Best Yellow Rose Bouquet History of the Heartfelt 2023

Best Yellow Rose Bouquet History of the Heartfelt 2023

It seems that yellow is complicated, a tricky color, but it is not impossible. In many Eastern cultures, it symbolizes joywisdom, and power. It is a tone associated with optimism and is loaded with meanings that transmit light, that light, and heat from the sun with which this color is always related.

It seems that the first yellow roses are discovered at the beginning of the 17th centuryThey grew wild in the Middle East (Afghanistan and Southwest Asia), and Europe surrendered to them. From then on, the first hybridizations began. Over the years, they have brought cultivars that are increasingly vigorous and somewhat more resistant to fungal diseases, such as black spot, its weak point. It has also been possible to correct or intensify its aroma and a range of increasingly attractive yellow tones.


  • Origin of yellow flowers
  • the symbolism of yellow flowers
  • What is the best time to give yellow roses?
  • Yellow roses at Verdissimo

Origin of yellow flowers

Some fossils suggest that roses originated 32 million years ago in the Northern Hemisphere. These roses, typical of Europe, America, and the Middle East, were mainly pink. In some areas, you could find pink roses in different shades, from fuchsia pinks to softer pinks and even shades of white.

However, roses of other colors, such as yellow roses, were discovered later. These roses also have their origin in the Middle East. Specifically, Europeans found them in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia in the 18th century. These roses flourished naturally in the lands above in shades ranging from pale to sulfur yellow.

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It was a discovery that greatly captivated Europeans; therefore, very soon, they began to be cultivated in Europe, and attempts were also made to create hybrids between them and European roses.

The three flowers that were used for hybridization with European roses are the ones that we mention below:

  • Rosa Ecae: her origin is Afghanistan. This type of rose is a small bush with yellow flowers that look like buttercups.
  • Rosa Foetida: this flower stands out for its large size and intense and vibrant yellow color.
  • Rosa Hemisphaerica: It has its origin in Southwest Asia. Hemisphaerica roses stand out not only because of their intense yellow color but also because they are double flowers.

the symbolism of yellow flowers

The color yellow is a very vibrant and pleasing color; therefore, on the one hand, it is associated with optimism, warmth, joy, and also happiness.

Contrary to popular belief, yellow does not have negative connotations . . It is a color with a lot of life because it symbolizes brightness, gold, and the sun. However, it is true that for most superstitious people, it is the color of bad luck.

Therefore, yellow flowers symbolize optimism, joy, and harmony, so they are the perfect flowers to give to your friends to strengthen your relationship in difficult times.

On the other hand, the color yellow is also associated with the part of the mind responsible for the expression of feelings and communication. It is a color that helps to clarify ideas and, therefore, is widely used in meditation.

Visualizing the color yellow for some time, according to meditation experts, facilitates a person’s communication with others since it is associated with the power of speech and expression.

Therefore, if you have problems with someone, be it your partner, family member, friend, co-worker, etc., and you need to communicate with them, a good gift can be yellow flowers.

What is the best time to give yellow roses?

Any time is a good time to give yellow roses whenever you want to convey joy and gratitude with your gift. However, you have to be aware that yellow roses are not the perfect flowers to conquer a person because, in the latter case, it is more advisable to give red roses and even pink roses.

In this sense, yellow roses are more related to feelings of friendship, disassociating themselves from love, passion, and sensuality. The meaning of yellow roses determines the perfect times to give these flowers: friends’ birthdays, relatives’ birthdays, friends’ or relatives’ welcomes, etc.

However, as we have mentioned in the previous section, the symbolism of yellow roses these flowers are capable of enhancing communication with anyone, so they will be a necessary gift if you want to express your feelings towards someone or if you want that person to contact you, whatever the reason.

Grandmothers day in France

Every first Sunday of March in France, it is always a tradition to celebrate and please our Grandmothers, who are with us so much and take care of us, especially when we are young. And what better way to thank them for what they do for us than with yellow Roses? Why are you? Well, as we have mentioned, its symbolism is perfect for conveying those feelings of friendship and affection towards them.

With the preserved, you can also have a gift that will last over time and that you can enjoy every day of the year.

Make that person who has given you so much in his life and loved you smile and feel loved. Because it’s never too late to thank them, and on this special day for them, you can start doing it by giving them a bouquet of yellow roses.

Best Yellow Rose Bouquet History of the Heartfelt 2023

Yellow roses at Verdissimo

At Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, we have a wide variety of yellow roses. Some of them are in different shades. Here we tell you what they are:

  • Premium: The Premium rose has two shades of yellow called Warm Yellow and Bright Yellow, perfect for creating a beautiful bouquet.

Roses are trendy flowers that, due to their beauty and that touch of sensuality, are an ideal gift for any special occasion. But what you may not have known is that, as with all flowers, they will have a different meaning depending on their color. We will be transmitting a specific message when choosing yellow flowers to give as a gift.

Also, the meaning and use of flowers are different in each culture. Thus, for example, in some countries, yellow flowers are sent to express gratitude for a good job done, while in Spain, this color is sometimes associated with bad luck, especially in the artistic world.

 Therefore, knowing what you want to convey when you give yellow roses is essential. If you are thinking of giving this type of flower as a gift, be sure to read the following article, we will explain in detail the meaning of yellow flowers.

Different meanings of yellow roses

The color yellow is a vibrant, attractive, beautiful, and, above all, very cheerful color. For this reason, yellow flowers are often so striking. One of the meanings of yellow roses is friendship, so if you want to give your partner or someone you like a bouquet of roses, it is better to choose red than yellow.

Yellow roses also symbolize the joy of life, optimism, and energy. That is why they are the perfect gift for those down. They are also ideal for celebrating the pleasure of a friendship or an encounter. In the same way, it is a perfect flower to decorate any space, as they provide light and beauty.

Another meaning of yellow roses is the representation of intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, they are an excellent option for someone who has just achieved an important educational or work achievement. A bouquet of yellow flowers is perfect for someone who has just graduated, been promoted at work, or has reached an essential goal thanks to his ingenuity.

Finally, if you want to make a good friend smile and encourage him, don’t hesitate to give him a bouquet of yellow roses, the ideal flower to celebrate friendship and the will to live.

Meaning of giving yellow roses

Giving a flower, whatever its type, is one of the most meaningful gestures. And is that through the universal language of flowers, feelings, thoughts, and moods can also be transmitted, depending on the color chosen. 

That is why we emphasize the importance of knowing these meanings so we help you discover what it means to give yellow flowers. As we have said before, they symbolize friendship, optimism, genius, wisdom, and happiness, among other things.

In addition, these meanings are attributed to gold’s brightness and purity and the sunlight’s energy and intensity. However, some superstitious people believe that yellow flowers symbolize bad luck, but nothing is further from the truth. It is only a myth since it is false that they contain negative messages.

Friendship is the feeling most related to yellow roses since, with them, we can express gratitude and joy to a friend for their sincere friendship. Joy, good vibes, and optimism are feelings that can be transmitted in a particular moment where the intention is to celebrate life, friendship, affection, a reunion, or a surprise for a loved one…

Yellow flowers can also surprise a friend you want to encourage, transmit positive energy, and reduce anxiety. It would be like a symbol of loyalty and support.

Success, intelligence, and wisdom can also be celebrated with a bouquet of yellow roses. As we said, they are ideal for giving to a family member or friend who has achieved a professional, work, or educational goal. It would be like an encouragement of his efforts and a sign of our pride in his achievement.

Another meaning of yellow roses is the symbol of forgiveness. They can be given as a symbol of repentance for betrayal, deception, or infidelity. In other words, they would be suitable flowers to ask for forgiveness and express wishes for a new beginning, both to a partner and a good friend.

In celebrations or special events where our loved ones are the protagonists, we want to convey our wishes for success, joy, satisfaction, and happiness by giving a bouquet of yellow roses. As if we were sending them positive energy to move forward.

Warmth, happiness, and joy are feelings that we can convey with yellow roses to those we care so much about. We can even express that we want to share that happiness with them, so they are an excellent gift for mothers on their day.

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