9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022

9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022


This designer dog breed combination of the energetic Chihuahua and low-riding Dachshund earned us our Most Hilarious Named Dog award. It may be called Chiweenie or Choxie, Weeniehuahua (German taco), Mexican Hot Dog or Chiweenie. But one thing is certain: these cute and small puppies are loyal and energetic!

These adorable designer dogs combine the best traits of both parents and make great pets for active couples, city dwellers and families on the go. They may be a little too yappy for some, but they make excellent watchdogs and loyal pets.

Before considering buying or adopting a Chiweenie, it is wise to know the personality and behaviour of this breed. This breed is relatively new and can be difficult to determine if it’s the right one for you.

Like any designer dog, it’s important to look at both the personality traits and the health of its parents. Then compare how the Chiweenie breeds with them.

9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022

Although the history and origins of Chihuahuas are extremely obscure, they are still a source of debate among dog breeders and anthropologists. However, most agree that it was developed in Mexico. It was named after Chihuahua, Mexico. It may also have been a companion dog from the ancient Toltec Empire of Mexico.

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Today’s Chihuahuas, regardless of their origins, are known for their delicate bodies and small stature. Although they can be very intelligent, they are prone to nervous behaviour and are easily frightened. Although Chihuahuas are extremely loyal and affectionate to their owners, they don’t befriend strangers or newcomers easily.

On the other hand, the Dachshund has its roots in the German badger hunting scene. The Dachshund was bred to enter caves and flush out animals. He has a keen sense of smell and a strong-willed personality. They are not friendly with strangers and can be aggressive towards other dogs.

9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022

Dachshunds are playful and stubborn. Their personality does not change with socialization or training. Dachshunds are one of the most difficult breeds to train. Don’t expect them to want to do anything other than what they love!

The Chihuahua and the Dachshund can be more susceptible to health problems than other purebred dogs. Dental issues can cause severe pain in the Chihuahua and other health issues in the Dachshund. The longer body of the Dachshund is also susceptible to spinal problems. Both breeds are susceptible to obesity and can struggle to maintain blood sugar levels.

What does all this mean for the Chiweenie? The addition of their purebred parents greatly enhances the health of German tacos. It reduces gravity on either side. They have a milder temperament than their parents, although they are stubborn and require a lot of training.

How Much Do Chiweenie Puppies Cost?

Due to their popularity and ease of breeding, Chiweenies are one of the most well-known breeds for designer dogs.

The average Chiweenie puppy should cost between $800 and $1,000, although some puppies with pedigree parents can be more expensive.

It’s not hard to find an available Chiweenie to adopt, largely because of their temperament and how difficult they are to train. We encourage you to review the Puppy Finders adoption page for adopting a Chiweenie in need of care before purchasing a puppy from a breeder. It’s a responsible choice that will save you Money in the long run.

Three Little Known Facts About the Chiweenie

  1. Tuna, A Chiweenie Named Tuna, Is A Famous Instagram Photo.
  2. Chiweenies Should Take Good Dental Care.

Crossbreeding has allowed the Chiweenie to eliminate many of its most serious health issues. However, the Chihuahua and the Dachshund are susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. You will need to be able to brush his teeth and take him to the dentist every month if you decide to adopt a Chiweenie.

Canada’s Oldest Dog, The Chiweenie, Was Once A Chiweenie.

Midge, a Chiweenie from Canada, held the title of Canada’s oldest dog in 2011. This proves that crossbreeding between designer dogs has significantly impacted the overall health of the breed. Midge lived to be 21 and had no health problems. She loved long walks and hugs until she passed away.

Left: Dachshund, right: Chihuahua

Temperament & Intelligence For The Chiweenie

The energetic Chiweenie is intelligent and willful. They can bring joy as well as frustration into your life. Living with a Chiweenie is a great way to learn to live with your dog’s stubborn nature. You will be blessed with a friend for life.

Chiweenies are known to be yapping dogs and can alert you to any potential danger in your surroundings. These little pint-sized puppies can be great watchdogs due to their willingness to meet strangers. However, they may not be the best choice for young children.

These Dogs Are Good For Families

Chiweenies are less fragile and skittish than Chihuahuas but still tend to be small and fragile. They are not recommended for small children due to their high energy and mouth temperament.

While older children may find Chiweenies a good pet, they can thrive in a home with just one or two owners.

Is This Breed Compatible With Other Pets?

The parent the Chiweenie is bred by may have active prey or a total lack of predatory instincts. Although most Chiweenies are not friendly with small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs, they can often be seen to get along well with cats due to their small size.

Chiweenies are naturally cautious around other dogs due to their Chihuahua heritage. However, this is not always true. They are more comfortable with smaller dogs than larger dogs and tend to be friendlier to more active dogs than more reserved ones.

You Need to Know Before Owning a Chiweenie

What do you think? You will want to know more about Chiweenie’s diet, exercise, and health care needs. Chiweenies can have more complex health than other dog breeds, so it’s important to plan their care before bringing one into your home.

Food and Dietary Requirements

Your Chiweenie’s health depends on its size, energy, and tendency towards obesity. You must choose the right food for them. Your veterinarian will help you choose the right food for Weeniehua’s life stage.

Chiweenies are influenced by their Chihuahua counterparts, who struggle with blood sugar levels due to their small stomach size. Although any dog can eat several small meals throughout the day, this is especially important for Chiweenies.


The Chiweenie is energetic and playful. They should also exercise regularly. They are smaller and have weaker bones, making them better suited to less strenuous activities such as walking around the block or playing fetch. Chiweenies will often let their owners know when they are tired and will be happy to play with you.


Chiweenie owners often have to forego training plans, except for long-term plans that slightly modify their behaviour. Although they have intelligence from their Chihuahua origin, the Chiweenie Dachshund is extremely stubborn and willful. Although obedience training can help them be more flexible, it is unreliable for changing their behaviour.


Chiweenies have moderate to low grooming needs, minimal shedding, and are not likely to develop unpleasant odours. Because they don’t produce a lot of dander, they can be a great choice for people with mild allergies.

Regular grooming is more important to Chiweenies than regular brushing of their teeth.

You will need to teach your pet how to brush their teeth properly and take them to their veterinarian for regular checkups.

Health And Conditions

Although the Chiweenie is not as susceptible to health issues as its more fragile relatives, it is still not the most resilient dog breed. During a visit to the veterinarian, you should be aware of the following conditions:

Minor conditions

Male Vs Female

Male and female Chiweenies often have similar personalities and health characteristics.

You may be looking for a dog with a particular temperament. It is best to discuss this breed with the breeder and determine which parent breed he prefers. The dominant Chihuahua breed can make the puppy smaller, more social, and easier to train. Dachshund-dominant dogs are said to be more stubborn and harder to train. However, they are more social.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Chiweenie – Fumi Pets


  • Characteristics of a Chiweenie
    • Life expectancy
    • Intelligence and trainability
    • Temperament
    • Maintenance
    • Chiweenies and kids
    • Activity level
    • Cut
  • 1. Although a Chihuahua Dachshund Mix may not appear to be a guard dog, they behave like one.
  • 2. Dogs of this mixed breed rarely look alike.
  • 3. You may need to hire a professional trainer to teach your dog manners.
  • 4. A small apartment is a castle for these dogs
  • 5. Caring for your Chiweenie isn’t a full-time job.
  • 6. Chiweenies and families with young children don’t mix.
  • Conclusion

Chihuahua Dachshund Mix, commonly known as Chiweenie or Dachshund Chihuahua Mix, is a mix between a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Dachshund. It is a small dog that measures 6 to 10 inches and weighs 5 to 12 pounds. The lifespan of the mixed-breed dog ranges from 12 to 20 years.

They’re cute, tiny, and, most importantly, they love to play. It makes them an ideal pet for people of different ages, from fifth graders to seniors.

These dogs have enormous potential as pets and friends for singles if you understand their personality and learn to assess their skills properly.

We’ve compiled a list of fascinating facts about Chiweenies to help you learn more about these adorable little dogs and what you can do to keep them happy.

Characteristics of a Chiweenie

Life expectancy

A Chiweenie can live for 12 to 20 years, as mentioned earlier.

Intelligence and trainability

Although these dogs are intelligent, their independent personality and uncompromising attitude make them difficult to train, especially if the owner has little or no prior training expertise.


They are friendly dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners. They can form a deeper bond with a family member to whom they will devote their full attention.

9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022


Grooming: Brush short-haired coats once or twice a week, while long-haired coats should be combed 3-5 times a week. She trimmed her nails once or twice a month and brushed her teeth almost daily.

Exercise: They need daily exercise of at least 30 minutes of walking;

Food: They don’t eat much but can be fussy and bored with their usual diet.

Chiweenies and kids

For families with older children, these dogs make excellent companions. On the other hand, they are famous for being “selfish” and not always getting along with other pets.

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Activity level

Chihuahua Dachshund mix dogs are moderately active dogs that love to play with their owners, so they need about two hours of daily activity in addition to their daily walk.

Cut – 9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022

As I said earlier, these lapdogs are among the smallest; they stand 6 to 10 inches tall and weigh between 5 and 12 pounds on average. (Kg: 2.2-5.5)

Although a Chihuahua Dachshund Mix may not appear to be a guard dog, they behave like one.

Despite their differences in temperament, the Chihuahua and the Dachshund make excellent watchdogs, and the Chiweenie hybrid has acquired these qualities.

They are protective and keep tabs on what is happening around them and in their homes, and they are always ready to alert you to possible threats.

So don’t be shocked if your Chiweenie barks whenever someone or something new comes into her area, even if she seems friendly.

These dogs are a bit aggressive and loud, and they bark if they feel threatened, which can happen quite often when you’re so small. Excessive barking is rare in dogs of this crossbreed and usually occurs when the dog is left alone for too long.

Dogs of this mixed breed rarely look alike.

A doxie chihuahua dog dressed in pink and brown. Because the two parent breeds have distinct appearances, your Chiweenie will look like no other dog in its breed.

These dogs can be white, black, tan, blond, brown, or any combination of these colours.

Also, their coat can be smooth or rough, and they are usually short or medium in length, but they can be very long in some cases.

I don’t know if it’s due to their different appearance, but these dogs have been given a lot of names since birth.

Other names for Chiweenie and Chihuahua Dachshund Mix include Chih-weenie, Chwee, and Doxihuahua, as well as the unofficial (and my favourite) “Mexican hotdog.”

You may need to hire a professional trainer to teach your dog manners.

Training a Chiweenie isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of expertise in the field.

So you should be prepared to seek expert help if you want to train it to eliminate in a particular location outside or inside your home.

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Their tenacity, which they learned from their chihuahua father, is the main reason they don’t respond well to training.

Don’t get me wrong: they are very intelligent dogs who, for the most part, can “teach themselves” quite well in terms of general behaviour.

Despite their independence, many Chiweenie owners have had great success potty training their dogs with lots of patience and reinforcement.

So before you give up on โ€‹โ€‹training your dog to excrete outside, give it a try.

Chiweenies crave attention and enjoy spending time with their owners, allowing you to keep an eye on your dog and take advantage of any training opportunities.

It will take a long time, but as long as your dog has fun during the training sessions, he’s likely to stick with it.

A small apartment is a castle for these dogs.

If you don’t have a dog mainly because your house is too small, this crossbreed is perfect for you. They are small and need very little space.

While a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix needs exercise, its size keeps it from running around the yard for half the day. Your little buddy will be able to burn off his excess energy in a beautiful, secure playpen in your living room.

Take her for a 20-minute walk twice daily to supplement her daily routine and ensure she stays healthy and active. She will be the happiest dog on the planet.

Remember to keep her dry and warm all winter, as these dogs do not tolerate the cold well.

Caring for your Chiweenie isn’t a full-time job.

Day of the dead ladies in costume and makeup blowing kisses to Chiweenie dog. Caring for this bastard won’t take too much of your time, as he doesn’t need a lot of food and grooming.

Generally, your dog should consume 1/2 to 1 cup of food each day, divided into two meals.

Luckily, Chiweenies control their food intake to meet their daily needs, so if you keep an eye out for leftovers, you’ll be able to determine how much food they need and when to feed them.

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To avoid allergies and obesity, two common health problems in this crossbreed, it is enough to give it high-quality food.

Grooming also requires little effort. His nails should be trimmed once a month, and his coat is easy to maintain. For short-haired dogs, that means bathing once a month and brushing once a week, or a few times a week for long-haired dogs.

Chiweenies don’t shed much either, so you won’t have to deal with much pet hair.

Brush his teeth once or twice a week to avoid dental problems, which is unfortunately common among Chihuahuas, one of his parent breeds.

Other than these little responsibilities, all you have to do is love and enjoy your dog’s company, as Chiweenies are great companion dogs who like to sleep next to you while you relax on your couch.

Chiweenies and families with young children don’t mix.

This is probably the biggest drawback of owning such a small dog. Chiweenie is wonderful with older children, but when younger children are allowed to play with her, she can do much harm.

Here are some of the most common reasons why it’s not a good idea to have your small dog around young children:

Her dachshund blood gives her a delicate back, and she can be easily injured if youngsters are not careful when dealing with dogs.

Its paws, more fragile than those of a Chihuahua, can potentially be injured by a very small child.

Because a Chiweenie likes to be the centre of attention, she can become violent towards young children out of jealousy.


As you can see, the Chiweenie is a popular breed for various reasons. These dogs are smart, healthy, loyal and form strong bonds with their owners. They may favour an owner over the rest of the family, making them ideal for singles.

What I love most about the Chiweenie is that you have plenty of time to yourself because these dogs don’t create much of a mess and don’t need to be outside for most of the day. Daytime.

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9 Chiweenie Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix Info, Facts, Traits 2022