Best Snap dragons Plant Care & Growing Guide 2023

Best Snap dragons Plant Care & Growing Guide 2023

THE Snapdragon Plants – Antirrhinum majus [an-TEE-ry-num MAY-jus] are old-fashioned plants native to the Mediterranean. Snapdragons add a wealth of color, charm, and fragrance to a sunny flower garden during summer and fall. Snapdragons are short-lived perennials, but most people grow them as annual flowers.

Growing and caring for plants with the Snapdragon


  • 1 Growing and caring for plants with the Snapdragon
    • 1.1 Size and growth
    • 1.2 Flowers and fragrances
    • 1.3 Light and temperature
    • 1.4 Irrigation and feeding
    • 1.5 Soil and transplant
    • 1.6 Treatment and maintenance
  • 2 How to propagate snapdragon plants
  • 3 Snapdragon Flower Disease Pests or Problems
  • 4 Best Uses for Snapdragons in the Garden
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size and growth

The snapdragon plant comes in many varieties ranging in size from 6 inches to 36 inches tall. Naturally, plant spacing will vary depending on the species selected.

Do not place any variety closer than 15 cm apart. A 10″ extension is ideal for good air circulation.

flowers and fragrances

The plants produce beautiful, lobed, or bell-shaped flowers in various colors except for blue. Popular colors include purple, yellow, white, red, and a wide range of light pastels.

Snapdragon flowers are showy and fragrant and work well as cut flowers in arrangements. Scented flowers are beautiful to butterflies.

Most of the time, the flowers bloom during the spring and summer. However, in very temperate climates, they can also flower in winter.

light and temperature

Snapdragon should be planted in full sun at the beginning of the growing season. Sow snapdragon seeds directly in rich, well-drained soil.

Best Snap dragons Plant Care & Growing Guide 2023

These plants can tolerate a partial shade setting but won’t go all out. Strive to plant in an area that receives at least six hours of intense sunlight daily.

Grow snapdragon flowers as annuals anywhere in the United States. They are most likely to survive as perennials in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 11. It is especially true if it protects in the winter.

irrigation and feeding

Immediately after planting, water your snapdragons daily. Ensure the soil is well saturated to a depth of 15 to 20 cm. Moisture helps plants establish a robust root system.

Once established, snapdragons need about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of water per week if it doesn’t rain.

 Avoid watering on top, as this can cause water-related problems such as rot and mold. Instead, use a dip hose to provide a weekly deep watering or water whenever the top 2 to 3 inches of soil appears dry.

Be sure not to overwater, as this causes mold and rot problems.

Use mulch to keep the soil moist. Mulch is also a great way to prevent weeds from growing in your snapdragon bed. snap dragons flower

Apply three to three inches of high-quality organic mulch around the plants. Use pine mulch, bark clippings, or dried grass clippings.

Once a month or once every six weeks, feed your snapdragons a meal of general-purpose liquid fertilizer. It is essential while the plants are in bloom.

Avoid repeatedly fertilizing until some fertilizer is slowly released into the soil before sowing the seeds. Water well immediately after feeding to reduce the risk of nitrogen burn.

Soil and transplant

Grow snapdragon flowers in well-drained soil that is always moist. If the soil is sandy or nutrient-rich, correct it by mixing in a well-aged compost to a depth of about 20 centimeters.

It adds nutrients to the soil and improves drainage while adding an element of clay to retain moisture. snap dragons flower

treatment and maintenance

Prune, pin and cut the plant regularly to encourage a bushier plant and produce more flowers. When cutting snapdragons, don’t just pluck the flower; cut off about a third of the stem.

Late in the growing season, snapdragon flowers may begin to wilt, and the plants may thin in the summer heat. When this happens, roughly cut the plant back, leaving only about a half to a third of the plant.

Then apply fertilizer to encourage it to re-emerge and increase flower production before fall. Very tall snapdragon varieties may need to be staked to prevent tipping over.

How to propagate snapdragon plants

Snapdragon flowers are easy to propagate. They grow from snapdragon seeds sown directly into the ground or start seed indoors several weeks before the last expected frost. Transplant seedlings outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. snap dragons flower

After sowing snapdragon seeds, keep the soil evenly moist until the plants germinate and become well-established.

When the plants reach 2″ to 4″ inches, pin the top half-inch within 1″ of the growing tips. It encourages the plant to branch out and grow thicker.

Snapdragons also grow from roots or divided cuttings. To keep your plants through the winter, divide them annually at the end of the growing season.

Dig up individual plants, divide the roots, and plant each division in a 1-gallon pot to keep as a houseplant during the winter months.

Cut healthy-looking stems 6 inches long in late summer to propagate snapdragons from cuttings. Then remove the bottom 3″-inch leaves.

Coat the bare section of the cutting with rooting hormone and place the cutting in a pot of rich, moist potting soil. Keep newly potted plants in a warm spot with bright, indirect lighting until the cutting takes root and begins to produce new leaves. snap dragons flower

Once established, keep the cutting as a houseplant in a sunny window during winter.

Snapdragon Flower Disease Pests or Problems

If planted in a clean, sunny environment, with well-drained soil and adequately watered, pest or disease problems should be minimal.

Compromised plants are subject to infestation by several varieties of aphids. Other potential pests include cyclamen mites and caterpillars such as moths, variegated caterpillar, buckeyes, and cabbage loopers.

Best Snap dragons Plant Care & Growing Guide 2023

Other common snapdragon predators include leafminers, mealybugs, and spider mites. Soil-dwelling pests such as snails, slugs, and root-knot nematodes can also be a problem.

Overwatered and otherwise compromised dandelions can contract fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, botrytis rust, colon and root rot, and the like.

Viruses such as tomato wilt, impatiens necrotic spot virus, and cucumber mosaic virus can also be problematic for compromised plants. To avoid pest and disease problems, plant snapdragons in an environment that receives plenty of light, heat, and ventilation.

Remember that humidity is low, so properly provide well-drained soil and water to keep flowers and foliage dry.

Leave enough space around your plants to ensure good air circulation.

Remove all plant debris, such as flowers and spent cuttings, immediately to prevent fungal growth. If you are having trouble with fungal infections, you may need to apply a fungicide.

Dragons are entirely non-toxic; however, they are deer resistant and are a good choice in a small garden, where deer are more likely to be present.

Best Uses for Snapdragons in the Garden

Snapdragon is fast-growing and flowering, making it an excellent choice for early spring color in the garden. The appropriate uses of dragons vary due to the many different types available. The shorter varieties are perfect for embroidering flower beds and creating borders.

Medium varieties do well in raised beds, flower beds, and containers. Wide varieties are excellent choices for rock gardens. The varieties on the right, such as Chinese lanterns, are a perfect choice for hanging plants.

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