Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

The Bombay cat is a short-haired domestic cat that is still uncommon. In Europe, in particular, it is the least owned cat breed. Yet it is as rare as fascinating. The Bombay is like a little black panther for the house. 

Bombay may be the cat for you if you are fascinated by elegant big cats and would like to have a miniature version of them on your sofa. Indeed, he looks like a beautiful, dangerous little panther, but he is a cuddly domestic cat. Cats of this breed are described as extremely pleasant to live with.

The Bombay has a characteristic gait, the swaying, reminiscent of the Indian black panther.

Weight :

Male: heavy: >12 lbs

Female: medium: 8 to 12 lbs

Eye color:

Copper, Gold


Life expectancy: 9 to 13 years

Need for companionship/attention: Moderate

Tendency to shed hair: Low

Dress :

Length: Short

Features: Smooth

Colors: Black

Less allergenic coat: No

Grooming Needs: Low

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Official recognition:

Recognition by:

feline associations: CFA, ACFA, TICA, AFC

Popularity: Rare Breed


  1. Bombay Appearance
  2. Bombay character
  3. History and breeding of the mini black panther
  4. Feeding the Bombay cat
  5. Taking care of the Bombay
  6. Choosing the Right Bombay Cat Breeder

Bombay Appearance

The purebred Bombay cat is characterized by its black, shiny, and short coat. It has no white spots.

The Cat Fancier’s Association has established large round copper eyes as the breed standard. If a cat’s eye color fades with age, it may not prevent it from being very beautiful, but it cannot be considered a Bombay cat if one considers sticks to a strict interpretation of the breed standard. 

The “copper” eye color is very difficult to obtain, and many Bombay cats have golden, golden-yellow, or dark yellow eyes. These are generally also accepted as Bombay cats. But copper remains the most sought-after eye color in cats of this breed. The expressive eyes of the mini black panther are set rather wide apart.

Its distinctive small outstretched ears are rounded, set far apart, and tilted slightly forward.

Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

Bombay’s head is rather broad and rounded due to the influence of the American Shorthair. Its muzzle is relatively short and has a pronounced curvature where it joins the forehead. Its muzzle is black, just like the edge of its eyes, and the tip is slightly rounded.

According to the breed standard, only one fur color is allowed. Thus, Bombay’s coat should be deep black, from the tip of the hair to the root.

According to the interpretation of some breeders, a Bombay is only a Bombay if its coat is black, as the breed standard requires, and if its pedigree no longer includes Burmese. But cats that meet these conditions are very rare. Kittens of this breed sometimes have `red highlights. However, they disappear in adulthood.

The Bombay cat’s coat is short, close-fitting, and very silky. He has almost no undercoat.

The Bombay is of medium height, with a muscular and sinewy body. The Mini Black Panther weighs more than its small size, suggesting a graceful appearance. Cats of this breed weigh about 4 kg; the male can even reach a weight of about 5 kg.

The legs and tail of the Bombay are of medium length.

Bombay character

The Bombay cat is sensitive, intelligent, playful, cuddly, affectionate, and human-oriented. As he is so close to his masters, he does not like to be left alone for several hours at a time.

This breed of cat likes to feel close to its family. She solicits the attention of her masters a lot and follows them everywhere. She also gladly shows them where her bowl is. And once they have filled it for her, she likes to lie on their lap because she seeks their closeness.

 Bombay wants to be a full family member and actively participates in family life. He is made to be a family cat. This way of life suits him much better than a single person.

In addition to his affection and kindness, Bombay also has a dynamic nature and loves to play. However, she is not as wild and active as some cats of other breeds.

Nevertheless, its owners must take into account its play needs. Your little companion will be very happy if you entertain it with a fishing rod or a cat feather duster, and he will appreciate the attention you give him all the more. And there is no doubt that you will also enjoy this moment of shared play with your little black panther.

Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

Bombay likes to surround itself with sources of heat. Make sure your cat always has a warm little spot to retreat to if they want to. He feels very well on a radiator or in the heat of a window sill. A cat blanket can also be welcome for cats of this breed.

The Bombay is perfectly adapted to living in an apartment, but it needs the devotion and attention of its masters to feel good. The master of this couch panther must be able to give it time. The Bombay will not fail to thank him with intense cuddling sessions.

This breed of cats is very tolerant and pleasant, so it gets along well with other cats, dogs, and children. These character traits make the Mini Black Panther a much-loved, albeit rarely depicted, pet.

Its meows are rather soft and melodic.

History and breeding of the mini black panther

In the 1950s, Nikki Horner, a cat breeder living in Louisville, Kentucky, set herself the goal of creating a “domestic panther.” She crossed, at first unsuccessfully, black American Shorthair cats with dark brown Burmese cats. It was not until 1965 that Mrs. Horner managed to breed a cat with a black coat and copper eyes, thanks to repeated backcrossing with Burmese

. It was the birth of the beauty with a black coat and good character to whom the breeder gave the name of the Indian port of Bombay (today Mumbai). However, Mrs. Horner initially found that Bombay was not very well accepted. It wasn’t until 1976 that the Cat Fancier’s Association granted the breed World Champion status, and three years later by the International Cat Association.

Since the breed’s gene pool is limited, Bombay should be crossed with a parent breed every three generations to maintain the breed’s health and prevent incest.

Feeding the Bombay cat

Bombay can tend to gain weight. Apartment cats, in particular, tend to overeat simply because they are bored. It is important to play with your cat and keep it active. You should also watch his weight and pay attention to a few aspects of his diet. For example, the carbohydrate content of your cat’s food should not be too high. It indeed leads cats to gain too much weight. High-quality food and the right amount of food for your pet’s individual needs are important.

Taking care of the Bombay

The fur of cats of this breed is easy to care for.

The coat of this rare breed cat, which is ideally black and very shiny, can be very well-groomed with little effort. To maintain its shine, rub it regularly with a leather cloth. To enhance the characteristic shine of the coat, you can comb it with a rubber brush. Of course, a balanced diet with high-quality cat food also influences the coat’s shine.

Bombay needs a cat tree or a scratching post to take care of its claws and mark its territory olfactorily. It also allows him to stretch his well-developed muscles.

Dry food can be supplemented with special treats and dental care for dental care.

To ensure that your beloved cat remains healthy, you should consult your veterinarian regularly.

Since Bombay was created artificially, it is predestined to present certain diseases typical of the breed. For example, he tends to suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is an inherited disease of the heart muscles. If you notice anything unusual about your Bombay, such as shortness of breath, or even fainting, seek immediate medical attention. A veterinarian.

Unfortunately, the early stages of this disease are usually so inconspicuous that they may go unnoticed by Bombay owners. To completely avoid such a disease, it is important to contribute to the good general health of the cat with, among other things, an appropriate diet.

Due to their tendency to catch colds, make sure your Bombay is protected from drafts and has a warm place to retreat to.

On average, the Bombay cat can live between 17 and 20 years.

Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

Choosing the Right Bombay Cat Breeder

There are a few black sheep among the mini panther breeders. They are recognizable, for example, by the fact that they offer in online advertisements “black Bombay cats without pedigree” or so-called “Bombay crosses.” It would help if you avoided these supposed bargains.

The purebred Bombay is still a rarity worldwide, but especially in Europe. Therefore, the number of serious breeders who breed this breed of cats is low.

A serious breeder is recognized by his membership in a feline association.

A trusted breeder can also show you the cat’s pedigree, from which the identity of its ancestors can be traced. The pedigree is the only reliable proof that the mini panther is a purebred Bombay cat.

Bombay Cat Breed Facts, Personality Traits Information, Characteristics 2022

Also, a trusted breeder does not leave his cats too early to new owners but only gives them around the 16th week of life. Animals must already be vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, and microchipped and have up-to-date papers, including a health certificate, when they move into a new home.

Some breeders also assume a lifetime sponsorship for the animals from their breeding. It means that if for whatever reason, you are no longer able to take care of your little companion, you can return it to the breeder at any time, regardless of its age. 

If he’s unable to get the cat back, he’ll at least be happy to help find him new, trusted owners.

We think there’s everything to love about this living room black panther, and we wish everyone who chooses to live in the company of this cuddly family cat much happiness!

An active and curious cat, Bombay loves to observe the world around him. He is sometimes so affectionate that he can become overwhelming.

Bombay in a nutshell

The Bombay is a medium-sized cat. When picked up, it is much heavier than it looks.

He is a stocky and relatively compact cat, but he is very muscular and has a solid bone structure. The Bombay is all around. The head, eyes, and chin are round, and the tips of the ears and even the feet are rounded.

The Bombay coat is short and glossy. Its deep black sheen is reminiscent of patent leather when properly cared for.

The Bombay has a characteristic gait: its body almost seems to sway. Again, this gait is reminiscent of that of the Indian black panther.

Personality :

Young Bombays are active and curious cats that adapt very easily to change. They love to observe the world around them at any age, and they often post themselves at a window to watch what is happening outside. The Bombay is a very affectionate cat that can sometimes become overwhelming.

Bombay is well known for jumping into people’s laps and laying his gorgeous body on the person’s newspaper reading. However, as he gets older, he can become a little too calm, preferring to observe rather than participate in activities.

Daily life:

The Bombay is a very solid cat, both in appearance and touch, and he is endowed with great strength. It is a skilled climber and jumper: therefore, necessary to equip yourself with a cat tree and perches. It is a robust and stocky cat whose diet must be carefully monitored to prevent obesity, especially if it does not get enough exercise.

Despite its calm temperament, the adult Bombay also tends to remain kittenish and cherish the daily play session. He loves to receive the attention of his master and to have his belly stroked. With a Bombay, petting is a daily necessity.


In the late 1950s, American breeders wanted to produce a cat that had the build and appearance of a Burmese, but with a lustrous deep black coat, that would hopefully resemble that of the black panther. Indian. To this end, they began a breeding program by crossing a Burmese and an American shorthaired black with bright copper-colored eyes. The resulting cat was called Bombay to evoke the black panther, which it resembles elsewhere.

In the late 1970s, Bombay was recognized as a breed worthy of competing in cat championships. Even if it is not very widespread, it pleases the crowds at all the exhibitions where it is present.

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