13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The flowering plants are the types of plants most appreciated by lovers of gardening and being ornamental, brightening any corner with colorful flowers. It is not necessary to look for very exotic species to give our home or garden a cheerful touch. We can use simple plants that will help us enjoy gardening and the satisfaction of watching our plants grow. Here are some of the common names of flowering plants that you can include in your home.

13 common names of flowering plants


  1. Wallflower
  2. Anemone
  3. Creek
  4. Carnation
  5. Chrysanthemum
  6. Gardenia
  7. Gerbera
  8. Hyacinth
  9. Daisy flower
  10. Daffodil
  11. Thoughts
  12. pink
  13. Tulip
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1. Wallflower

The wallflower is a plant that can be found mainly in the Mediterranean region of Europe. Also known by the name of “the surviving plant,” it is characterized as a plant that is easy to care for so that it grows properly.

Its flowers can come in different colors: white, pink, or purple, and the soft smell of its pretty flowers has made it one of the favorite plants for gardens.

Wallflower blooms in spring and summer and can be enjoyed in bloom from winter to mid-summer.

2. Anemone – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The Anemone is the flower of intense love and belongs to a family of no more and no less than around 120 species. Although it originates from the mountains of China and Japan, it can be found frequently in the Mediterranean basin of Europe, making it a perfect flower to grow in a Mediterranean climate.

Legend has it that the name Anemone comes from the Greek word ” Anemos,” which means “wind.” Very closely related to Greek mythology, reference is made to Anemone, a nymph who lived in the palace of the goddess Flora who, upon discovering that the god of wind was in love with her, turned her into a flower in a fit of jealousy

Ammons are large flowers in colors as varied as red, pink, blue, purple, or white. We can find them both in spring and autumn, depending on the variety.

3. Creek – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The calla is a simple but elegant flower, highly appreciated in bridal bouquets or a beautiful vase that gives it all the prominence. They have their origin in Africa, specifically in the area that goes from South Africa to Malawi.

The calla lilies are considered pure flowers, and already in Roman and Greek times, they were associated with festivities, as their shape was reminiscent of wine glasses.

Its most characteristic color is white, but you can also find calla lilies in multiple colors such as yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, and even black.

Calla lilies bloom in March; although other later species do not do so until June, their flowering will last until early fall.

4. Carnation – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The Mediterranean coast is where the carnation has its origin, a flower that in Ancient Rome became the favorite to decorate flower crowns. The Renaissance painters popularized it in their paintings, and it became the flower of love par excellence.

Although its most traditional colors are red and white, today we can find carnations in an infinite number of colors, from green and purple, to pink or yellow. In addition, we can also find carnations with petals of different shapes, so this is a unique and very varied flower.

Cheerful and colorful, you can enjoy carnations during the spring and summer months, although if you take care of them correctly, you can enjoy them throughout the year.

5. Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is known by the nickname of Flor del Oro and has its origin in China and Japan, where it was used as a sacred flower in many ceremonies. Its name derives from the Greek words “Chrys” -oro- and “anthem” -flor- because the original color of the flowers was golden yellow.

The original color of the chrysanthemum is gold, but we can find it in: yellow, bronze, pink, or lilac, among other shades.

You can enjoy chrysanthemums in the fall months mainly.

6. Gardenia – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The gardenia has its origin in the Asian continent and also the area of ​​tropical Africa. Its flowers are very fragrant, and it owes its name to the American naturalist  Alexander Garden.

It is highly appreciated in the production of perfumes for its characteristic aroma. When it blooms, it is possible to see how small fruits sprout were used as a natural sedative in Chinese medicine.

The characteristic color of gardenias is white, which is why they were considered a symbol of subtlety and feminine beauty in China.

The gardenia blooms from spring and prolongs flowering throughout the summer.

7. Gerbera

The showy gerbera comes from South Africa, Asia, South America, and Tasmania. It has around 600 different varieties of all possible sizes and colors, single or double, pom-pom or bi-colored.

Gerberas are highly appreciated for the showiness of their colors and especially for the beauty and variety of their flowers, which always bring a cheerful touch to any corner

Gerberas bloom in May, but it is possible to prolong flowering throughout the year in a greenhouse and into October in the garden with proper care.

8. Hyacinth – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The hyacinth is a beautiful and original flower with an exotic origin since it comes from Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria. Later, they would spread throughout the European continent.

Its name is due to the legend of the young  Jacinto, son of the Spartan king Amicus. The  Greek god Apollo, in love with her beauty, accidentally killed him by throwing a disc at her. 

Blood gushed from Jacinto’s head and, when it fell to the ground, gave rise to the birth of a flower, the flower that today bears his name.

The predominant color of hyacinth is intense yellow, although it can also be found in other colors such as pale pink or white.

It is a flower that we can enjoy during the winter months and the beginning of spring.

9. Daisy flower – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The margaritas are one of the most straightforward and lovely flowers we can find. It has its origin in central and northern Europe, although it has spread throughout Asia Minor, New Zealand, and North America.

According to Roman mythology, the nymph  Belides, while dancing with the other spirits at the edge of the forest, caught the attention of Vertumnus, the god of the orchards

 To escape his unwanted attention, she transformed into the flower  Bellis, the botanical name for the daisy. Its standard color is white with a yellow center, although the many daisies that exist allow us to enjoy them in many other colors.

Daisies are flowers that we can enjoy from May to late summer. Planting, caring for, and maintaining daisies is simple and will allow you to enjoy them in perfect condition.

10. Daffodil – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The daffodils are beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers originating in the meadows, rocky terrain, and forests in Western Europe.

The name of this flower is associated with the myth of Narcissus,  a Greek young man of extraordinary beauty who had a lofty character and a treatment of contempt towards the women who fell in love with him. 

Thus he was punished for falling in love with her beauty by looking at himself in a stream. He fell in love in such a way that when he jumped into the river, he drowned. In the place where Narcissus died, the flower of the Narcissus was born, a symbol of selfishness and vanity.

Daffodils have a characteristic yellow color, although they can also be found in white or orange.

They bloom in early spring and can be kept in excellent condition until fall.

11. Thoughts

The thoughts are beautiful and showy flowers and stem from the different crosses that European florists of the nineteenth century made with various violets and wild ideas.

Its popular name comes from the French word “pensée,” which means thought, so this flower has always been related to memories and longing for love.

Today there are about 400 different species of pansies, with brightly colored flowers that reflect a lot of joy and showiness. Pansies can grow throughout the year, although it is during the summer that the most abundant flowering occurs.

12. pink – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

Of Asian origin, the rose is one of the best known and most loved flowers for its beauty and its intense and pleasant fragrance. Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, and Greeks already used them to decorate and personal care in bathrooms.

There are many myths associated with the beauty of roses. One of them has as its protagonist the god of love, Cupid. It is said that Cupid brought nectar to the gods, and on the way, he spilled some on the ground, and at that exact point, a red rose came out.

There are about 30,000 different roses, but they are grouped into Rosales wildold rosesmodern roses, and other roses.

Due to the enormous number of roses that exist, it is difficult to determine when is the time they bloom. Some only bloom once a year; other species will bloom several times during spring and summer.

13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022
13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

13. Tulip – 13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

The origin of the precious tulips is in the mountains of Mongolia, and from there, they were brought to the Turkish mountains of Anatolia in Turkey

The name of the tulips comes from the Turkish turbans, “Tholen”; in fact, the sultans used them to decorate their turbans. It was thanks to the Turks that tulips reached Europe.

Tulips can be found in various colors: orange, green, yellow, red, white, purple, and even with different colored petals.

Tulips bloom from March to May and are quite a spectacle, given their elegance and showiness.

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What are the 5 flowering plants?

Top 10 Flowering Plants

  • Rose. You do not have to be a flowering plant advocate to know “what a rose is”. …
  • Bougainvillea. …
  • Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis. …
  • Adenium. …
  • Kalanchoe. …
  • Angelonia. …
  • Portulaca. …
  • Azalea.

What are some common examples of flowering plants? Classification of Flowering Plants

GroupSample FamiliesSample Families
13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

What flower plant comes back every year?

PerennialsPerennials come back every year, growing from roots that survive through the winter. Annuals complete their life cycle in just one growing season before dying and come back the next year only if they drop seeds that germinate in the spring.

What is the most popular garden flower?

The rose, grown in individual stalks, shrubs, and vines, is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Each color of the rose, natural and cultivated, means different things. For example, the red rose represents love, beauty, and courage while the white rose represents purity, innocence, and humility.

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13 Best Full-Sun Flower Plants Heat-Tolerant Bulbs Seeds 2022

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