Morganianum, these plants are known by many common names such as Donkey’s Tail, Burro’s Tail, Lamb’s Tail, Horse’s Tail  …

Succulent lovers recognize them with this characteristic that gives the plant its name.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

How long does Donkey’s Tail grow?

When you first purchase or propagate your Cola de Burro, it may be made up of a few small leaves around a single stem.

However, your little plant won’t stay this small for long.

The plant can reach maturity in about six years. At this time, a Burro’s Tail could grow up to 1.5 meters long if taken care of very well. 

The ones I usually see are only around 60-70 centimetres long.

How to take care of Burro’s Tail indoors?

Burro’s Tail is an effortless plant to care for whether you place them in outdoor gardens or indoor spaces.

If you can’t get through the cold winters where you live, it’s adorable to grow Burro’s Tail in your garden or on your outdoor balcony.

But conversely, the succulents took care of the interior spaces and are more under control.

These succulents will thrive in plenty of suns, and it’s a fact that outdoor spaces are always brighter than indoors.

However, you can grow very healthy and beautiful succulents at home if you learn these tips.


Succulents don’t like sudden changes in external conditions. It will help if you avoid extreme temperatures and freezing weather. They are sensitive to lower temperatures while they can withstand hot weather. Burro’s Tail is not a cold hardy type of succulent.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

The suggested temperature for the most attractive Burro tail is room temperature. Also, the ideal humidity level should be around 50%, the same as the perfect level for a person.

light requirements

Sedum morganianum requires a lot of bright sunlight every day, directly or partially. Avoid displaying them on the north façade, which will not receive direct sunlight during the day.

Near a south-facing window would be the best place for them in your home.

Also, dramatically changing sun exposure is a source of stress for your Sedums. If you are going to move your outdoor succulents to indoor locations, try moving them gradually.

Good news: a Sedum morganianum exposed to bright light changes colour to a beautiful shade of lilac or gold.

Irrigation requirements

Water your Burro’s Tail generously and regularly, but less often than other houseplants. 

You can reduce watering even less often in winter because the plant is dormant in winter and does not actively grow.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

A fair amount of watering just once in a while will suffice. Succulent watering mimics desert rain, so the leaves store all the water they need and use it over a very long period.

The irrigation periods will change according to the climatic conditions of your area and some specialities that your plant has. One way to figure out when your succulent needs watering is to wait until the soil dries out completely and the leaves start to wrinkle. soil requirements

Sedum morganianum should be planted in good draining soil. For this reason, you should plant your Burro tail in specially prepared succulent soil.Never use a regular pot or garden soil for succulents. What they hate most is sitting on a wet floor for too long.

Burros Tail Houseplant Growing And Caring Gardening 2022

Succulent soils are mixed with perlite or coarse sand to maintain good drainage for the roots so they don’t rot. Granular soil does not retain water and allows water to drain.

You can find premixed succulent soils with many options or mix it up like me. See the recipe I use here from my guide to succulent soil.

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